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 Robert Masters

4th January 1927 to 27th July 2009



This page has been posted to my website to remember the researcher and author Robert Masters and his work. Robert passed away on 27th July 2009.


Robert had a great enthusiasm for our Lady Sekhmet and for the Ancient Egyptian understanding of the human experience.   


For over three decades, Robert Masters was a leading researcher into the phenomenon of human consciousness and its interaction with the mind and body when we are incarnate.


That research led him into encounter with Goddess Sekhmet and with the Ancient Egyptian understanding of these matters.


Once the internet age started, he set up the Sekhmet and Ptah Forum which was online for many years and which enabled people to exchange views and information about Sekhmet and related topics and to meet like minded people.  I met a number of people on the Forum to whom I passed the initiations into the energy of Sekhmet herself. The Forum was also a useful source of support when I opposed the application to trademark the word Sekhem in the European Union. Unfortunately, as happens so often with internet Forum sites, a number of people abused the facilities available and the Forum was closed.


Linked to the Sekhmet and Ptah Forum was another of Robert’s projects, The Sekhmet Project. The intention for this work was to create a Museum of Sekhmet, Ptah and Imhotep and to bring about a greater understanding and respect for these three Great Beings of Memphis.


Many people in the energy healing field know Robert Masters primarily through his book ‘The Goddess Sekhmet : Psycho–spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way’ in which he explored practical ways to experience and to develop understanding of the relationships between our consciousness, minds and bodies. Although many of the exercises seem so simple, they are very effective in helping to develop self awareness of who we really are and are always worth revisiting if they have not been practiced for months or years as new insights often reveal themselves when revisiting.


Robert’s work helped many people to get a connection with Goddess Sekhmet and in that way has supported her ongoing work with the human race. These days Sekhmet is everywhere here in England and Robert was partly responsible for that.


Robert died peacefully in his sleep on 27th July 2009 and is survived by his wife Jean Masters who has also worked in the spiritual development field. May Jean be blessed and be taken care of by Sekhmet in her time of loss and may she be reunited with Robert again one day beyond the grave.      


I am sure that all of Sekhmet’s people will hold Robert and his work dear in their hearts and will continue his work as a living testament to his life.


At present, it seems that it is still possible to purchase copies of Robert’s book at Jean’s online bookshop at

http://store.jeanhouston.org/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JH01&Category_Code=0001 .







 Date of posting :  30th August 2009