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This is the directory page for newsletters posted to this website since June 2006.  Newsletters from February 2008 onwards are offline currently due to the reformatting of this website and will be back as soon as possible.


These newsletters are written for clients who have visited me for healing sessions, for students who have trained with me and for the wider audience of visitors to this website who are visiting out of interest. These newsletters are intended to give updates on what I have been doing or on issues affecting the various training lineages, to communicate about developments in energy healing in general, and to let people know about healing related events taking place in London and the Thames Valley. People who have come to receive healing sessions from me or who have learned the energies with me are scattered all over the world and are in every one of the six continents. The newsletters will act as a kind of community centre for this family of people who have connected with me. If anybody has something that they feel would be of interest that they would like to go into one of my newsletters as a way of sharing information, please write to me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com.   


Please click on the newsletter date below to be taken to that newsletter. A list of the items in each newsletter follows the newsletter date.






August 2012      Over The Moon Festival      The British Society of Dowsers Annual Conference      Mantak Chia     

9th Convention of Alternative Archeology and  Earth Mysteries      The Yoga Show      The London Mind Body Soul Exhibition      Camexpo      Association of Reflexologists Presentation      Ecocide      Chemotherapy      Food For Consciousness      Spirit of Ma’at Magazine      Hand Mudras      Petition to retain the legislation banning fox hunting      Hamish Miller’s Parallel Community and Penwith Press



February 2008     Astrological perspectives for 2008      Sekhem Association closing statement      Crystals Fairs 2008 Programme     Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group 2008 Programme      Mantra Yoga with Muz Murray     Southall Black Sisters     Gary Mannion     Training manual updates  -  astrology     Astrocalc     Sea Shepherd – Saving the Whales in Australian Antarctica      



January 2008     There was no newsletter for January as I was on holiday



December 2007      Stonehenge      Current Research in Egyptology Conference     The Valley of the Queens  & The Valley of the Kings, Egypt      Gary Mannion      Sekhem      Training Manual update      Networking



November 2007      Christmas Presents      Sekhem and Helen Belot      Blue Star Celestial Energy Update    

Raku-Kei Manual Update      Lama Yeshe Online Wisdom Archive



October 2007      Mantak Chia      The Yoga Show      Andy Weber      Lama-Fera      Members’ Area      Diwali     

Training Manual Updates      The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority



September 2007      Singing Bowls and Gongs Concert      Healing and Spirituality Conference 2007      CamExpo London 2007      Crystals Fair      Mind Body Soul Exhibition      Images of the Divine      SKHM Course in Cornwall      Tom Kenyon’s schedule of courses in Europe      Training manual updates      The Raw Food School      Anger Management      Sexual abuse      Sekhem Trademarking      Acupuncture dolls and posters



August 2007      There was no newsletter for August due to it being the summer holiday season



July 2007     Crystals Fair      Crop Circle Conference      International Crystal and Sound Conference 2007     

Teaching Yoga to Children     



June 2007      Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara) Empowerment      Samye Ling 40th Anniversary      Sekhem Manual Update      External Training      Healing in the National Health Service      Regulation for Energy Healers      Legal Framework      Suppliers



May 2007     Divine Dine and Conni Elyse     Cutting The Cords That Bind – Sue Allen     The Mayan Calendar - Apolinario Chile Pixtun     Egyptian Cartouche - Kathleen Milner and Set     Summer Solstice     Avebury - National Archaeology Week     Rajeev Wagle     Legal Framework     Suppliers



April 2007     Divine Dine     Mind Body Spirit Festival     William Rand Newsletters Archive     Raku-Kei and Raku Pottery     Training Courses with Allan Sweeney     First Aid Training     Legal Framework     Suppliers



March 2007      Crystals Fairs     Pleiadian Agenda Activations / Journeys Through Nine Dimensions     Sekhmet Book    

Helen Belot Reiki / Seichim / Sekhem System     Regulation for Energy Healers     Counselling Skills Training    

Legal Framework     Choosing a Massage Table     Petition to Tony Blair



February 2007     Training Manual Updates     Legal Framework     Cygnus     SKHM Workshops    

Divine Dine and Event Management     Plant for the Planet



January 2007     Medicine Dharma Reiki      Legal Framework      Astrological Perspectives for 2007      Mantra Yoga Workshops     Drunvalo Melchizedek      Chinese New Year



December 2006      St.Nicholas      Crystals Fairs      Earth Energies      Sekhem Trademarking Guidance     



November 2006      Christmas Presents      Juan Nuñez del Prado      Sekhem – Lineage Guidance     Sekhem – Trademarking Guidance      Sekhem – Training Manual Updates      Portugal, February 2007      



October 2006      Mind Body Soul Exhibition - London Olympia      Mantak Chia - Training Courses in London     Sheilaa Hite - Secrets of a Psychic Counselor      Request for Assistance - Meridian Energy Flows      October Celebrations in Kyoto      Enlargement of the European Union



September 2006      The September newsletter was drafted but not posted. It was predominantly concerned with Sekhem related matters and included legal guidance on issues connected with the trademarking of the word Sekhem in the European Union. The items in this newsletter were held over pending delayed receipt of confirmation from the European Union trademarking authorities about what exactly has been trademarked.



August 2006      There was no newsletter for August due to it being the summer holiday season



 July 2006      Training Manual Updates      The Middle East - William Rand, Reiki and Jerusalem      Anniversary - Hiroshima and Nagasaki      Festival of Sekhmet      August SKHM Workshop in Cornwall with Georgie      Research Projects - Dr.Melinda Connor Lecture       



June 2006      Summer Solstice      Kathleen Milner and Patrick Zeigler      SKHM Workshops      Trademarking of Sekhem