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anger management women london.

r-a-g-e workshops for women
Refocusing Anger for Growth & Empowerment














One of the pages in the Information Centre of this website gives information about Anger Management resources available from other organisations in the London area. These might be helpful for people suffering from anger and for energy healers who wish to learn techniques to help clients who have to deal with anger in their lives.


This page gives details of the r-a-g-e workshops for women which are run by Corinne. As I come into contact with many more women than men in my healing work, I felt it would be helpful to have a separate page about this Anger Management resource for women.


The information below has been reproduced from the r-a-g-e website.  Contact details for r-a-g-e are given at the end of the page.
















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Anger is a natural, healthy emotion so why is feeling angry sometimes such a challenge for a woman?

r-a-g-e workshop goes beyond the territory most anger management groups and courses provide. The thinking behind Anger Management suggests that somehow it is wrong to feel angry and that it is a dangerous emotion and should be controlled, whereas r-a-g-e workshops for women highlights the advantages and strengths in tapping into the power of anger and refocusing that energy into positive action.


When we look beyond the personal and consider the power dynamics between men and women throughout history and in the world at large, it comes as no surprise to find that women have a lot to feel angry about. We can feel safer exploring our unique feminine experiences in depth in a space without men present but most of all women together have much more fun!

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How would it be if we learnt to see our anger as a helpful, life giving emotion that can flow freely and give us energy to move forward creatively with our lives?

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Anger is simply an emotion, yet it is often confused with aggressive behaviour, but they are not the same. Once we understand that aggression is a learned behaviour and is neither the only, nor the most effective way of expressing anger, we can start to make choices about how we respond when we feel angry.

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Suppressing anger takes a lot of energy and women tend to do this more than men. Women are often taught from an early age that expressing anger is both unfeminine and unwelcome so our opportunities to experiment with anger are limited and often met by a negative response. We know we have a right to express ourselves and for our voices to be heard. By getting to know our anger better and finding strength in this healthy emotion, we can become more accepting of all of our selves which is the first step in being accepted by others and reigniting our capacity to grow.

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We all need relationships, yet the fear of losing them or upsetting someone close to us can hold us back from saying what we mean. By not communicating honestly, we can end up staying in situations that are damaging us or increasing our frustration. Alternatively we may turn the pain we feel back on ourselves or onto others in a harmful way and find that our health is affected or relationships become difficult to sustain.

Once we can learn to identify our needs and express these clearly and directly we can regain our confidence in effectively resolving conflicts and setting our personal boundaries. This in turn empowers us to exercise choice in who we wish to be in relationship with and learn to maintain only healthy, nurturing relationships and have the strength to leave behind those that limit our potential.






  • Move beyond fear and feel the excitement in meeting your anger
  • Uncover the forgotten messages that anger has for you
  • Increase your self esteem and confidence as you experience the rewards of

    channelling your anger into achieving goals of your choice
  • Learn the skills of effective communication and practice them together
  • Share your experiences with other women and learn from each other in a safe space
  • Learn to set boundaries and reclaim your power
  • Put the pieces of the jigsaw together and find that you are not alone
  • Grow into ourselves as women and make choices as to how we want to express

    ourselves creatively, joyfully and powerfully







Anger is an energy – our vital life force. If this energy is wasted on suppressing our anger, or in dealing with the fallout following a failed attempt to express ourselves and be heard, we feel drained.

Through understanding and making friends with our anger, this energy is then released. We feel more alive and ready to reach our true potential.

That’s the theory so how do we get there?







This is an interactive, experiential workshop that will focus on getting in touch with our anger and learning skills in both anger release and effective communication. The weekend includes:


  • energetic bodywork
  • creative imagination
  • visualisation
  • role play
  • practice

The most important ingredient is the safe, supportive, containing space that we will build together in which we can begin to trust each other, give ourselves permission to take risks and discover deeper layers of ourselves together.

There are a maximum of 10 participants so that there is time for everyone to receive some individual attention.

Weekend Workshops are held on Saturdays and Sundays, 10am-5pm in Paddington, West London.








Sometimes all that is needed is some time and space to talk about our experiences one to one. Meeting with a therapist can be helpful in addressing many issues and can be particularly effective with anger which on occasions can be so overwhelming that we are left with a feeling of powerlessness. In a meeting with Corinne you can work together on finding a more objective perspective and begin to understand what might be going on. In every situation there are a variety of choices that can be made and by gaining some clarity about what we want and how we might begin to get our needs met, we can return to a place of confidence and balance where our anger is no longer an unruly force that can take us over and instead becomes a resource to inform and guide us.


  • Appointments can be made during the day and evenings by arrangement. The charge is £40
  • If you are interested in arranging either a one-off or a series of individual sessions with Corinne, please use the booking form on the r-a-g-e website to make contact and she will call you.







This weekend is for those women who have attended the Introductory weekend and want to go further and deeper with our anger work. We will revisit some of the exercises from the Introduction, providing an opportunity to take risks in the safety of familiar territory and move beyond our usual limits. There will be plenty of time for practice and consolidation of skills, and participants will be encouraged to bring current, real-life conflicts and issues which we will work with together.

Advanced Weekend Workshops are held on Saturdays and Sundays, 10am- 5pm in Paddington, West London.






The evening sessions are somewhere to come to for support, to reconnect with others, to continue working on the things that are important to you and remind yourself of the progress you are making with the skills you are putting into practice in your life. This group is open to everyone who has attended a r-a-g-e workshop or individual session and you can come along as often as you like.

Drop in Evenings are held on Tuesdays once a month from 8pm - 10pm in Greenwich.










For further information please visit r-a-g-e  Corinne’s e-mail address is














Date of posting : 30th August 2008









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