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Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray (Ramana Baba)


I have come into contact with many special teachers who help people on their spiritual paths and am putting their details into my Information Centre so that people visiting this website can read about them.  


One of those teachers is Muz Murray who a leading teacher of mantra yoga. This page has been posted so that people can find out about his work and his training courses. Muz is one of the great teachers.


Contact details for Muz including his website are given at the bottom of the page.


The photos are reproduced by permission of Muz.   








When I was learning Seichim and Sekhem with Helen Belôt, she mentioned in passing that Seichim had been practiced as part of some of the Agni Hotra ceremonies in India down through the ages. Agni Hotra is the Indian fire ceremony which takes place at sunrise and sunset each day. I came across Muz as I was trying to research this.


The scope of Muz’s work is much wider than Agni Hotra. He is a leading mantra yoga teacher with over 40 years of teaching experience. It would be very difficult to find another teacher with his particular range of experience.  


Muz advises that the teachers from the ancient days heard the sounds of the universe as they were in deep meditation and replicated these sounds in the form of the Sanskrit language.   Mantra yoga is the practice by which the energy of the sound in the syllables of the Sanskrit mantras can be worked with to help release the energy of memories and behavioural patterns in our bodies and to clear the energy blockages in ourselves. Over time, it can be used to help us raise our consciousness and to regain the cosmic connection. Just as sound is the process through which energy has been able to downstep in frequency to create the physical world, so the connection with where everything in the physical world has come from can be made in reverse through sound.


I have posted this page about Muz’s work so that energy healers who might be interested in learning mantra yoga can read about him and make contact with him. Mantra yoga practiced regularly over time has proved to be an effective way of achieving healing and of raising consciousness. With correct attitude from the practitioner and regular time devoted to it, the results of practicing mantra yoga have proved to be replicable.


Mantra yoga can be used as a stand alone practice or together with the healing energies. A number of energy teachers do incorporate sound into their healing work but this is often done on an intuitive basis and not always in a very focussed or relevant way. The work that these healers do on themselves and on their clients is likely to become much more effective if they undertake training in the tried and tested ways of mantra yoga and know how to focus their sound work accordingly.  This is particularly so if they work with crystals in the healing sessions which have the effect of amplifying the energy of the sounds.







Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) is English. After doing a lot of travelling in his early twenties, he had a very profound spiritual experience in Cyprus where he connected with the Cosmic Consciousness. This changed his life. In the months that followed, he travelled southwards through Africa. A Sikh Yoga Master arrived In Johannesburg when Muz was there and Muz was able to learn Shabd Yoga (Yoga of the Sacred Current) with him. After regular practice of this yoga, Muz became able to hear the ‘mystic  sound’ referred to in many of the old spiritual teachings. Shabd is the Sanskrit name for the Divine Sound that comes from beyond the physical dimensions that Yoga Masters have been able to tune into over the centuries and which they have been able to work with to access other dimensions of consciousness.  


When Muz eventually returned to England, he lived in London where he created what became the very well known magazine ‘Gandalf’s Garden’. This was the 1960s when society was changing and becoming much more open and with much more personal freedom. The changes left a lot of young people without the traditional external forms of structure and guidance in their lives and Gandalf’s Garden was a kind of community project to give them some vision of an alternative more spiritual way of life that could be developed from within and to help them to connect with like minds. Muz’s introduction in the first issue read:


GANDALF'S GARDEN is the magical garden of our inner worlds, overgrowing into the world of manifestation. GANDALF'S GARDEN is soulflow from the pens of creators - mystics, writers, artists, diggers, delvers and poets. A wellspring of love and anguish that those with searching thirsts may drink thereof. As in the Stone Gardens of the Orient, where Soul Wizards sit within the stimulus of their own silences, contemplating the smoothness of the million pebbles, so should we seek to stimulate our own inner gardens if we are to save our Earth and ourselves from engulfment.


A small community soon developed around the magazine with a shop, tea room and basement meeting centre at the World’s End part of the King’s Road in Chelsea. People such as David Bowie and Marc Bolan gave concerts to raise funds. Spiritual teachers and gurus from around the world came to give teachings.  Gandalf’s Garden was well known and helped many people to find a more meaningful direction for their lives.      


In 1972 the community closed down and Muz set off on a long delayed pilgrimage to India. On the way he travelled across Europe as a member of a dance troupe. In Turkey, he sought out the Whirling Dervishes in Konya. The Whirling Dervishes are of the Mevlevi order of Sufism which was founded by the followers of Rumi, the revered Islamic poet and spiritual teacher who was based in Konya. Muz studied the Dervish mantras with the Dervishes and he taught them the Sanskrit mantras. The Head of the Dervishes arranged for Muz to meet other important Sufi teachers as he travelled through Iran and Afghanistan en route to India. Muz then spent three years travelling around India and Nepal studying every kind of yoga that he could find a teacher for. 


When he returned to England, he developed a teaching structure so that he could start to teach what he had learned about mantra yoga. Whilst teaching, he studied psychotherapy with many leading psychotherapists so that he could incorporate this into his work and could help people with what they were releasing.  He became one of the co-founders of The Open Centre for Spiritualised Psychotherapy at the Community Health Foundation in London and started a Retreat and Therapy Centre in Suffolk.


In the 1980s, Muz was able to achieve the state of Samadhi consciousness and withdrew from public work for some time to experience fully this state of consciousness.


These days, Muz lives in the South of France but does come to England to teach. In his workshops, the effects of vocalised sounds on the body, mind and spirit are explored. Participants experience the different areas of the body which are governed, activated and energised by specific sounds. They learn ancient harmonics which awaken dormant centres of the brain, altering the quality of consciousness, creating a profound inner stillness, and nourishing the needs of the soul. In addition to the mantra practices, other practices may include yogic breathing exercises, group chanting, group integration exercises, consciousness expansion exercises, yoga movements and deep relaxation. If you might be interested in learning with him, Muz’s current teaching schedule is given in the Events and Yoga sections in the Information Centre. If you are an energy teacher and would like to ask Muz to come to your area to hold a workshop, his e-mail address is at the end of the page. 


Muz also leads spiritual visits to India from time to time. These are open to people who have attended one of his courses and have started mantra yoga work.  The trips include daily mantra yoga work with Muz, visits to other teachers and to ashrams, trips to temples and beautiful countryside, and the opportunity for amazing experiences with fellow travellers. Click here to view a wmv file of picture slides from the 2005 visit to India. (This is a large size file and will take a very long time to download for anybody with a slow internet connection.)  




















Ramana Baba Village Trust

In addition to everything else that he does, Muz has established the Ramana Baba Village Trust which provides funding to support social projects such as education, health and care for the elderly amongst the poor tribal people in the South of India. The Trust raises funds from people who give it donations and appreciates all regular and one-off donations. There is a page about the Trust on Muz’s website.    






Forward Schedule of Training Workshops

Muz’s current schedule of workshops may be found in the Events, Sound Healing and Yoga sections of the Information Centre.  






Muz’s Online Shop

Below are some of the products which Muz has created himself and which are available in the online shop on his website. If you cannot get to see Muz on his teaching tour this year and will have to wait until another year, a good idea is to get his CDs so you can make a start on mantra yoga. Muz also stocks some yoga mantra products developed by other yoga masters in his shop.  His online shop has full e-commerce functionality with shopping trolley and online payment by PayPal or by credit card.






The Sound of Silence CD
Tracks 1 and 2: Mantracharya

Muz’s fascinating exploration into the secrets of sound and the practical, mystical and psychotherapeutic aspects of Mantra. Includes the pronunciation and Tantric practice of the Sanskrit Alphabet for mantrically toning and recharging the bodily forces and energies of each plexus.


Tracks 3 to 9: Group chanting of the Mantric Alphabet, the method of intoning Om in both single and fluctuating styles, the ‘Sushumna Rocket’ energising sequence, Om Namah Shivaya, Rama-Rama, Bhaja Govindam and other mantrams, including the explanation and practice of the glorious Gayatri Mantra and Tvam Eva Mata.









Songs of Silence CD
Muz leads his chant-group students in an hour-long dynamic Mantra Meditation session, firstly intoning a series of energising mantras, followed by a half-hour of deeply moving gentle mantras for instilling peace and tranquillity, with a selection of heart-opening, reverential, loving and lullaby mantras, (all those as practised in the weekend workshops) as a meditative experience.
This recording consists entirely of Sanskrit chanting.
You can listen to some mantra meditation chant samples on the CD by clicking on the following...
Om (with group)Om (fluctuating), Om Nama Shivaya, Karara Vindena,  Hari Om Tat Sat








Chanting the Chakras CD

This rendering of the ancient Bija Mantras or ‘seed-sounds’ pronounced in the authentic nasalised manner of the tantrics, awaken and harmonise the whole chakra system, generating kundalini heat and bringing energy to the nervous system and vital force throughout the body.  Yoga practitioners and healers will benefit from this selection of powerful healing mantras, which include the the Mantra of the Green Goddess of Healing & Liberation (the Shakti aspect of Chenrizig and Shiva) which energises the body and brain and empowers consciousness, Gayatri Mantra for Enlightenment, the Panchakshara Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya - for inner stability and freedom from fear and the almost magical Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra for mental, physical and spiritual healing and transcendence of death. These latter three, performed during the Agni Hotra or Ceremony of the Healing Fire plunge the participant into a deep state of restorative meditation.







Yoga Nidra CD
The Sleep of the Yogis
Track 1: (in supine position)
A profound method of deep relaxation and body mastery by the step by step withdrawal of consciousness from the toes to the crown of the head (as taught by the Himalayan yogis). The tranquillising effect is heightened by the classic Dhrupad style sitar music by Sri Ramchandra Mistry. Guaranteed to give the deepest relaxation.
Track 2: (in sitting or lotus position)
Visualising oneself as The COSMIC CANDLE leads one into mystical contemplation of the inner cosmos expanding into the outer cosmos.

Mantras of Empowerment
For Health, Welfare and Relationships
An atmospheric live recording of an intensive Mantra Workshop with Muz Murray, chanting a dynamic selection of energising mantras in the Tantric style, using the vibrant frequency to activate harmony and healing through sympathetic resonance on the subtle plane. These mantras are for engendering positive results and conclusions in specific problem areas of life.
Click here for further information about the mantras on this CD covering:

Healing and Protective Mantras

Relationship Mantras

Planetary Mantras for Healing and Chakra Energy Balancing








Agni Hotra
Cassette (English)

Side A: Muz explains the practical and spiritual significance of the Agni Hotra and Homa fire ceremony for use in your own home. The materials and method of preparation are described, as well as the profound esoteric meanings of the mantras, whose vibrations together with the combustion of elements create the alchemical condition of cosmic healing. The sacred fire is a tool for spiritual transformation.

Side B: An actual sunset Agni Hotra ceremony in progress, with fifty chanters, the occasional crackling of the fire and the almost magical mantras for mental, physical and spiritual healing.
An explanatory book about AgniHotra is also available from the online shop.












Mantra Yoga Alphabet Chart
Laminated A4 Chart (English)

This mantra yoga alphabet chart has been laminated to keep in good condition.
It serves as a useful aid for people who are learning which parts of the body are activated and energised by specific sounds.
































Gandalf’s Garden CD

The CD is a commemorative compilation of Gandalf’s Garden magazines, articles by people involved with the operation together with reviews and newspaper articles about Gandalf's Garden, photos, posters and artwork. There is also a lengthy history of Gandalf's Garden written by Muz. The CD cover artwork is by artist and former Gardener John Hurford.


The CD contains:

Six issues of Gandalf's Garden

The Life and Times of Gandalf’s Garden

Gandalf's Garden Photographs

Gardener's Recollections

Gandalf's Garden Artwork

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Reviews and Mentions about Gandalf’s Garden







Contact Details


Anybody who is interested in Muz’s work can find out more about him on his website at http://www.mantra-yoga.com/. His online shop and details of the Ramana Baba Village Trust can be found there as well.


To contact Muz, please e-mail him at muz@mantra-yoga.com. Muz does a lot of travelling with a busy schedule so might not be able to reply to e-mails immediately.