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Following the disclosures that the UK and USA security services have been intercepting internet traffic and hacking websites, the Membersí Area that was created originally for the www.healingenergies-at-londonwest.com and the www.sekhem.com websites has been closed.




It had been developed as a secure area on this website where healers in the various healingenergies-at-londonwest teaching lines could access online training manuals and other information for the energies that they work with. It was provided free of charge for healers in the teaching lines.




Whilst unlikely that there would be anything of interest to the security services on this website, it did contain training manuals for energies that are not well known and for which there might not be any other online manuals from other teaching lines. One never knows what these people might get up to and how they might try to manipulate energies for inappropriate purposes as they seek to control the world so it is best not to give them the opportunity.




After all, the UK and the USA started the Cold War in Europe immediately post World War 2 with Winston Churchill planning to re-arm the defeated Germans to fight the Red Army that had liberated Eastern Europe from the Fascists and with the Americansí forward military planning including the annihilation of all the major cities of the Soviet Union with atomic warheads. They then perpetrated the lie that the Cold War was started by the Soviet Union. Neither the British nor the Americans had any care for the consequences of such actions for their own citizens, let alone those of the Soviet Union.




Even today, 22nd June 2013, when this page was drafted, we learn that British and American imperialism is alive and strong with the news that the two countries are open to arming the opposition forces in Syria as they interfere in the affairs of yet another sovereign nation and seek to achieve regime change.




Shame on Barack Obama for his part in the sorry tale of the internet interceptions and hackings. He was meant to be the shining hope for a new kind of USA after the George Bush regime. He is no different to what went before him.




May the Angels and Higher Beings support the whistleblowers past, present and future who lift the lid on the badness that the Governments of the UK and USA perpetrate.†††††††††††