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Lama Yeshe Online Wisdom Archive




November 2007 Newsletter


Here is the November 2007 Newsletter. 


Not all the news this month is good news but I hope that there will be some items in this newsletter that will be of interest to readers.


Thank you.     Robert


30th November 2007






Christmas Presents

As we are coming up to the Festive Season for most western people, anybody who is stuck trying to find presents that are a bit different might find some ideas here. Some of what is listed below is connected to people whose work has influenced me during 2007. They are all making their contribution to the world in different ways so buying from them helps to support their work.


The newsletter for November 2006 with last year’s suggestions is still posted to the website so might also give some ideas to new readers.



Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow

In the March Newsletter, there was an article about the Pleiadian Agenda Activations / Journeys Through Nine Dimensions workshop to be held in Sweden by Barbara Hand Clow and Gerry Clow. This was a very valuable workshop for me because it brought in new teachings about sound, sacred geometry, dimensions of consciousness and the crop circles. Some of these teachings can be found in the various books written by Barbara and Gerry over the years, including The Pleiadian Agenda, The Mind Chronicles, Liquid Light of Sex, Catastrophobia and Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Decoding the Vertical Axis, Crop Circles, and the Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind. Barbara’s book on Chiron is a landmark publication for people interested in astrology. I have started to develop a page on this website about Barbara’s and Gerry’s work. Although not finished, it does contain details of their books which might make some great presents for people that you know. I have a very high regard for the quality of the channelling that has come through into the books so please click here if you would like to read about them. They can be found in leading bookshops, can be ordered online at Amazon, or obtained from the Wise Awakening Online Shop.   




Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group

You can read about the Wiltshire Crop Circles Study Group on this website by clicking here. Alternatively, you can find out about WCCSG by clicking here to go direct to the Group’s website. The 2008 Crop Circle Calendar is now available and would make a great present. The pages are larger than in previous years and there are thirteen A4 size high quality photos of some of the 2007 crop circle formations that were created in Wiltshire. The picture galleries of the crop circles on the old WCCSG website do not appear to have been copied over to the new WCCSG website which has been launched recently so you cannot see any of the 2007 formations on the new website. However, I have some of the calendars from previous years so know what they are like. Some of the photos can only be described as stunning. Alternatively, it is possible to buy a year’s membership as a present for somebody. Membership brings a range of benefits including a small monthly magazine, participation in regular evening meetings, and the opportunity to join night watches to witness crop circles being made.





Hamish Miller

Hamish Miller is one of the leading Earth Energy experts here in England. He is a professional dowser and together with colleagues dowsed all the way along the Mary and Michael energy lines from where they come in from the Netherlands on the Norfolk coast all the way down to the far end of Cornwall. Most English people are very disconnected from the energy of the natural world all around. Hamish’s work helps them to understand about the energy of the planet beneath our feet and is like a beacon lighting the way for people trying to find the reconnection. He has produced a number of books and maps now and a DVD, all of which would make great Christmas presents for people interested in Earth energies. He also makes dowsing rods which can be bought ‘off the shelf’ or can be made to order to fit a person’s hand size. You can find out more about products available from Hamish by clicking here to go to a page that I have put up on this website about him.  Hamish is based in West Cornwall and is also one of the founding members of a movement called Parallel Community which started recently. The purpose of the community is to try to help develop and support ways of living which look after our planet better and in which local communities are strengthened and become more empowered. Parallel Community is looking for local people all around the UK and elsewhere to help to roll out the concept. For anybody interesting in becoming a co-ordinator in their local area, the Parallel Community website may be found by clicking here.  A DVD has been launched this month to promote Parallel Community.       




The Special Yoga Centre

The Special Yoga Centre is the only charity within the UK dedicated to making yoga available to everybody irrespective of ability to pay, age, ethnic background, religious background, disability, etc..  Based in North London (NW10) within easy walking distance of Kensal Green Underground Station and Kensal Rise Overland Station, it has beautiful studios for workshops for classes on site and also operates outreach programmes whereby yoga is taught in places like schools, nurseries and children’s centres. The charity was founded by Jo Manuel who is deeply committed to helping disabled children and children with special needs embrace yoga and to benefit from it. The Special Yoga Centre is the UK home of The Yoga for the Special Child programme which supports children with a wide range of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism and Epilepsy, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and other physical and developmental difficulties. The Centre also offers yoga classes for adults, both for beginners and for those who have been practicing yoga for some time. Therapists from other disciplines such as acupuncture, reflexology and shiatsu also work at the Centre.  


The Centre does not charge high fees but like all charities which are trying to develop their programmes there is an ongoing need to raise funds for its work. If you are struggling to come up with ideas for presents for people, the Centre sells gift vouchers which may be used to cover the cost of a yoga course or other workshops such as meditation and kirtan. Purchases of gift vouchers will help to fund the work of the charity as well as give somebody a great present. You can find out more about the Centre on its website by clicking here. If your eyesight is not so good and you find it hard work to read the small font size on the Centre’s website, I have also posted a page about the Centre on my website with larger font size. Please click here to go to it.  A video clip showing some of the Centre’s work with children has been posted to YouTube and may be found by clicking here. 




The Raw Food School

When I started updating my training manuals and looked again at nutrition, it was quite clear that the standard western diet is a key contributor to physical health problems. The two key areas that I wrote about for the training manuals were the acid / alkaline balance in the physical body and the destruction of essential enzymes in the food cooking process. The files can be read in the Training Manuals section. One of the solutions to improving diet is to look at ways of reducing intake of dairy foods and processed foods and increasing in a safe way the intake of raw fruits and vegetables. In September I posted a page about the Raw Food School which teaches people how to work with delicious raw food recipes. If you know somebody who loves their food but is eating the wrong kind of food, the Raw Food School has gift vouchers available for its courses which might make a Christmas present with a difference. Please click here to go to my page and for the links through to the Raw Food School website.




Hawayo Takata’s Original Reiki Masters

As the years have passed by, some of Hawayo Takata’s original Reiki Masters are no longer with us. However, some are still teaching and practicing Reiki. If you know people who work with Reiki and are interested in the historical perspective, the following books might make enjoyable presents. They are written by two of Hawayo’s original Reiki Masters who are still working with Reiki but do not seem to be amongst the regular books on the shelves at most bookstores. Click here for the Reiki book written by John Harvey Gray and click here for the Reiki book written by Fran Brown. Also, Morning Star Productions in Canada have published a small book which contain memories and records from Wanja Twan who was another of Hawayo’s original Reiki Masters but who has now passed on. The book has been compiled by Wanja’s daughter Anneli who knew Hawayo from when she was a little girl when her mother was learning Reiki. The book is a compilation of interviews with people who knew Hawayo when she was teaching in Canada and records the story of Hawayo’s teaching in Canada. Please click here to order it from the Morning Star Productions website.          





Sekhem and Helen Belot

News has been received that Helen Belot has decided to leave the Sekhem Association and is withdrawing the right to use the name Sekhem in those territories around the world where she holds the trademark rights to the name. The Sekhem Association is affected by Helen’s decision. I have posted up an information page about this on the website. Please click here to go to it. It would be appreciated if information about this development could be circulated, especially as Helen has given notice of legal proceedings against people who continue to use the name Sekhem in territories where she holds the trademark rights.       







Blue Star Celestial Energy Manual Update

I have updated file bluestar.1.chapter13.34.symbols.pyramids in the Level 1 Blue Star manual. This is to reflect new insights into the energy of pyramid structures which is relevant to the way that we work with Blue Star. I shall e-mail this file to people who have learned Blue Star from me. When I first produced my Blue Star manual, Rajeev’s manual was available in an appendix as scanned photo files. I understand that in some parts of the world people have had problems opening these files so I have now copied and pasted them into Word documents. In due course, these will be available online in the Members’ Section. In the meantime, if anybody needs them, please let me know.   





Raku-Kei Manual Update

My Raku-Kei manual has been updated and I will be teaching from it with effect from January once it has had a test run. I was given some time ago a copy of Arthur Robertson’s original Reiki and Raku-Kei manual which gives some insight into how Arthur and Iris Ishikura introduced the system. I am not able to incorporate Arthur’s manual into my manual as an appendix as copyright is owned by the American Reiki Association. I have, however, been able to rework my original manual to reflect Arthur’s observations on Raku-Kei so that it is now a better balanced document in terms of the historical perspective. I will circulate my new updated manual in the New Year.






Lama Yeshe Online Wisdom Archive

The internet has a small number of websites which offer online access to either text or audio archives of teachings given by senior figures within the Buddhist community. They are not always easy to find. My intention is to get them listed on my website so that visitors here can find them more easily. I have put up a page this month about the ongoing work of Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche who have had a working relationship that has bound them together through life and death. They built the world renowned Kopan Monastery near Kathmandu’s Boudhanath Stupa, and then went on to take Buddhism from the Himalayas to the West through the creation of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition and its network of teaching centres around the world.  A project is underway to make Lama Yeshe’s teachings accessible online in audio and text formats. Even for people who are not Buddhists, it can always be a productive experience to listen to teachings from other spiritual paths as they often look at issues in life from a different angle to that with which we are familiar. Please click here to go to the page about Lama Yeshe’s Online Wisdom Archive.





December Newsletter

The December newsletter will be issued in mid-December.