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Rajeev Wagle


Rajeev Wagle was one of my teachers.


He died unexpectedly in May 2003.


I have posted this page to my website so that he can be remembered.


Date of posting : 14th May 2007






Rajeev was very interested in all healing and spiritual subjects. When Reiki and other energies such as Seichem exploded on to the public scene in the mid 1990s, Rajeev attended as many training courses as he could. Eventually, he was able to work with and to pass on a number of the energies that today we take for granted as being around. Having worked in the mainstream corporate world to earn his living and to support his family, he gave up his career to practice and to teach the energies. His philosophy was that the Universe would find a way for him to earn his living through working with the energies.   


Rajeev was Indian and lived in Mumbai. He had his own healing energies practice in Mumbai under the name of The School of the Living Light but did some travelling as well to teach the energies. 


Rajeev had relatives in London and used to come here once a year to visit them. He was a friend of Fay Krzeminska, another energy healer who lived near Leighton Buzzard. Fay and Rajeev used to work together with the energies.


I first met Rajeev Wagle in September 2001 shortly after the terrorists’ attack on New York. He was teaching the energies at Kay’s home in Soulbury. I learned Magnified Healing, Blue Star Celestial Energy and Lama-Fera with Rajeev. As Rajeev had limited time in England, we had to learn the energies one after the other. A small group of us had a good time with Rajeev in what was a very intensive week or so in the Buckinghamshire countryside and he taught us everything that he could.


Lama-Fera had not been practiced in England before September 2001. It was introduced to England by Rajeev.


Rajeev taught from good experience and knowledge and was as helpful as he could be with his teaching. He did not put on any airs and graces but just did his best with his teaching and gave us all personal time. He was generous with his time answering queries arising when we started to work with the energies after he had returned to India and always tried to respond to our e-mails quickly. 


Rajeev died suddenly of a massive heart seizure in the third week of May 2003. As far as I am aware, he had not been suffering from health problems and the death was completely unexpected. I did not know his family so was not able to find out more. I do not know how old Rajeev was when he died but would have put him at late 40s to early 50s. I am sure that such an early death would have been a deeply distressing event for his wife and children.


Rajeev had been due to teach a lot of the old Vedic healing practices on his next visit to England but his death meant that these were not passed on.


The best way to honour Rajeev and his work is to ensure that everybody in his teaching lines passes each energy on to at least one person during their lifetime so that the teaching lines never die out as they have done so often before in other times and places. By doing this, there will be a living legacy to Rajeev. He was very committed to the energies so would appreciate this.


Every year, I send energy to Rajeev during the last weekend in May as a way of remembering him. If anybody else in his teaching line feels minded to do the same, please feel free to do so.


Thank you.






Date of posting : 14th May 2007