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This is a page from the Training Manuals section of this website.


Below is a reproduction of an update to file seisek.12.chapter10.01.lineage from the Seichim / Sekhem Level 1 / 2 manual which was originally updated in November 2006 and again in November 2009.


The Microsoft Word version of the file may be found by clicking here.










I received all my Seichim and Sekhem attunements and training from Helen BelŰt.

Copies of my certificates follow. Helen gave certificates for Seichim and for Sekhem but not for Reiki. Although she attuned students in her system to Reiki, she did not teach it. I teach Reiki, but teach it separately to Seichim and Sekhem.

Copies of Helen Belotís lineage as given to me by her follows both in written form and in the form of a flow chart.

When teaching Seichim and Sekhem, I give my students a copy of the original training material that I received from Helen BelŰt. A few sheets have been taken out of Helen Belotís material. These were poems or literary extracts which had resonance with Helen but which were extraneous to the teaching of the energies. By comparing Helenís work with the material that I have prepared, students can see where I have augmented the teachings. As a matter of principle, I have not changed the attunement procedures and follow Helenís system. I have not changed the symbols used in the system or introduced any additional symbols. I draw the Reiki Masters symbol for Reiki slightly differently to Helen, but this is a minor variation of style rather than a deviation from her system. 

Helen BelŰt established the Sekhem Association (subsequently called the Helen BelŰt Sekhem Association) to ensure minimum standards of training and practice within an approved pool of Sekhem Masters. Following an incident shortly after I finished training with Helen BelŰt in September 1999, I decided that I did not wish to continue to be a member of the Sekhem Association and did not renew my annual membership when it fell due. This has meant that I was not party to any additional healing symbols or healing techniques or methodologies that were introduced to Helenís standard training programme since then. In late 2007 Helen announced that she was withdrawing from teaching publicly and closed down the Sekhem Association.

Because of this, nobody in the lineage beneath me may claim that they have been taught in the Sekhem system as it was at the end of 2007.  Members of the lineage should advise prospective students that they will be taught the full teachings of the system as they were in September 1999 when I completed my learning with Helen.