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October 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the October 2007 newsletter. 


This newsletter gives information about delivery on some of the areas which I have been working on for some time.  Progress on several other areas is underway and there should be a steady stream of work completions over the coming months.  By the end of this, all my old training manuals will have been updated and will be available online. I can then move on to develop training manuals for some of the energies that I have never taught before.


As usual there are some updates on events in the London area which I hope might be of interest to some readers.    


Thank you.



30th October 2007  






Mantak Chia

For people who are really committed to working with energy and to personal  development, it is always a good investment to train with the most experienced teachers. One such teacher is the internationally renowned Taoist Energy Master Mantak Chia http://www.universal-tao.com/ ) who is coming to London again in November for his annual visit here. As usual, he will be holding a series of talks and workshop courses. Mantak's area of expertise is working with the chi or life force energy within the human body and he is one of the most experienced teachers in this field. He trained from an early age within a long established lineage of Taoist Energy Masters. The manuals that I have written include the reworking of techniques from many different sources, some of which are from Mantak. Mantak's courses will be held between 23rd and 28th November in Central London at Lancaster Gate. The titles of his presentations are Introduction to Healing Love, Overview of Taoist Practice, and Level 2 of Cosmic Healing. 


I believe that this will be the first time that the Cosmic Healing training has been available in the UK. It will be necessary to take the Level 1 Course before taking the Level 2 course. A Level 1 course will be offered by Kris Deva North at the London Tao Centre from 9th to 12th November inclusive and is intended to dovetail with the Level 2 course which will be run by Mantak. Discounts will be available for people who take both Levels 1 and 2.


For further details of all the presentations, please visit website http://www.healing-tao.co.uk/ht_mantakvisit.htm . If you might be interested in joining any of these courses, it would probably be a good idea to book as soon as possible because there is likely to be a high demand for them with no places left for last minute bookings.






The Yoga Show

The main exhibition season here in London continues with The Yoga Show from 23th to 25th November at Olympia. Please click here to go the The Yoga Show website. The daily ticket prices range from 7 UK Pounds to 10 UK Pounds depending upon the day of visit. Concessions for certain categories of visitors will be available. There will be a number of free admission half hour taster workshop style presentations. There will also be several pay to participate longer duration workshops, most with reasonable ticket prices.  The Exhibition will have the usual stands where you will be able to speak to teachers and yoga product suppliers. Demonstrations will take place on the main stage during each day of the Exhibition.






Andy Weber

Those readers who are practicing Buddhists or have empathy with the Buddhist tradition and who have artistic skills might be interested to learn that Andy Weber will be finishing this year’s round of artistic training courses here in Europe with courses in Leeds, London and Amsterdam. Andy is the artist who was inspired to study the artistic representation in Tibetan Buddhism of the various Tibetan Deities and Higher Beings and of Buddhist concepts when he was living close to the famous Boudhanath Stupa just outside Kathmandu. He trained for many years with teachers within the Tibetan Buddhist community and his work is highly regarded around the world both inside and outside the Buddhist community for the quality and accuracy of its presentation. Most of the Tibetan Buddhism deity and mantra seed symbol cards that I work with were created by Andy. The reason why Andy’s work is of such a high quality is that he studied the spiritual aspects of Buddhism at the same time as working on getting the artistic experience. This means that his artwork has been developed from the viewpoint of an insider understanding the true nature of what the art is meant to represent rather than as an outsider simply trying to copy accurately existing artistic images.  Please click here to visit his website and here to go to a website with pictures of Boudhanath Stupa to see what inspired him.   


Course details are below. If anybody is interested in attending any of them, the contact details are given.




Leeds  9th to 11th November  -  Tara, The Goddesses


To be held at:


Leeds Jamyang Buddhist Centre
Suite 39

The Sunshine House
Whingate Business Park


LS12 3AT

Tel:   UK 07866-760460      International +44-7866-760460     


Please click here for the Jamyang Buddhist Centre website.




London 23rd to 25th November  -  One Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara


To be held at:


Jamyang Buddhist Centre - London
The Old Courthouse
43 Renfrew Road

SE11 4 NA

Tel:   UK 0207-820 8787      International +44-207- 820 8787


Please click here for the Jamyang Buddhist Centre webpage about the course. Scroll down the page for the narrative about Andy’s course.  



Amsterdam  29th November to 2nd December  -  Cittamani Tara and the Twenty One Taras


To be held at:


Maitreya Instituut

Brouwersgracht 157 – 159

1115 GG


Tel:   Netherlands 020-428 0842      International +31-20- 428 0842
E-mail:   amsterdam@maitreya.nl


Please click here for the Maitreya Institute webpage about the course.







I learned the Lama-Fera healing system from the late Rajeev Wagle in September 2001. This system involves channelling the energy of Lord Buddha for healing purposes and has been practiced in the Himalayan Buddhist Monasteries for centuries.


The teaching received from Rajeev was very much in the oral tradition. The training notes received from him were not in the format of a comprehensive training manual, were difficult to follow and were incomplete. I have been working on developing my own training manual therefore over the last twelve months, based upon Rajeev’s notes and what he taught in class. The work on this manual has now finished and I am able to put Lama-Fera on the list of energy systems that I teach. The Lama-Fera system is very simple so does not require the large training manuals that I have written for some of the other systems.


Usually I prefer people who wish to learn energies with me to have already learned Reiki or some other energy with a reasonable amount of Earth element energy in it to ensure that they can work with energies in a grounded way. It is likely that in the years ahead people in the Buddhist community who have never practiced energy work before will wish to learn this system. Rather than exclude them from learning, they may learn Lama-Fera after they have also worked through the Foundation Chapters of my Reiki manual covering the basics of meditation, channelling the life force energy all around, communicating with the Higher Beings, and the principles of laying on of hands healing with the chakra, meridian and reflexology systems.


If anybody might be interested in learning Lama-Fera, please click here for further details.        







This year Diwali takes place in November. To celebrate, on 10th November I will be passing blessings from Lakshmi in the form of a brief and simple energy ceremony. There will be no charge for this and this will be open to anybody in the Hindu community here in London. Also, Hindu Reiki Masters may receive an initiation into the energy of Lakshmi for which there will be a small charge. This can include initiation into the energy of Saraswati and Ganesh as well if desired. Please contact me for details.


There will be Diwali celebrations at the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir at Neasden from 18.30 pm on Friday 9th November and from noon on Saturday 10th November. You can find out more by clicking here to go to the Temple’s main site. At the time of posting this newsletter, Diwali celebration information can be found by clicking on the Diwali hyperlink on the right side of the page.  If it still opens to a photo file where the text is too small to read, the best thing to do is to save the photo file on your computer, open it with your photo software and view the photo at full size.    


For anybody local wishing for some good benefits to come out of the more social side of celebrating Diwali, profits from the following will be donated to charities. Please book early if interested as last minute bookers are likely to find that tickets are all sold out. 


The Hounslow branch of the Rotary Club will be holding a celebration dinner at the Kahari Palace here in Hounslow West on Saturday 10th November. There will be a three course meal and entertainment. The cost will be 20 Pounds a head. Profits will be going to the All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS) facility in New Delhi to pay for heart surgery for children whose parents cannot afford the medical bills. The Rotary Club of Hounslow will be using a matching grant process with the main Rotary Foundation which will mean that for every Pound raised in Hounslow, a total of 3.50 Pounds will be made available for the surgery. Rotarians will ensure that there are no administrative costs deducted from monies raised and that all the monies raised will be used to benefit the patients. UK tax payers who attend the dinner may use the Gift Aid donations scheme so that the Rotary Club will be able to claim back some additional money from the tax people which will be made available for the project. The project will carefully select children whose families cannot afford surgery and who require minimal post treatment medication. This will ensure a high success rate as families are not left to meet high on-going medical costs. The average cost of each surgery is estimated at around 670 Pounds. Please click here to read more about AIIMS and please click here for further information about the dinner and for contact details. The Kahari Palace is at 8 Cavendish Parade, Bath Road. Tel: 020-8577 8565. It is upstairs in the white building across the road from the Underground Station entrance. The entrance is just behind the florist’s kiosk on the corner.


A Diwali Dinner and Dance will be held just off the town centre at Horizons Bar, 210 Hanworth Road, Hounslow, on Saturday 10th November. Tel: 020-8814 0044. Profits from the evening will be donated to the Marie Cure Cancer Care charity.  Please click here for further information and to buy tickets online. The cost is 20 Pounds plus a booking fee. 






Training Manual Updates

The previous files xxxxx.chapter03.07.aboutus.cellulardivision and file xxxxx.chapter03.09.aboutus.dna from Chapter 3 of my manuals have been updated and merged. Although there has been some expansion of the narrative within these files, the main changes relate to streamlining the presentation and to ensuring that no image copyright is broken with any electronic publishing. The replacement file has been uploaded as a Word document so that the correct formatting and positioning of images is available. The new file xxxxx.chapter03.07.aboutus.DNAcellulardivision can be found by clicking here.






The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

I have started to post pages to the website and have also talked with people about undertaking training in more mainstream subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology so that healers can have wide range of relevant training and can also present required qualifications to potential employers in more traditional healthcare organisations. I have made reference to The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as being the Government Agency responsible for managing national qualification standards here in England. Recent press reports about proposed changes to the QCA announced by the Government have not presented accurately the proposed changes. I have updated my original webpage about the QCA, therefore, to give a better overview of what is likely to happen. The text of this is as follows:


‘The QCA has had two main roles in recent years – (i) involvement in the development of courses and the subsequent application of the qualifications grading scheme to these courses and (ii) acting as a Regulator to ensure that the qualifications grading scheme is operated appropriately. The Government now takes the view that as Regulator there is a potential conflict of interest in the QCA continuing to regulate courses where it has had input to the development of course content. On 26th September 2007, proposals were announced to transfer the regulatory role of the QCA to a new independent regulatory body that would be independent of the Government and of the QCA, and that the main role for the QCA in the future would be to continue its work relating to the development of course content and the application of the qualifications grading scheme to courses. This initiative would appear not to be directed at changing the structure or application of the qualifications grading scheme so does not change substantively any information about the courses that I have researched. Details of the proposals can be found on the QCA website by clicking here and on the Department for Children, Schools and Families website by clicking here and here.’  


Up to date commentary about Awarding and Accreditation Bodies may be found in the External Training section of the Information Centre of this website. 






Members’ Area

It has been my intention for a long time to upload my training manuals to a Members’ Area in a secure part of the website. This will serve a number of purposes:

·        A free (no charge) online resource for people in the teaching lines under myself so that they can access the manuals from anywhere in the world.

·        A way of ensuring that everybody in the teaching lines can have access to the original lineage teaching manuals if I have them so that it can be seen where teachings have been added in down the teaching lines.

·        A way of ensuring that everybody in the teaching lines can have access to any updates to manuals resulting from our ongoing experiences with the energies.

·        To act as business continuity management infrastructure for myself so that I can travel to teach. If a suitcase gets lost at an airport, I will still be able to organise manuals for training courses overseas either by printing them off from the website or by taking the electronic files copied from the website to a print shop.


A test version of the Members’ Area has now been set up and the Lama-Fera training manual has been uploaded to it. I am intending to load further manuals over the next couple of months and will advise when these are available online.


Whilst training manuals for some of the energies I work with are available openly on the internet, manuals for most of the energies that I work with are not. It is not appropriate for manuals to be available in an open way. The most important issue with the Members’ Area, therefore, is security. I believe that an adequate level of security is in place with multiple level encrypted password access to the various parts of the Area and with all the files having very high strength encryption. This level of security means that opening files will require some time and effort upon the part of visitors and impacts upon user friendliness and ease of use.  Passwords will be changed on a regular basis.


All my manuals are available on CD which are copied regularly by people in the teaching lines so I do not believe that the availability of online manuals represents any particular new opportunity for the unauthorised copying or distribution of manuals. CD versions of my manuals will continue to be available. 







November Newsletter

The November Newsletter will be posted in mid-November