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Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray



This page gives details of previous postings to this website about Muz Murray and his mantra yoga workshops schedule for previous years.


The Mantra Yoga section of the Information Centre of this website gives more information about Muz and his work.   


Contact details for Muz including his website are given at the bottom of the page. Please check Muz’s website for the most up to date details of his workshop schedule. 


The photos are reproduced by permission of Muz.   








Mantra yoga is the practice by which the energy of the sound in the syllables of the Sanskrit mantras can be worked with to help release the energy of memories and behavioural patterns in our bodies and to clear the energy blockages in ourselves. Over time, it can also be used to help us raise our consciousness and to regain the cosmic connection. Just as sound is the process through which energy has been able to downstep in frequency to create the physical world, so the connection with where everything in the physical world has come from can be made in reverse through sound.   


Muz lives in the South of France but comes to the United Kingdom to teach each year. In his workshops, the effects of vocalised sounds on the body, mind and spirit are explored. Participants experience the different areas of the body which are governed, activated and energised by specific sounds. They learn ancient harmonics which awaken dormant centres of the brain, altering the quality of consciousness, creating a profound inner stillness, and nourishing the needs of the soul. In addition to the mantra practices, other practices may include yogic breathing exercises, group chanting, group integration exercises, consciousness expansion exercises, yoga movements and deep relaxation. If you might be interested in learning with him, Muz’s current teaching schedule for 2012 is given below. If you are an energy teacher and would like to ask Muz to come to your area to hold a workshop, his e-mail address is at the end of the page. 


Mantra yoga can be used as a stand alone practice or together with the healing energies. A number of energy teachers do incorporate sound into their healing work but this is often done on an intuitive basis and not always in a very focused or relevant way. The work that these healers do on themselves and on their clients is likely to become much more effective if they undertake training in the tried and tested ways of mantra yoga and know how to focus their sound work accordingly.  This is particularly so if they work with crystals in the healing sessions which have the effect of amplifying the energy of the sounds.







The following postings about Muz and his work were posted to this website in previous years.


MY003    Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray  -  Workshop Schedule for 2009

This page gives details of Muz Murray’s mantra yoga workshops schedule for 2009.

MY004    Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray  -  Workshop Schedule for 2010

This page gives details of Muz Murray’s mantra yoga workshops schedule for 2010.

MY005    Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray  -  Workshop Schedule for 2011

This page gives details of Muz Murray’s mantra yoga workshops schedule for 2011.






Contact Details

Anybody who is interested in Muz’s work and about these workshops can find out more about him on his website at http://www.mantra-yoga.com/. His online shop and details of his Ramana Baba Village Trust can be found there as well.


To contact Muz, please e-mail him at muz@mantra-yoga.com. Muz does a lot of travelling with a busy schedule so might not be able to reply to e-mails immediately.