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October 2006 Newsletter


This is the October 2006 Newsletter. You can click on the headers above to go straight to an item or scroll down the page. If you click on home you will return to the Home Page. If you click on Newsletters Directory, you will go to a page which lists newsletters posted to this website.


Thank you.


Robert    24th October 2006 





Mind Body Soul, London Olympia 

The Mind Body Soul Events Company will be putting on the London Exhibition at Olympia on 11th and 12th November. The Exhibition will be open both days from 10.00 am to 18.00pm and adult tickets will be £7 for a day and £11 for both days. There will be the usual combination of exhibitor stands and seminars. You can find details on http://www.mbsevents.co.uk/. I have had a quick look at some of the seminars that are scheduled and it looks like there are some good ones. Psychic Surgery by Lydia Lynn (free admission) should be good and Cutting Cords (about cutting energy links between people) by Sue Allen would be a good one for healers to attend. Sister Jayanti who is the European Director of Brahma Kumaris will be holding a seminar called Soul Healing for the Wounded Heart (free admission). I have met Sister Jayanti before and she is a very beautiful person, like an angel incarnate. Even if you do not feel empathy with the Brahma Kumaris teachings, I am sure that listening to Sister Jayanti would be a meaningful experience. A number of seminars at the Exhibition will be free so visiting this Exhibition should not be too heavy on your wallet or purse. For anybody who has not been to Olympia before, there is a lot of car parking space adjacent to the Exhibition Centres. Also, the Underground Station is immediately outside the Exhibition Centres and is on its own District Line spur from Earl's Court Station. You will need to go to Earl's Court to get on to the spur line.





Mantak Chia

The internationally renowned Taoist Energy Master Mantak Chia http://www.universal-tao.com/ ) is coming to London in November and will be holding a series of one day courses here. Mantak's area of expertise is working with the chi or life force energy within the human body and he is one of the most experienced teachers in this field. He trained from an early age within a long established lineage of Taoist Energy Masters. The manuals that I have written include the reworking of techniques from many different sources, some of which are from Mantak. Mantak's courses will be held from 14th to 19th November in Central London at Lancaster Gate. The course titles are Taoist Shamanism,  Awakening Spirit Energy, Taoist Medicine Wheel, Creating Power Fields, Brain QiGong, and Awaken the Shamen. For further details please visit website http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/ht_mantakvisit.htm. If you might be interested in joining any of these courses, it would probably be a good idea to book as soon as possible because the course fees look quite reasonable and it looks as if there will be a limit on the number of people attending.





Sheilaa Hite

Sheilaa Hite is a Light Teacher and Psychic Counsellor from Malibu in California. One of her colleagues Corinne Travalion was my very first teacher in the field of energetics. Some of the techniques I learned with Corinne have been reworked into the Foundation chapters in my manuals. We had a very memorable time with Sheilaa when she joined a workshop held by Corinne that I was attending. The energy that was raised that day was amazing. Sheilaa comes to England from time to time and visits the sacred sites. One summer evening in 1996 we all had a great time inside the stones at Stonehenge after it had closed to the public. Sheilaa has written a book called 'Secrets of a Psychic Counselor'. As my website gets a lot of visitor traffic, I am putting up details of the book to give it a plug. The book draws upon Sheilaa's experiences as a counsellor and gives a lot of very simple techniques which can be followed to manifest changes in life. Like all the best spiritual books, at first reading Sheilaa's book is deceptively simple. However, there is a lot of power behind some of the techniques given and they are well worth trying. The techniques work on the basis of sending intention into the etheric levels with the aid of essences and crystals to get the appropriate energy vibration. Chapters include Turning Failure into Success, Learning to Love Yourself, How to Sell Anything Quickly, Attracting Someone Special,  Getting Rid of Negative People, Increasing Your Personal Magnetism, Getting Rid of Negative Energy, Drawing Prosperity To Your Life, Claiming and Using Your Personal Power. There are a lot of self help type books around but this one is a bit different to the rest because of the nature of the techniques given. Sheilaa has not come up through the standard route of learning Reiki and then other energies or from a particular spiritual path like Buddhism that some of us have come up through. Also, she is regarded as being one of the one hundred best psychic counsellors in the USA. Because of this she comes from a different angle to some of us at dealing with life issues and so her book is good for Reiki healers to read as it can help to give us some more tools to work with when it comes to trying to help clients. The usual health warning would apply to the use of her techniques - be sure that you really want what you are asking for! The book includes description of changes experienced by some of her clients.  The book has around 255 pages, is published by Moment Point Press with ISBN 1-930491-03-4. If anybody might be interested in purchasing a copy, it is stocked by Amazon and can be ordered online.  Please note that the title has the American spelling of counsellor and not the English spelling. 





Request for Assistance – Meridian Energies

When I started learning the energies, most of the courses that I attended were of the one or two or three day variety where course members received attunements and a lot of guidance on techniques to use. Although a lot was packed into the courses and the teaching was very professional, I felt at the time that the courses were a bit lightweight on teaching the basics about who we are in terms of energy and how we are all hooked in to the cosmic energy web of life. I also wondered how the gap would ever be bridged between this style of teaching and the grounding of healing energy work into mainstream acceptance should Government regulation ever be brought in to the alternative therapy sector at some point in the future. Consequently, I developed a lot of course material which was intended to give students of mine a good introduction to energy basics before moving on to learn specific healing energies. These Foundation Chapters in my manuals were very time consuming to create and were done in a rush because I had people waiting to learn from me. I am now going back to this material and am updating and tidying it up. There were some gaps in the original material which I am now trying to fill. One of the gaps relates to the flow of life force energy through the meridians. Traditional Chinese teachings are that each meridian has around a two hour period each day when the flow of life force energy through it is strongest and that it also has an equal and opposite two hour period each day when the flow of life force energy through it is weakest. I never like to try to present something or to teach something that I have not worked through myself and that I know to be correct. Although I teach techniques of sending our consciousness down our meridians to feel where there is stuck and blocked energy so that we can identify what self healing needs to take place, I have never had enough time or quiet personal space to tune into the energy flows in each of my meridians regularly during the course of a day or to feel how the flow changes during the day or to identify any relevance between this and the application of energy healing techniques such as Reiki or Agni Hotra. If there is anybody out there who has done work on this themselves and has the experience of working with life force energy in specific meridians during the ebb and flows of the energy during the day and who would be happy to share their experiences or to give me a steer on how best to work with this, it would be much appreciated. My main difficulty with everything is that there are only twenty four hours in a day and not enough time to do everything so any guidance that can given that would help me to focus my attention on this subject in a way that helps me to manage my time most effectively would be much appreciated. I can be reached on info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com.           





October Celebrations in Kyoto

There is a chapter in the Masters Level manual for my Reiki course written for those people who one day would like to go to Japan and to visit some of the sites associated with Mikao Usui. It suggests some places to visit. For readers who do not have the manual, you might like to visit the following festivals if you can be in Japan towards the end of October.

       As we all know, Mikao Usui was very connected to Kyoto. He had his psychic initiation into the Reiki energy on Kurama-yama which is a mountain just outside Kyoto to the north.

      The first festival is the Jidai Matsuri in Kyoto. The English translation is the Festival of Ages. (Matsuri - Festival, Jidai = Ages, as in historical ages).  On 22nd October 794, the decision was made to build up Kyoto as the new capital city of Japan so 22nd October is Kyoto's birthday. To celebrate the existence of Kyoto, on 22nd October each year there is a special procession through Central Kyoto with floats depicting all the major events  in Kyoto's history and with participants in the procession wearing full replica costumes from the different ages or periods in Kyoto's history. The procession starts in what were the grounds of the former Imperial Palace, leaves at the Marutamachi exit, and makes its way to the Heian Shrine. The Heian Shrine was built to commemorate Kyoto's 1100th birthday and was a smaller scale replica of the first Imperial Palace in Kyoto. It was built as a home for the spirits of Emperor Kammu who took the decision to establish Kyoto as the Japanese capital and of Emperor Komei who was the last Emperor to reign from Kyoto before Tokyo became the capital. If you get to the grounds of the Imperial Palace well before the festival starts, you will be able to see all the participants arriving and getting ready. You can buy spectator seats at the start of the procession route. Alternatively, you can stand along the route of the procession. I saw the 1200th birthday celebration procession in 1994 and sat at the edge of the route at the exit into Marutamachi. As everybody had to slow down to turn into Marutamachi, it was a good location to get quality photos. The procession will take something like two hours to pass you. You will need to take the underground train to Marutamachi Station to get there. Please visit the following websites which have some useful information - http://japundit.com/archives/2005/11/29/1607/ and http://web-japan.org/atlas/festivals/fes15.html.

      The second festival takes place later the same day. It is the Fire Festival of Mount Kurama.  On Mount Kurama is Kurama-dera (dera = temple). It was around here that Mikao Usui received his initiation into Reiki. Kurama-dera was built to prevent negative energies and the tengu entering Kyoto from the  North. The tengu were winged demons with human appearance who resided in the mountains to the north. The guardian spirit at Kurama-dera is Bishamonten, renowned through Asia as the Guardian of the Direction of North.  Immediately just down the mountainside from Kurama-dera is Yuki Jinja (jinja = shrine) which is the focal point of the Fire Festival (Kurama-no-Himatsuri). The purpose of the Fire Festival is to help the spirits of departed people to leave the physical planes. This Festival has taken place since the days when Kyoto first became the capital of Japan and was initiated by Emperor Kammu. Torches as long as 3 metres are lit and burned whilst the priests perform the rites to help any spirits of the deceased that are still here to move on. The Festival is about working with the energy of the Element of Fire to clear and to purify energies and to release attachments.        

      If anybody travelling to Japan on a Reiki pilgrimage can be in Kyoto on the 22nd October and attend these two festivals, they will experience a very memorable day.

      Kyoto is built in a small plain surrounded by mountains in a horse shoe shape.  All around in the foothills are many beautiful Buddhist and Shinto temples and shrines. A visitor who enjoys a lot of walking around could spend a busy two or three days in Kyoto visiting these.  The Gion district of Kyoto is the Geisha quarter and is worth a visit.

      About 30 minutes by train from Kyoto is the earlier capital city of Nara. There are beautiful temples and shrines here as well including the Dai-Butsu or famous Great Buddha statue.   





Enlargement of the European Union

The announcement at the end of September of the entry of Bulgaria and Romania into the European Union on 1st January 2007 will result in a family of independent sovereign states within an umbrella economic and political union stretching from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. The last time that there was anything resembling a union of territories across this same geographical range was under the Nazi regime. For a lot of Europeans, the EU means the usual negative aspects such as the regular  squabbles over budgets and funding, the bureaucrats in Brussels, economic protectionism in some of the older EU countries that should have been swept away years ago, and the problematic Common Agricultural Policy. Few people are aware that the spiritual roots of the EU lie in the killing fields of the Holocaust and in the devastation caused across Europe in the Second World War.  The predecessor institutions leading up to the creation of the European Union were started with the desire to create structures in Europe that would enable different cultures to live alongside each other and to respect each others’ differences and to avoid the repetition of the regular fighting and bloodshed that had taken place on the European continent over many centuries. In fact, the concept of some kind of United States of Europe had been bouncing around for around 200 years or so before the Second World War and there had been customs unions in the past which represented a loose kind of economic union or common market between certain countries.  Few people are also aware that what happens on the physical planet is affected by intentions and actions in the non-physical dimensions. Sometimes this can be helpful. The recent opening up of Chinese society in the last decade or so in a bloodless way has been due in part to the efforts of Kwan Yin and the energy that she has put into the Chinese situation. Sometimes, what is going on the non-physical dimensions is most definitely not helpful. The endless violence in the Middle East can never be solved unless the beings in the non-physical dimensions who are feeding off the energy created in the Middle East and who have their own vested interests in the situation move on. Here in Europe, there is energy from above working to support the development of the European ideal of independent sovereign nations existing in a wider union with each other. It is coming from St.Germain. Peaceful coexistence amongst the European nations is very definitely a special and very personal project of St.Germain.  No matter how the shape of the European Union unfolds in the future, the voluntary development of a union of countries across Europe without military intervention or coercion does need to be recognised for the positive achievement that it is and is worthy of support.


If anybody is interested in doing energy work to support what is going on in Europe, there is a Violet Fire ceremony that has been practiced by a number of people here in London for many years and is based upon channelled direction given by St.Germain. The work can be undertaken by people working solo but is more powerful when done by groups. As with all Violet Fire ceremonies, St Germain and the Angels of the Violet Fire should be called in with the healers acting both as channels for them but working also with their own individual intention. There are a number of variations on the theme.  The simple generalist ceremony is to visualise the map of Europe and to work with each country one by one. The healers send the Violet Fire energy to each country in turn with general intentions of clearing away negativity, focussing in particular on issues such as racism, religious bigotry, entrenched negative attitudes to neighbouring countries, and so on. The healers visualise the Violet Fire energy flowing through each country and transmuting what is ready to be released. More specific ceremonies are where healers can work where they know that there are particular local issues between communities or neighbouring countries and can focus the energy work on those. Where it is known that there have been massacres and mass violence in the past, healers can ask the Angels to create vortices of energy through which stranded beings from these can move on from the physical dimensions.  Psychic healers can tune into individual stranded beings and help them on a one by one basis. The Violet Fire energy can be sent back in time so that it can heal through generations of attitudes and memories. It can also be sent to help to heal current issues such as the religious bigotry from some of the long standing Christian members of the EU towards the application of Muslim Turkey to join the EU or such as to transmute the negativity from the George Bush administration towards some of the European Union countries which did not support the war in Iraq. 





November Newsletter

The November Newsletter will be posted towards the end of November and will include a number of Sekhem related items – clarification and guidance on lineage issues, guidance on legal issues connected with the trademarking of Sekhem in the European Union, and updates to my Sekhem manual.