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This is a page from the Training Manuals section of this website.


Below is a reproduction of an update to file seisek.12.chapter09.01.seichimsekhemstory from the Sekhem Level 1 / 2  manual which was updated in November 2006.


The Microsoft Word version of the file may be found by clicking here.










Your Seichim and Sekhem story starts in Egypt with the visit of an American by the name of Patrick Zeigler to Egypt.


Patrick had always felt drawn to Egypt when he was living in the United States. As a young man, he had trained as an architect and started to use the geometric structures of the Egyptian pyramids in his architectural work. Geometry is a structural channel through which energy can be focused and through which it can manifest in physical form.


Whilst working in Yemen, Patrick went to Egypt for a holiday. He visited the Great Pyramid at Giza and decided to stay within the pyramid overnight when it had closed to the public. Whilst there in the King’s Chamber, he experienced a living energy coming into the Chamber and after overcoming his anxiety about what was happening he let the energy into his energy field and into his heart centre. The energy was very beautiful and brought a strong love vibration into his heart. Patrick spent some time that night meditating with the energy in his heart and learning to hold the energy in his heart centre. One of his strongest memories of the energy was that it was moving in figures of eight (or the infinity pattern) as it came into the Kings Chamber and into him.


Initiations to energies do not always have to come through a physical intermediary and Patrick received an initiation whilst he was in the Kings Chamber.


Patrick started to work with this energy over the next few days after he had left the Great Pyramid. Whilst in Yemen, Patrick had tried to connect with Sufis as part of the spiritual journey that he was on. He found a school for Sufis in Cairo in the days following his experience in the Kings Chamber. He found the Sufis working with heart based energy in a way similar to that which he had experienced in the Great Pyramid, and dancing in spirals with the figure of eight pattern to call the energy in. Patrick worked with the energy in the way that the Sufis did for about a week, and started to have visions. He decided to go to the Sudan to find the Master who had taught the people in the Sufi school, and received direct teaching from the Master.


When Patrick returned to Yemen, the energy which he had experienced in the Great Pyramid kept returning to him, and he started to work with it. He later moved on to Nepal. He had many profound experiences with the energy, and experienced it healing him.


At this stage, Patrick knew little about healing but felt that he had to know more about it. So he enrolled at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and studied massage and energy healing there.


After he had received Reiki healing for the first time, Patrick decided to learn Reiki and became a Reiki Master. He started to teach Reiki, but also wanted to teach about and to pass on the energy from Egypt. It came about that Patrick was able to consult a lady called Christine Gerber who channelled a being called Marat who had worked with Patrick’s energy in Southern India about two and a half thousand years ago. Marat advised that the energy was called something like Seichim. Marat also gave instructions on how to pass a very simple attunement into Seichim.


After a number of attempts to pass on the Seichim energy, Patrick was able to initiate Christine successfully into the energy. The next person to be initiated was one of Patrick’s Reiki students, by the name of T’Om (Tom Seaman).


T’Om taught the Seichim to one of his spiritual teachers who then taught it to a lady called Phoenix Summerfield. Phoenix did a lot of work with the energy together with T’Om, and slowly additional symbols came through. Phoenix did a great deal to give the Seichim practice and teaching form and structure, and to get it out into the wider world, and the numbers of people who could work with this energy started to grow.


Phoenix moved to Hawaii, where she continued to practice and to teach Seichim. At this stage, Reiki and Seichim were being taught together in combined attunements.


In Australia, Helen Belôt learned Seichim initially from Margo Slater. She received the Seichim Masters Level training from Phoenix Summerfield. Around this time, Helen Belot says that she had started to channel a third energy which was different to the Reiki and Seichim which had come down from Patrick. She worked with Phoenix on this energy when she was learning with Phoenix. As Helen continued to work with this energy after Phoenix’s death and developed a teaching structure for it, she used the name Sekhem for it and used the name Seichim only for the energy that had come down from Patrick that he had experienced in the Great Pyramid. In her early teaching days, Helen developed a training structure in which she taught Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki in the same course and in which she initiated students into these energies.


Helen advised publicly in late 2007 that she would cease teaching Sekhem.