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Reiki – Frequently Asked Questions


If you visit any of the Reiki forum sites on the internet, you will see the same questions being asked time and time again about Reiki. These indicate that the quality of teaching is not sufficient to give Reiki practitioners enough information or personal resource to work out the answers themselves.  In my Reiki Masters manual, therefore, I have a section where I pass on my views about some of the questions asked. As this is useful to have in the public domain, I am posting also to my website.









Chapter 11


Frequently Asked Questions



This training manual is written primarily for my students learning Reiki. However, it will also be available to my students who have learned Reiki with other teachers who are learning other energies with me. Because different teachers say different things about Reiki, there is sometimes a lot of confusion about Reiki. In this Chapter, I try to answer some of the questions that are often asked about Reiki. I visited a number of Reiki message boards on the internet as research for this Chapter – the issues that I deal with seem to be a recurring theme of uncertainty with Reiki students.


The issues are dealt with in question and answer form – as in question from Reiki student to Reiki teacher. Please note that Q means question and that A means answer.




Q. When I first started practicing Reiki and did self-healing, my hands were always hot and I could always feel the Reiki. These days when I do self-healing, my hands do not feel hot. Have I lost the ability to channel Reiki energy?

A. A number of teachers say that you lose the Reiki connection if you do not channel regularly or that you lose the ability to channel Reiki if you go on to learn a different energy or that you must have done something bad and that somebody ‘up above’ has taken away from you the connection with the Reiki. I do not believe that any of these or similar teachings are correct and do not believe in general that students lose the ability to channel Reiki. When you first learned Reiki, it is likely that you had a lot of blocked and stuck energy that needed clearing. Consequently a lot of Reiki would have flowed through you in those early days and you would have felt it working against the energy blockages that you had. These days, after having done a lot of clearing on yourself through self-healing, you will not need to channel as much Reiki when you do self-healing and there will be fewer energy blockages in you for the Reiki energy to work through. Consequently, you are not likely to feel the same physical conditions when you channel Reiki. If you have any doubt about whether the Reiki is flowing through you, judge by what happens to your clients. You can also ask the non-physical beings working with you whether or not you are channelling the Reiki. I work with a lot of energies and have now got to the stage where often I cannot feel them physically as they flow through me, but they are definitely received by people receiving healing treatments.




Q. I just received a Reiki attunement and I could feel it going around me for less than 21 days but not the full 21 days. Am I missing something from the attunement? Did I not receive the attunement properly? Did the attunement leave me?

A. In my manuals, I always advise that students should focus internally to understand what is happening with the attunement. I also advise that 21 days is an indicator but that I believe it may take more or less days for an attunement to settle in to a person. I wrote that from my own perception. Subsequently, I have found postings from other Reiki people on the internet who also question whether an attunement needs exactly 21 days to settle in. My advice would be that the attunement will take as long as it needs to settle in. If you are worried about it not taking hold in you, do self-healing on yourself and healing on clients and notice what happens. The healing that you do will not be possible if the attunement has not taken hold.  




Q. I am not able to contact my Reiki Guides. What is wrong?

A. If you learn Reiki with me, then you will have been introduced to some Reiki Guides to help you with your work. If you cannot connect with them, just call them in and talk to them as if you were in full contact with them. Different people have different intuitive and psychic abilities, and not everybody can connect easily with their Guides. For me, I am in the strange situation that I connect very well with a lot of Higher Beings who are involved with the energies that I work with but do not connect easily with my own Guides. I know that they are there with me but I do not really get a communication connection with them. So do not worry about this.


If you did not learn Reiki with me, then it might be possible that your Reiki Master never ensured that some Reiki Guides were introduced to you. In this situation, you might not have any Reiki Guides to connect to. If so, speak to me and I will try to do something to get you connected with some Reiki Guides.


Linked to this, some Reiki teachers try to put a rigid structure around their teaching and say that you will not have any Reiki Guides at Reiki Level 1 but that you will have Guides at Level 2. If this is correct, it will only be because they do not ask for Reiki Guides for students at Level 1 – not because of any other reason.




Q. My religion / local priest says that Reiki goes against my religion and is not a good thing. What should I do?

A. The standard Reiki that I teach is about being able to channel an energy that is all around us, just like the air that we breathe. It has nothing to do with religion. We need to realise that religion is just a system of structuring our personal energy to focus on spiritual matters – no more, no less. Jesus still exists in the non-physical dimensions whether you wish to belong to a Christian Church or not. Lord Buddha still exists in the non-physical dimensions whether you wish to following traditional Buddhist teachings or not. If a priest says that it is against your religion to practice Reiki, you need to make up your own mind about how much the priest knows. If you recall what I wrote in Chapter 10 about standing on your own two feet, then you have the choice to empower yourself by working within your own living and dynamic belief structure or to disempower yourself by following the rigid belief structure of other people which may not be correct. Reiki is about helping people, and there is nothing wrong with trying to help people. If somebody needed help, neither Jesus nor Lord Buddha would stop to ask if the person followed the religions that have been established in their names – they would just help. It is good if we can do the same.




Q. There seem to be many variations on the Reiki system. How can I be sure that I have received the correct one?

A. This probably is a question that cannot be answered. I have tried to give you the traditional Reiki teachings and to show you where I have added to the teachings. Where it has been possible for me to backtrack through some of the history of Reiki in the United States of America, I have found teachings which I do not believe can be correct. These have come about where people have added in their own observations and material to the Reiki system that they were taught. Consequently, there is no guarantee that if you can obtain Reiki manuals from further back in your Reiki lineage that these will be completely true and good. My recommendation, therefore, is to take the introduction that I have given you to the Reiki energy, develop your meditative practice so that you can work more actively with the psychic / perceptive side of yourself, then find some Higher Beings to work with and develop your own relationship with the Reiki energy so that you can find out yourself more about the Reiki energy. Then you can bring your enhanced knowledge into our physical world and spread this knowledge around the Reiki community.




Q. Some Reiki teachers say that taking Level 1 qualifies a person to do Reiki self-healing but that they have to wait until Level 2 to give healing sessions to other people. Is this correct?

A. This is not correct. You can give Reiki healing sessions as soon as you have received your Reiki Level 1 attunement.




Q. I have never seen any lights or colours in my Third Eye when receiving a Reiki attunement. I have never seen any non-physical beings when receiving a Reiki attunement. Is there something wrong with me?

A.  As stated earlier, different people have different levels of psychic and perceptive awareness. Some people can have these psychic experiences when receiving Reiki attunements and some cannot. If you cannot, there is no problem. The Reiki energy will still flow through you.




Q. Some Reiki Masters give four separate attunements for Reiki Level 1. Does it matter if I did not receive four separate attunements?

The purpose of giving four separate attunements at Level 1 is to gradually expose the student to the Level 1 energy through four stages rather than just giving it all to the student in one attunement. The end result is ultimately the same whether the student receives four attunements or a single attunement. I prefer to give the Level 1 attunement as a single attunement because the student then receives the full attunement in one day. I feel that everybody can handle the Level 1 energy in a single attunement. Also, it is a time efficient way of passing the attunements. Many Reiki Masters do give the four stage attunement process on the same day without realising that each of the four attunements should be done with several weeks in between each – so the end result of doing four separate attunements on one day is no different to giving the single attunement in one day. In my training manual I do not explain how to pass the Level 1 attunement in four stages but can advise about this if you ever feel that this would be appropriate for any of your students.




Q. Some people feel very tired after giving Reiki sessions. Why is this?

A. The Reiki energy has to flow through the practitioner before reaching the client. Consequently the healer receives a healing session as well as the client. The tiredness is often due to deep energy release caused by the Reiki and the feeling of relaxation that comes with this.




Q. Some people feel very ‘spacey’ or ‘not grounded’ or not really here in the physical world after they have given a Reiki session. Why is this?

A.  I received Reiki training from two different Reiki Masters. My first Reiki Master taught standard Reiki Alliance methodology in which students are not taught how to ground the Reiki energy correctly. They are taught just to start to call the Reiki energy in through the crown chakra and to send it down direct down through the arms to the hands. This was how I first started to practice Reiki and I had the experiences of feeling spacey. If you work with the methodology that I give of channelling the Reiki energy down into the planet beneath us and then calling it back up into yourself, you will be a lot more grounded and less likely to feel spacey. 




Q. Some Reiki Masters say that if you do not draw a symbol correctly, your Reiki Guides will correct it. Is this true?

A. My guidance is that you should learn to draw the symbols as well as possible, particularly as the symbols work best alongside your strong intention and mind focus. You could ask your Reiki Guides to correct any symbols that you have drawn incorrectly but I am not sure whether they would all do this automatically if you do not ask




Q. There are lots of different healing energies around. Some Energy Masters say that energy x is better than energy y. Which healing energies are best to use?

A. I do not believe that this question is structured correctly. My teachings are that the different energies have different characteristics and that some may be more appropriate to a particular healing situation than others. If you know your client well and you know the characteristics of different energies well, then you can decide which energies to channel in the healing situation. But that is a different situation to saying that one energy is better than another in a black and white definitive way. So for example, if a client needs healing at a soul level, Sekhem might be very appropriate. If, however, a client has a lot of blocked energy at the physical body level, Reiki might be the most appropriate energy to use. So it all depends upon the situation of your client and which is best for him/her.




Q. I have been told that it is a bad thing to change your Reiki teacher. Is this true?

A. In the old days when people learning energy work were not heavily involved with other day to day matters, they had the time to study and to learn in depth through spending a lot of time with their teachers. These teachers had a lot of experience and had done a lot of inner personal development and could pass on a lot of teachings. In the present day, Reiki is often taught with just a few days’ tuition from a teacher. It is not uncommon to find that there is then no further contact between teacher and student after the classes have ended. In these circumstances, the quality of teaching can be so poor that a student is left with many unanswered questions and a lack of confidence. Or sometimes, a teacher will not give any further help without charging additional fees. In these circumstances, if the student can find a teacher with better teaching to offer, then it could be good for a student to change teacher.


In terms of energy, changing a teacher generally means that you pick up the energy from a different Reiki lineage. As I do not initiate into the lineage, you do not pick up any personal energy from other people in my lineage before me. However, most Reiki Masters do not teach that way so you are likely to have a connection with the energy shadows from other people in your new lineage and could feel a slightly different vibration in the Reiki than with your old teacher.


Also, learning with different teachers gives you exposure to different experiences that the teachers have had and to variations in their teaching material.


So if you wish to change your teacher, there are a number of issues to consider. At the end of the day, it is your decision. You will still be able to channel Reiki if you change your teacher and will not lose anything that you gained with your previous teacher.   






Date of posting : 28th February 2007