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The Healing Touch

First and Second Degree Manual


By William Lee Rand










This is a page in the Recommended Listening, Reading and Viewing section of this website about the book ‘Reiki, The Healing Touch, First and Second Degree Manual’ written by William Lee Rand.


William Rand is the well known founder of The International Center for Reiki Training based in Michigan in the USA and is Head of Lineage for the trademarked Karuna Reiki system. William is one of the people within the Reiki community who has done most to facilitate the widespread teaching of Reiki around the world and his leadership has helped to change the world.


My connection with William is that my Reiki Master learned Reiki from him so I am in his Reiki lineage.


The book contains the teachings for William’s Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki training courses. These are essentially the core teachings for Levels 1 and 2 that most Reiki Masters pass on to their students. The book also contains additional information about research into the history of Reiki and about how to develop a Reiki practice.


In terms of it being a technical resource, the book contains numerous diagrams of hand positions used for self-healing practice and also for healing on a client together with an adequate level of instruction. 


This is the official training manual of one of the world’s leading Reiki teachers. Because of this it is a useful book to have for any Reiki person who intends to teach to other people.


One of the nice things about the manual is that it is devoid of the subjective projections that a lot of people in Europe seem to place on Reiki but which have no place in the practice of Reiki.


The contents of the book are:

-    Reiki Past and Present

-    How Does Reiki Heal

-    How to Use Reiki

-    Detailed information on how to use the Reiki Symbols

-    Includes all the Western hand positions

-    Japanese Reiki Techniques

-    How to combine Western and Japanese Reiki

-    Becoming a Reiki Master

-    Developing Your Reiki Practice

-    Reiki in Hospitals

-    Discovering the Roots of Reiki

-    Reiki Training and Licensing

-    The Usui Memorial and Mt. Kurama

-    Footnotes and index


The book has around 190 pages. The diagrams are black and white.  


It was published by Vision Publications, Michigan originally in March 1991 but with subsequent updates and with ISBN 0-9631567-0-5.


The book may be ordered in both hard copy and electronic versions from William’s website at www.reik.org 


Reiki Masters may order also William’s Reiki Master level manual from his website upon providing proof of your Reiki Mastership.






Date of posting : 28th May 2009