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Over The Moon Festival



This page gives information about the annual Over The Moon Festival which is held near Eastbourne the weekend before the Autumn Equinox.


Previously known as the Out of the Ordinary Festival, it has been renamed in 2012 as the Over The Moon Festival.


I first posted information about this Festival to this website in 2010. Below is the original posting about the Festival which gives some idea of what the Festival is about.


The format of the Festival is likely to change over the years





The Festival is held at:


Knockhatch Farm

Hailsham Bypass


BN27 3GD




Contact Details

The Over The Moon contact details are:


Over The Moon Festival

37 Ship Street

East Sussex


Information  -  01273 889586 / 07966 350772

Tickets  -  tickets@overthemoonfestival.com

General enquiries  -  info@overthemoonfestival.com


Website : http://www.overthemoonfestival.com







This page gives information about the annual Out Of The Ordinary Festivals which are held on the South Coast near Eastbourne to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.


The first Festival was held in 2007.


The Festivals are held with the intention of connecting with Mother Earth and the Universe and have a healing and spiritual element as well as more general activities and entertainment.  They are children friendly and intended to be somewhere for the whole family to enjoy themselves.


The Festivals are usually held on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the Autumn Equinox in September. The 2010 Festival dates are 17th, 18th and 19th September. 


If you might be interested in attending the Festival, further information may be found at the Festival website www.outoftheordinaryfestival.com.






The Festivals are themed around seven arenas, each relating to one of the main human chakras. Whilst I do not get the connection myself between some of the arenas and the chakras, the arenas are set up as follows:


Root Chakra  -  Circus Arena

The Circus arena is intended to enable visitors to learn a wide range of circus skills as fun experiences and also to give visitors some experience in developing their public skills and their self confidence at presenting in front of others.


Sacral Chakra  -  Family Arena

The Family Area is run in parallel with the Circus Arena and is intended to be an area where parents can relax and have fun times with their children with a wide range of activities from Face Painting to Circus Skills. It is also intended to be an area where families can make new friends.


Solar Plexus Chakra  -  Healing Fields Arena

The Healing Fields Arena is where a wide range of complimentary therapies can be experienced and where there are presentations about maintaining good health.


Heart Chakra  -  Peace Circle

The Peace Circle area is a place to escape from the pressures of day to day life and to focus on wider personal and community issues. The concept is that where people gather together in peace, the effects of this concentrated thought reach out into the world. World peace starts with finding our inner peace so the Peace Circle is a place to connect with the elements, with Mother Earth, a place for prayer or quiet reflection.


Throat Chakra  -  Entertainment  Arena

The Entertainment Arenas usually have two solar and wind powered stages with live music and dancing until 01.00 am. There is a bar serving local organic ales, ciders and spirits.


Third Eye Chakra  -  Ancient Knowledge and Sacred Wisdom Arena 

This Arena is intended to be a resource area enabling visitors to learn more about ancient knowledge and to absorb metaphysical and spiritual wisdom from a range of presenters and from transformative workshops.


Crown Chakra  -  Metamorphosis Arena

The Metamorphosis Arena is intended to follow on from the activities in the Ancient Knowledge and Sacred Wisdom Arena and to get visitors’ crown chakras open wide and connecting with the cosmos and the world around. 





Environment friendly

The Festivals are designed to be environment friendly with solar powered stages and wind generators, land compost toilets made from recycled local resources and a site policy of eco friendly supplies only.  





YouTube video clips

If you might be interested in going to the Festival, the following YouTube clips from previous festivals give some idea what they are like.   


Out of the Ordinary Festival 2009 Promo



OOTO 2009



Earth Dragon Sunset Ritual Dance in Peace Circle



The Amazing Equinox Out Of The Ordinary Festival September 18 - 21s Sussex UK



The Closing Ceremony of OOTO 2009



poi passion school of poi and fire performance OOTO festival



Out of the Ordinary Festival 2007.part1



Out of the Ordinary Festival 2007. part2







The Festival is held at:


Knockhatch Farm

Hailsham Bypass


BN27 3GD