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     Rubinland – Mineralienhandlung


     Bodhi Malas




I have purchased Bodhi Malas from a number of suppliers. These are used in the Lama-Fera energy system.  My preferred supplier for these is Rubinland in Germany.  Rubinland offer excellent standards of customer service at competitive prices.


Rubinland operate an Online Shop for online ordering.


Below are examples of the Rubinland Bodhi Mala product offering at the time of posting this page. You need to buy the 108 bead malas for Lama-Fera. The main differences between the malas supplied are the thickness of the beads which affects the length.


Perlen = beads.  Länge = length.  Dick = thickness of beads.  Lieferzeit = delivery time within Germany (longer for other countries). Tage = days.  Aus = made from.  Mit = with.  Mala aus Holz = Mala made from wood.  Mala aus Bodhi = Mala made from Bodhi. 


Please check that you are buying Malas made from Bodhi if you want Bodhi Malas as Rubinland also sell Malas made from other woods. 


Measurements are approximate and subject to minor variations.


Prices include German VAT (Sales Tax). These prices are subject to change.






Mala aus Bodhi - Holz Gebetskette mit 108 Perlen 63 cm


108 Perlen (12.5 mm dick)
Länge: 63 cm


Lieferzeit: 3-4 Tage
inkl. 19 % UST zzgl.
5.00 Euros 









Mala aus Bodhi - Holz Gebetskette mit 108 Perlen 40 cm


108 Perlen (8.5 mm dick)

Länge: 40 cm


Lieferzeit: 3-4 Tage

Inkl. 19% UST zzgl.

3.00 Euros











Could anybody interested in buying from Rubinland please note the following:

-     The drill down through the Rubinland Online Shop at the time of posting this page is Buddha Buddhismus / Mala / Mala aus Holz.

-     You may e-mail Harald in English with your queries.

-     If you need to purchase large quantities of malas, please try to buy them as soon as you know you will need them. If Rubinland do not have enough in stock, there will need to be some lead time for replacement stock to arrive. 

Rubinland stock a wide range of malas but most of these are not Bodhi malas.

-     As Germany is part of the European Union, there are no additional import taxes such as Import Duty or VAT to pay when purchases from Rubinland are imported into the UK.


Rubinland have a wide range of other spiritual and crystal products so you might find other items of interest in their product range. The primary Rubinland business is crystals.





The Rubinland contact details are:


Harald Melcher

Rubinland - Mineralienhandlung
Am Schlossberg 20


Tel:  07224 - 651600      +49-7224-651600
Fax: 07224 - 655439      +49-7224-655439

Website :  http://www.rubinland.de/Shop/

    eMail :  info@rubinland.de





The photos are copied from the Rubinland website.


Date of posting : 30th May 2007