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Healing Yourself & Others

A Photo-Instructional Art Book

By Marsha Burack









This is a page in the Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing section of this website about the book ‘Reiki, Healing Yourself & Others, A Photo-Instructional Art Book’ written and illustrated by Marsha Burack.


Marsha Burack is an energy healer who lives in California.


My indirect connection with Marsha is that I am in Deepa Slater’s Seichim lineage for Seichim Levels 1 and 2. Marsha is Deepa’s Seichim Master.


Marsha was one of the early Reiki practitioners, becoming a Reiki Master in 1987, and was working with it before Reiki exploded around the world. As such, she learned Reiki when the teachings were fairly close to what had been passed down from Hawayo Takata and before people started to distort the original teachings with unconnected projections.   


The book is a compilation of the standard Reiki teachings, of Marsha’s experiences with Reiki and her observations of how it works.


In terms of it being a technical resource, the book contains numerous photographs of hand positions used for self-healing practice and also for healing on a client. The quality and comprehensiveness of these photos together with the interpretations of what is going on with the self-healing hand positions immediately places the quality and relevance of this book head and shoulders above most other Reiki books.


What makes this book really special, however, is how Marsha has woven her own personal interpretation of Reiki and her artistic interests into the book in a way which enhances the narrative about Reiki rather than degrade it with the subjective and incorrect projections that are found in many Reiki books. She has rewritten comprehensively the standard Reiki teachings in her own words in a way that is very straightforward and concise yet most meaningful. It is very obvious that she is writing from experience and understanding and from relationship with the Reiki energy and that she is a real Master with Reiki rather than a person whose relationship with Reiki is superficial and lacking in experience. Marsha is an artist and has included a number of Chinese style paintings within the book. In her introduction Marsha advises that finishing the book brought her to a new level of understanding and skill. She says that the intention of oriental painting, like Reiki, is to connect with the chi or the energy of the brush or activity. She says that she feels that the book’s writings and paintings combine to produce an artistic production whose format and layout radiate healing energy – chi, health, life force. When I first read this book, I could feel the energy coming off a number of her paintings. This experience was quite moving for me as I felt it reconnected me to the original clear and pure energy of Reiki practice which is very different to what we have in Western Europe where the practice of Reiki has become so overlain with successive re-interpretations and projections.


The book is approximately 28.0cm x 22.0cm and has 145 pages. The photographs are black and white. The paintings are both colour and black and white. 


It was first published by Lo Ro Productions, Reiki Healing Institute, California in March 1995 with ISBN 1-880441-39-X.


If the book is not currently in print, internet search should throw up number of used copies of this book. They are most likely to be found on sites like eBay and Amazon and the online second hand booksellers.


Marsha still practices energy healing in California. She set up the Reiki Healing Institute with the website at www.reikihealinginstitute.org where enquiries about the availability of the book may be made.  Two tape and CD Reiki teachings are also available from this website.  A gallery of prints of Marsha’s paintings available for sale may be found at www.marshaburack.com.  







Date of posting : 28th May 2009