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Screen Resolution


This page gives information on how to best enjoy your visit to this website.


When you are browsing on the internet, the numerous files that make up a web page are processed and organised through what is called browser software on your computer so that images and text appear on your computer screen as intended by the person who created the website that you are visiting.


Website creators develop websites to be viewed best at a specific ratio of screen width and screen height.


The amount of text and images that appears within the width and height of a computer screen is measured in units called pixels. 


This website has been designed to be viewed best at a width to height ratio of 1.33 as represented by a browser setting of 1024 pixels (width) x 768 (height). The 1024 x 768 settings are those used by a majority of desk top and lap top computers.  Most of the text on this website has been written in 12 point bold font. This font size is larger and bolder than on many websites. The intention with these settings is to have a visitor friendly website which avoids some of the common problems found on other websites where the font is so small and so faint that visitors cannot read the content easily, especially if their eyesight is not as good as it used to be. 


In the early days of the internet, many browsers were set at 800 x 600. If you are browsing on an older computer that has this setting, you will be able to read everything on this website as intended because the 1.33 width to height ratio is the same. However, the text will appear very large on your computer screen so it might be helpful to try to change your settings to 1024 x 758 if this is possible. Alternatively, you could try to change the font size settings on your browser if this is possible.


Two other common browser settings of 1152 x 864 and 1280 x 960 which are found on computers retain the 1.33 width to height ratios. However, the font size could appear to be small on your computer screen with these settings and it might be helpful to try to change them to 1024 x 768 if this is possible.


Other settings that can be found on computers include:

-    960 x 600  

-    1088 x 612  

-    1280 x 720 

-    1290 x 758 


These settings do not have the 1.33 width to height ratio which means that text and pictures will be seen with a degree of elongated distortion. With the last three of these settings, the text might appear too small to be read easily. If this is the situation, it might be helpful to try to change your settings to 1024 x 768 if this is possible.


If you need to change your browser settings to view this website, you should be able to find guidance on how to do this with any instruction manuals that came with your computer or by seeking technical advice on the website of your browser software company.


In the case of computers using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can try to change your browser settings as follows. Right click with your mouse on a blank part of the computer screen as it appears when your computer first boots up. This is referred to as the desktop screen. You should find that a box appears with various options to choose from. You need to click on the Properties option and then need to look for Settings. If you click on Settings, you should find an option somewhere for adjusting browser settings.


It is possible that visitors who do not have Internet Explorer might be able to work out for themselves how to change browser settings by following a similar route on their desktop screen.


Although this website uses colour on all the pages, there should always be enough contrast between the text and the background colour to enable text to be read easily.


If you click on the Site Map option on the directions toolbar at the top of the page, you will be able to see how the content of this site is organised.


Thank you.