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November 2006 Newsletter


Here is the November Newsletter. 


As usual, please either scroll down this page to read or click on the headers above to go straight to a particular topic. If you click on the web page addresses within the text, you will be taken to the relevant page elsewhere either on my website or to an external site.


Now that I have started to add extra pages to what was a single webpage for a long time, this website is starting to get a little unwieldy. I have plans to restructure it during 2007 but for the time being it will have to stay in its present form. The links between the different pages are in place so it is possible to move around between pages.   


Some of the items in the newsletter are a bit lengthy. There is nowhere else to put them on the site at present so they appear here.


Thank you.     Robert


24th November 2006




Christmas Presents

As we are coming up to the Festive Season for most people of European descent, here are some ideas for presents for people of a spiritual or metaphysical orientation.  Most have been around for a long time and are not new. Sometimes though we get so busy that what we already know gets lost at the back of our minds so there might be some useful reminders below.


Alternatives, Piccadilly and Central London

If you go to http://www.alternatives.org.uk you can read about Alternatives. Alternatives are based in St.James’s Church in Piccadilly here in London. They hold a series of regular spiritually related talks and seminars every week and also arrange for workshops during the year. They cover a wide range of subjects and have a good variety of presenters and speakers.  There is always something for everyone at Alternatives and even people who are advanced along the spiritual path can always learn from the presenters. If somebody that you know lives in London or works in Central London, it is possible to buy an annual membership for him or her with various benefits attached.  Or, if you look at the forward schedule of talks and workshops, you can always book a place online for somebody. 


College of Psychic Studies, South Kensington

If you go to http://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk you can read about the long established College of Psychic Studies. Just like Alternatives, the College arranges for a wide range of talks, seminars and workshops through the year. There is also a Membership Scheme.  The College is just a few minutes walk from South Kensington Underground Station so is easy to get to after work for somebody working in Central London.  Buying a ticket to a talk or seminar might be a good present for somebody that you know.  For people who do not live near London and cannot get to the College, past talks and seminars have been recorded on both traditional audio cassettes and in digital formats and these are available for purchase from the College. 


Charlie’s Rock Shop

If there are people in your life who love crystals, then Charlie’s Rock Shop is one of the best places in London to find crystals.  The shop has a big selection of crystals and the quality of the items is always good. The address is Merton Abbey Mills, Watermill Way, LONDON, SW19 2RD. Tel: 020-8544 1207. The shop is in the Merton Abbey Mills Craft Village beside the River Wandle where there are other retail outlets. The Village website is http://www.mertonabbeymills.com . There is plenty of car parking space there. It is about 10 minutes walk from Colliers Wood and South Wimbledon Underground Stations.

      The online shop is at http://www.charliesrockshop.com. if you cannot get to Charlie’s Rock Shop in person. The online shop does not have as wide a selection as the physical shop.


Purple Plates

Nicola Tesla (http://home.earthlink.net/~drestinblack/teslatoc.htm) was a pioneer in developing our understanding of energy and the purple plates are derived from his work. The atomic structure of the plates has been altered such that they resonate closely with the vibrations of the universal life force energy. If a plate is placed in a person’s energy field, it will help to raise the energy vibration of the person You can read about this at http://www.purpleplates.com. If you might be interested in buying some of these as presents, they can be bought by mail order from http://www.thebluesun.co.uk/acatalog/purpleplates.html in Haverfordwest in Wales. I can always feel these plates working if I put one in my shirt pocket and can recommend them.


Protecting the Rainforests

If you have people in your life who are committed to taking care of Mother Earth and all the life forms on her, a number of charities have been around for a while which provide a vehicle for people to purchase pieces of land or to sponsor pieces of land in places like the rainforests. The land can then be protected from development or used by local communities to earn their livings in ways which minimise damage to the local environment.  If you go to World Land Trust at http://www.worldlandtrust.org/index.htm, you can buy an acre of rainforest for around 25 UK Pounds. Land protection projects currently being undertaken by the World Land Trust include the Amazon and Atlantic coast rainforests in South America, coral reefs and mangrove swamps in Asia,  and the development of safe passage corridors for elephants in India so that they can move between feeding grounds in ways which avoid conflict with local communities. The Rainforest Foundation offers a similar scheme for rainforests at http://www.rainforestfoundationuk.org/s-Protect%20an%20Acre. Current projects include Cameroon, Congo Basin, Gabon, Guyana, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru and Venezuela.  The Rain Forest Rescue charity based in Australia  http://www.rainforestrescue.org.au/ecuador.html  has active projects in Australia and Ecuador. A sponsorship certificate would make a great present for some people.  


Reasons to be Chici

If you are looking for a present that is a little more mainstream in approach but with a style all of its own, then you will find a great range of Costume & Silver Jewellery at www.chici.co.uk with everything from Boho to Ethnic to Beatnik. Some great gift ideas for Christmas. There's loads of choice, with some superb and unique styles, an easy search facility and at prices to suit all budgets with one low fixed postage cost. You can enlarge the photos of all the items in the shop so you can see what you are buying.  Some nice crystal jewellery. And, if you want to take your time in choosing, you can even create your own wish list.  Chici are UK based but mail overseas as well as to the UK.




Juan Nuñez del Prado

Staying with the Alternatives connection, the Peruvian healer Juan Nuñez del Prado is coming to London in December to teach. He is one of my teachers and some readers might be interested to learn with him.


The Q’ero Indians of Peru are one of three known Indian tribes in South America that keep the spiritual practices of the ancient Andean cultures. There is a direct lineage within the Q’ero healers from the present day to the first Inca Emperor, Manko Qapaq. The original Inca emperors were Higher Beings like Lord Buddha who had great cosmic knowledge and who were able to bring down universal energies for the benefit of the planet. Today, the Q’ero priests believe that they have a responsibility to continue to work with energy according to the traditional teachings handed down over the centuries from the first Inca and to create the energy environment on this planet to prepare the way for Higher Beings to incarnate on this planet again.


One of the prophecies of the Q’ero Indians is that twelve supreme energy healers (Inka Mallkus) will reveal themselves. The energy healing capabilities of these healers will be at a higher level than the present day energy healers in the Andes, and they will be able to heal any ailment. The Q’ero prophecies say that the presence of each of these twelve healers will be revealed at specific times and places. The first super healer to reveal himself will be at the Festival of Q’ollorit’i. He will then walk the leyline path from Q’ollorit’i to Cuzco, the sacred capital of the Ancient Inca Empire. (Cuzco is located in the ‘Sacred Valley’ of Peru, a valley through which a number of important leylines pass.) Simultaneously, the second super healer will reveal himself in the area of the ancient temple of Wiraqocha at Raqchi (Wiraqocha is a stream of consciousness from the Galactic Centre, the creative consciousness of our physical world, and is recognised as the Higher Being of the polarities, able to keep male and female in perfect balance. Wiraqocha is revered as having brought the teachings of Star Beings to this planet.) This second healer too will take the leyline walk to Cuzco and will meet the first healer there – they will recognise each other at the Christian feast of Corpus Christi. Once these two have met, a third super healer will reveal himself at the shrine of the Taytacha Temblores, the Lord of Earthquakes, also in Cuzco. These three healers will travel to Lima where at the sanctuary of Nazarenas and at the sanctuary of Pachakamilla, the fourth and fifth super healers will reveal themselves. The fifth healer will be a Nust’a, the first of the female healers in the group of twelve. The group of five will then travel to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Chapi in the city of Arequipa in southern Peru where another Nust’a will reveal herself. The six will travel to the Sanctuary of Copacabana in Bolivia where a third Nust’a will reveal herself. They will then all travel to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Candelaria in Puno where another Nust’a will reveal herself. This group of eight super healers will return to the Wiraqocha Temple at Raqchi where they will await the arrival of four more healers from the North – two of which will be male and two of which will be female. Once all twelve healers are together, they will start to do ceremonial work in accordance with the teachings of the first Inca. All this ceremonial work will be connected with bringing down high frequency Light energy to the Andean region and to the planet, in particular from the Pleiades, and to prepare the way for two Higher Beings to incarnate on this planet.  This work will include the re-enactment of the ancient ritual of the crowning of the Inca, which will pave the way for the arrival of the Sapa Inka and Qoya. The Sapa Inka will be a male Higher Being and the Qoya will be a female Higher Being. They will enter Cuzco, the ancient Andean capital, from where they will radiate the wisdom and loving energy needed to make the world a better place.


According to the prophecy, it will be not only the twelve super healers who help to bring about the conditions in which the two Higher Beings can incarnate, but also countless other people who will also help with their spiritual practice and intention to help. The time when the prophecy will come true has not been disclosed by the Q’ero priests but they have said that the time has come to prepare for these events. In the present day, they have arranged for groups of people in the Andes Region to be working constantly with sound energy from the beating of drums to help to create the energy conditions that will support the incarnations. The drums are being beaten 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


In Peru, the Q’ero Indians decided to remain isolated after the invasion by the Spanish and remained isolated until they were rediscovered in the 1940’s by Juan’s father Oscar who was a renowned anthropologist. The Q’ero healers re-emerged into the public domain without warning in 1959 at the Festival of Q’ollorit’I at Ausangate. This was at a time at which they felt that there would progressively be better energy in the world and a more harmonious way for humans to live in relationship with the world around. 


Following an expedition to the Q’ero Indians in the 1950’s, Juan came into contact with the spiritual Elders of the Q’ero Indians and was taught the Q’ero energy practices by his teacher Master Don Benito Qoriwaman. Juan’s apprenticeship training with Don Benito lasted for ten years before he received his first initiation. In mainstream life, Juan was also an anthropologist like his father and was Professor of Anthropology at Cuzco University. He has now retired from academic life and spends his time travelling the world passing on the teachings of the Q’ero people.  His teaching work helps other people from around the world to work with Andean energy concepts which then in turn helps to create the energy conditions on this planet for the Q’ero prophecy to manifest to which Juan is very committed.  Juan’s mission is to do whatever he can to help create the conditions for the manifestation of the Q’ero prophecy. 


Some of Juan’s teachings have been integrated into my training material. The technique of pulling out negative energy from a client into your own energy field and then recycling it into the energies of Mother Earth and of the Universe which is in  Foundation Chapter 7 in my manuals came from what I learned with Juan. In my Blue Star Celestial Energy manual, the energy dance for the Ceremony of the Return of the Pleiades which is intended to send energy to the Q’ero healers at Q’ollorit’I is the Q’ero Indian dance that Juan teaches.


Juan will be teaching his ‘Mastery of the Energy Belts’ course in central London over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd December.  This course is based upon the teachings of the Q’ero healers and the Andean approach to working with our own personal energy centres and the energy all around is.  The technique of the weaving of the energy belts enables us to integrate our own personal energies with those of the world all around us. The course will cover the concepts of heavy energy (hoocha) and light energy (sami), how to process heavy energy and how to draw in light energy, the energy bubbles of living beings, and how to work with the spirits of the natural world around us. This course is good for people who are relatively new to energy work.  It is also good for experienced energy people who have been taught within other paths because it approaches energy work from a different angle to a lot of the teachings that are currently available in the western countries. Juan is a very pleasant man and very approachable so it is good to meet him as well.  The webpage http://www.alternatives.org.uk/Site/Contents/EventDescription.asp?EventID=521 is where you can find details of the course.


Juan will be teaching elsewhere in Europe in the early months of 2007 as follows.


February 2007  -  Anneberg (near Nykøbing, Sjælland), Denmark

Contact details for this visit are:

Anita and Jens Peter Hansen

http://www.inkaspirit.dk/default.asp?id=6&mnu=6 , info@inkaspirit.dk 

Tel: +45-39674010 (international) / 3967 4010 (local)


March 2007 -  Ostend ( Oostende) and Amsterdam.

Contact details for these visits are:

Marja Arons of INCA Nederland Belgie,  info@qoya.nl,  http://qoya.nl/PersInfo.htm

Tel: +31-35-5415182 (international) / 035-5415182 (local)  and Mobile +31-6-20966666 (international) and 06-20966666 (local)  


March 2007  -  Stockholm

Contact details for this visit are:

Anna Southerington, info@inkaspirit.com, www.inkaspirit.com .

Liv Lungren,  Tel: +46-736-90 48 65 (international) / 0736- 90 48 65 (local) 

Three workshops will be held with dates as follows: Workshop 1 on 24th / 25th March, Workshop 2 on 26th /27th March, and Workshop 3 on 28th / 29th March.  

The course will be conducted in English. It is possible that some room and board accommodation is available but this is not guaranteed. 


The picture of Juan is by courtesy of Marja at INCA Nederland Belgie who holds the copyright.





Sekhem – Lineage Guidance

I have started to reorganise the structure of this website and have created an Information Centre for standing information about issues relating to teaching lines down from myself for all the energies and anything of importance to the healing community in general with which I have some connection.  I do not know how many people are further down the various teaching lines from myself so this Information Centre section will serve as a common communication point.  The first page which has been posted relates to lineage issues for Helen Belot’s combined Reiki / Seichim / Sekhem teaching system. I have felt it appropriate to post some guidance as it is around five years since my first full Seichim / Sekhem manual was produced and life has moved on since then. I left Helen Belot’s Sekhem Association in 1999 and do not know what additions she has made since then to her teachings. My understanding is that she is no longer teaching the Reiki and Seichim energies.  Down the teaching line from myself, I have been receiving feedback that Helen’s original teachings are not always being passed on. I am also receiving feedback that students are not being told that they will not be admitted to membership of the Sekhem Association if they learn in my teaching line. Also, historically, there has been confusion about the use of the names Seichim and Sekhem which needs to be clarified.  The page that I have posted seeks to give guidance on such issues and can be found by clicking here.






Sekhem – Trademarking Guidance

A second page has been posted to this website in respect of Helen Belot’s Reiki / Seichim / Sekhem teaching system for which the word SEKHEM has been trademarked within the European Union. The trademarking took place after the system had first been taught and after students had been issued with SEKHEM Master / Teacher certificates. There is a need to know what has been trademarked and what rights people who were trained as SEKHEM Masters prior to the trademarking have to use the word SEKHEM subsequent to the trademarking approval.  The page seeks to give an understanding of some of the legal issues relevant to the situation. The page can be found by clicking here.    






Seichim and Sekhem Training Manual Updates

I have updated some of the sections of my training manual for Helen Belot’s combined Reiki / Seichim / Sekhem teaching system to reflect what has been written in the two guidance pages referred to above. Most of this information is already in the public domain and is not sensitive so I have posted to the website without any password control over it. Details of the files affected and which have been uploaded can be found by clicking here to go to the Training Manuals section of this website.






Portugal, February 2007

We are in the early stages of planning for a trip to Portugal in February 2007 to teach some of the energies. The teaching is scheduled to take place over the weekend of the evening of Friday 16th February through to Sunday 18th February and will include the Lama-Fera system of Lord Buddha and the Lavender Flame. It will also include initiations into the energy of the Medicine Buddha and of Kwan Yin. As far as I am aware, this could be the first time that Lama-Fera has been practiced in Portugal so this should be a great experience. The teaching in Portugal will take place in central Lisbon. The courses will be held in English with a translator working alongside me in Portuguese. The full training manuals will be in English but some key sections will be translated into Portuguese. The training will continue into the evenings.


The Lama-Fera teachings were brought to England by the Indian Energy Master Rajeev Wagle who was one of my teachers. Rajeev has now passed away but the visit to Portugal will help to keep his work live and to honour it and him. The teaching will take place over the weekend of the Chinese New Year so we will try to celebrate this as well.


If anybody might be interested in learning these energies in Portugal, please make enquiries to me here in England at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com.  Once the planning is further advanced, details will be posted on this website on page http://www.healingenergies-at-londonwest.com/portugalfeb2007.htm.




Portugal, Fevereiro de 2007

Estamos a planear uma viagem a Portugal em Fevereiro de 2007, para ensinar algumas das energias. Os ensinamentos serão dados no durante o fim de semana, sendo o início na 6ª feira  dia 16 de Fevereiro à noite e prolongando-se até à noite de Domingo, dia 18 de Fevereiro. Será ensinado o sistema Lama Fera do Senhor Buda e a Chama Lavanda. Também serão incluídas iniciações à energia do Buda da Medicina e de Kwan Yin.


Tanto quanto sabemos esta será a primeira vez que o sistema Lama-Fera será ensinado em Portugal, pelo que está deverá ser uma experiência extremamente interessante. O curso será dado em Lisboa, ensinado em inglês, mas com tradução simultânea para português. Os manuais completos serão em inglês, mas as secções principais serão traduzidas para português. Devido à quantidade de informação a passar o curso será bastante intensivo, prolongando-se para a noite.


Os ensinamentos do sistema Lama-Fera foram introduzidos em Inglaterra pelo Mestre de Energias Indiano Rajeev Wagle, o qual foi um dos meus professores. Rajeev entretanto faleceu, mas esta visita a Portugal ajudará a manter o seu trabalho vivo e a honrá-lo. O curso será dado durante o fim de semana em que se inicia o Ano Novo Chinês, portanto tentaremos também celebrá-lo.


Qualquer pessoa interessada em aprender sobre estas energias comigo pode contactar-me em Inglaterra pelo e-mail info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com.

Em Alternativa, podem contactar Simão Carvalho  pelo e-mail Kichiqi@gmail.com, ou pelo telemóvel   962 251 618 ( para ligar do estrangeiro ligue 00 351 962 251 618 ) das 19h às 22h.

Assim que tivermos mais detalhes estes serão colocados neste website na página http://www.healingenergies-at-londonwest.com/portugalfeb2007.htm.




December Newsletter

The December newsletter will be issued in mid-December.