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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls


As people will be aware, I have introduced some simple techniques for using crystals when working with the healing energies into some of my training courses. Some people will have seen me demonstrating working with quartz crystal singing bowls which bring quartz and sound energy into the healing situation. My intention has been to give people a quick ‘taster’ about working with bowls so that they can follow up elsewhere if the bowls really catch their enthusiasm.   


Due to space limitations, I do not have a lot of opportunity to work regularly with the bowls in healing situations so do not have a substantive track record to draw upon to advise objectively upon the benefits of working with them.  However, I feel that they can be very powerful tools for energy healers to use.


I am posting, therefore, this information page for people who would like to work with the bowls.





Spectrum Wellbeing


Martin Dowling runs Spectrum Wellbeing, an internet based retailer of spiritually and metaphysically related products including quartz crystal singing bowls. A standing information page about Spectrum Wellbeing can be found on this website by clicking here.  I usually direct enquiries about the bowls to Martin.


Martin used to run workshops focusing on working with quartz crystal singing bowls. He no longer runs the workshops but has posted two very good information pages about these bowls to his website which may be found on the following links.


1. How the different kinds of quartz crystal singing bowls are made



2. Using quartz crystal singing bowls



The Spectrum Wellbeing also has the following pages giving information about the types of bowls currently for sale:





If anybody might be interested in purchasing bowls from Martin, his contact details are as follows:


Martin Dowling

Spectrum Wellbeing,

64 Eastcourt Avenue,




RG6 1HH,

United Kingdom.


Telephone and fax :  0118-926 8149    +44-118-926 8149


Website : http://www.spectrumwellbeing.co.uk

Email : contact@spectrumwellbeing.co.uk





Crystal Singing Bowls UK


Further information about quartz crystal singing bowls may be found on the Crystal Singing Bowls UK website at http://www.crystal-singing-bowls.co.uk/About-the-Bowls(2534152).htm. If you click on ‘About the Bowls’, a drop down menu shows several pages about the bowls which contain useful information. The rest of the Crystal Singing Bowls UK website gives information about bowls in stock for sale. The stock includes bowls made from crystals other than clear quartz such as rose quartz and carnelian.


Email :  info@crystal-singing-bowls.co.uk

Telephone :  07729 748730    +44-7729 748730





YouTube Video Clips


YouTube has many video clips of people working with quartz crystal bowls. The following clips give some indication of how people work with these bowls in different ways.


Crystal Bowl Healing



Robert Austin Crystal Bowl Sound Healer



Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir



Reiki Master healing power with Quartz Crystal Bowls music



Root and Crown Chakra Crystal Bowl Meditation



Crystal Singing Bowls with Beverly Wilson






Page first posted in April 2007

Updated in August 2012