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Sekhem Ė Lineage Update


This update is for the attention of anybody who has been trained in Helen BelŰtís original Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki courses within the lineage downwards from myself. The original date of posting was November 2006 with some minor updates in November 2009 to reflect Helen BelŰtís withdrawal from the public arena and the closure of the Sekhem Association. More recent postings about Sekhem may be found in the Information Centre.





Background to the update


My training manual for Helen BelŰtís Reiki / Seichim / Sekhem system was written in 2001 / 02. We are now several years on from then. In that time, some of the people in the lineage above us have moved on with what they are doing. In the lineage beneath me I have been receiving reports that not all the original teachings have been passed down and of some other issues arising. This page on my website is intended therefore to give both an information update about what has been going on within the lineage and also to ask that on some matters we can work to a standard external presentation within the lineage.†††





The Lineage above us


At the start of our lineage tree, Patrick Zeigler is active in his teaching work. Patrick is teaching in a different way these days to the style of a traditional attunement workshop. His present day workshops create the environment in which energies of a more generic nature flow in freely and can be received by the participants direct and not through him. The energies raised in his workshops facilitate healing amongst the participants. Sometimes participants receive spontaneous initiations. Many people have had significant healing experiences at these workshops. You can read more about what he is doing these days at his website at http://www.all-love.com .


Further down the lineage, Marsha Burack is teaching Seichim with her colleague Shashala in a way that incorporates both the traditional attunement approach and Patrickís current way of teaching. She is athttp://reikihealinginstitute.org/classes.html .


In Australia, Deepa Slater had the intention of moving into retirement and reducing the amount of teaching that she was doing. The way in which she integrated the energies into self development and behavioural change programmes was leading edge work so any retirement on her part would have been a loss to the healing community.However, it seems that too many people are finding their way to her and the Warts and All programme to let her retire so she is still doing her work.


Also in Australia, Helen BelŰt is no longer running the Sekhem Association or teaching Sekhem. Helen wrote a book called ĎThe Sekhem Storyí. This narrates how she got to where she is with Sekhem and of her experiences with Sekhem. I believe that this book is now out of print but second hand copies can be found on the internet.

It is my understanding that elsewhere within Helenís lineage people learning Sekhem these days might be shown the lineage tree starting with Helen. This is because Helen ceased to teach the three energy courses of Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki and had been teaching Sekhem only. I would ask please that members of the lineage beneath me who are teaching Helenís original Seichim, Sekhem and Reiki could continue to present to their students the full lineage tree in my training manual which starts with Patrick Zeigler and which includes the Deepa Slater leg so that we do not lose the record of all the people from Patrick down to ourselves who have contributed to helping us to get to where we are now.††





Usage of the names Seichim, Sekhem, SKHM


Different healers are using the names Seichim, Sekhem and SKHM in similar but different contexts.


The name that Patrick Zeigler gave to the energy that he experienced in Egypt was Seichim. This was a name that was derived from information given in channelling sessions which you can read about on Patrickís website. Once Patrick had started to pass on this energy to other people, a view was held within the lineage that the word Seichim was the Sanskrit translation of the Egyptian word Sekhem. The names Sekhem and Seichim started to be used in an interchangeable way for the same energy within the lineage. In the Australian part of our lineage, Deepa Slater was the first Seichim Master in Australia. Deepa learned Seichim from Marsha Burack in the USA and later also learned with Phoenix Summerfield who had been Marshaís teacher. Both Phoenix and Marsha were using the names Seichim and Sekhemin an interchangeable way. Deepa went on to develop her own way of teaching naming her courses Newlife Reiki Seichim and Newlife Seichim Sekhem. ††


When Helen BelŰt was learning Seichim with Deepa, she started to channel a third energy which was different to the Reiki and Seichim which had come down from Patrick. Helen took her Seichim Mastership with Phoenix Summerfield. She also worked on the third energy with Phoenix and developed a teaching structure for it. Helen used the name Sekhem for it and used the name Seichim only for the energy that had come down from Patrick that he had experienced in the Great Pyramid. At this point some of the subsequent confusion about the usage of the names was crystalised. Some of the rest of the lineage under Patrick were using the names Seichim and Sekhem in an interchangeable way whilst in the lineage from Helen downwards the names were no longer interchangeable.


The Ancient Egyptians wrote in consonants only. They did not write vowels. Their written form of Sekhem was SKHM. SKHM was also used within the lineage above Helen in an interchangeable way. SKHM has also been used for the less structured form of teaching that Patrick has introduced in recent years.


Outside of Helenís lineage, the American teacher Diane Shewmaker channelled energies and teachings which led to the development of what she has named the Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki matrix or SSR.I have no experience of the energies within this system but SSR represents another situation in which the same names are used.†††


The use of the same names in different contexts can obviously give cause to misunderstandings. When dealing with prospective students and other relevant parties, could members in the lineage beneath me please take the time to explain clearly what they are applying the names to and to take the time to understand the context in which the other people think that they are using the names. If we do not do this, there will be times when we are talking at cross purposes with people and confusion will result.


For the record, when I talk about Seichim and Sekhem I follow Helenís use of the names including for the rest of this posting.







Seichem is an energy from the Tera-Mae ô family of energies which has Kathleen Milner as Head of Lineage. Kathleen received an initiation into Seichim at one point. This did not feel like a particularly good attunement to her and she felt that the Seichim energy was lacking in power. A while afterwards, she had a vision of Sai Baba who gave her an initiation into the energy she calls Seichem. She discovered later that the Higher Being who gave her the initiation was not Sai Baba but Lord Buddha.Some people are making the connection that Lord Buddha gave her a better initiation into Seichim and that Seichem and Seichim are the same energies. This is not the case and Seichim and Seichem are not the same energies despite the similarity in name.





Australian Sekhem


In the USA, Helen BelŰtís Sekhem has been renamed Australian Sekhem. This is incorrect. The name that Helen gave to the energy is Sekhem. If this causes confusion with the Sekhem in the SSR system, then some explanation can resolve this. Sekhmet has advised that what is called Sekhem in the SSR system is not the same energy as that which Helen BelŰt calls Sekhem and it is not correct to present Helenís Sekhem as some variation on the Sekhem in SSR.The original terminology Seichim Sekhem Reiki came from Helen BelŰt and it was copied at a later date by Diane Shewmaker.






I am working currently from the training manual that I wrote about five years ago. I am in the process of updating the Foundation Chapters and tidying up the rest of the manual. Although this work is running behind schedule, there are not any substantive changes planned to the existing manual in the imminent future.††


As a project for the future, I would like to work through all of Deepaís training course material and run a pilot course for it with the intention of introducing this over here in the UK one day. Deepa has been kind enough to let me have her training materialbut I have not had the time yet to gain sufficient experience of it to be able to pass it on to other people. Deepaís approach to teaching people how to change their behaviours and to grow and to regain the spiritual connection is of a very high standard. The time commitment required to work all the way through her courses is much longer than for most of the standard workshops on offer these days and really requires people to attend on a retreat basis.††††††


As a project for next year, I intend to create a controlled access membersí section on the website within which the training manual will be available on line. It is likely that it will be towards the end of 2007 before the loading of the manual on to the website is completed. Anybody within my lineage or within Helenís lineage elsewhere will be able to have password access to the levels that are appropriate for them. It will be posted in Microsoft Word. This will make it easier for people to copy parts of it and incorporate into their own Word based training material. The online manual will also have a change control record of any files that have been updated from the original version so that we can keep track of updates.†††


I have had the experience that students can sometimes have difficulty sensing the Sekhem energy when first learning it. I think that this is partly because Sekhem is notfelt in the same way physically as Reiki due to its high vibrational frequency. Sometimes students coming from other teachers have not been taught the basics of meditation and developing their perceptive and intuitive skills so do not always have enough tools to work with Sekhem.I have also had the experience that students find it difficult to feel or to sense the Seichim and Sekhem energies separately when receiving the multiple style attunements. Because of this, it might be more appropriate sometimes to teach Seichim or Sekhem separately and not together. In due course, therefore, I will split the teachings from Helenís system and my manual so that they can be taught separately if needed.


Away from Helenís Reiki / Seichim / Sekhem system, I am trying to get back to developing training manuals for some of the other energies that I work with. This is very time consuming work and the big constraint is the number of hours in the day.I also want to spend some time trying to develop my website as an information centre.††





My training manual


My training manual is the written form of how I teach Helenís system. I would like to take the opportunity to confirm that I have always passed on the energies in Helenís system in the way that I was taught by Helen. I have not added any new symbols to her system and have not changed the attunement procedures.


I have added attunements to some additional energies to be used alongside Helenís system as appropriate. These are useful in areas of channelling, ceremonies, psychic surgery, etc., but do not change the core teachings from Helen.†††





CD version of the training manual


Computer technology has progressed a lot in five years. Back in 2002, the electronic versions of my manuals were made available either by saving on numerous 3.5 inch discs or by e-mailing compressed versions of the files. The number of files in the manual meant a lot of time spent saving or sending files at my end. I would suspect that this might have meant that the full manuals did not always get passed on further down the lineage. These days I copy my manuals to CD. If anybody within the lineage would like a CD copy of the manual, copies can be obtained at a cost of 12 UK Pounds with payment through PayPal for people living overseas. The price covers the cost of producing and posting the CD. The manuals are written in Word for the Windows operating system. There is no version for Mac operating system.††††††





Helen Belotsí Training Manual


It is not clear to me whether Helen BelŰtís training manual has been passed down to all members of the lineage. When I learned with Helen BelŰt, she gave permission for copies of all her training materials to be passed down. I scanned her manuals and they are available in electronic form. They are included in my manual as appendices. It is helpful for people to have access to Helenís original teachings so that they can see what these were before other people have made their additions subsequently. I would ask, therefore, that everybody in the lineage down from me passes copies of Helenís manuals on to their students. If you do not have a copy, the electronic version is available on the CD version of my training manual.††




Sekhem Association


Helen BelŰt established the Sekhem Association to ensure minimum standards of training and practice within an approved pool of Sekhem Masters. Following an incident shortly after I finished training with Helen BelŰt in September 1999, I decided that I did not wish to continue to be a member of the Sekhem Association and did not renew my annual membership when it fell due. This meant that I was not party to any additional healing symbols or healing techniques and methodologies that were introduced to Helenís standard training programme since then. Because of this, nobody in the lineage beneath me was eligible for membership of the Sekhem Association unless they retrained with a teacher who is a member of the Association.


In September 2007 Helen BelŰt decided to close the Sekhem Association and to withdraw from teaching Sekhem. The Sekhem Association had corporate status in Australia and has been wound up.





Trademarking rights relating to Helen BelŰtís system have been granted in Australia, in the USA, in the European Union and in Hong Kong. Further information relating to this is given on a separate page on this website. Please click here to read about this.††††





Representation of Sekhem


Elsewhere in Helenís lineage, it is common to find representation of Sekhem as being a feminine energy or embodying the feminine spirit. If members of the lineage beneath me wish to make representation about this, could they please be very careful with the words that they use so that they do not mislead people. The essence of Sekhem is that it helps us to achieve good balance between male and female energies. Therefore, somebody who has a lot of male personal energy, even though they may be living inside a female physical body, is likely to feel Sekhem working to bring them back in to a more equal male / female energy equilibrium and it will feel like feminine energy is coming in. Alternatively, if Sekhem is applied to a situation which has been dominated by male energy, again it will help to achieve a more equal male / female energy equilibrium. This is not the same as Sekhem being a feminine energy and I would ask if members could choose their words accordingly. Sekhem is not a feminine energy. It has a good balance of male and female energy. If we present this incorrectly, then we mislead clients and students.


Similarly, it can be found elsewhere in Helenís lineage representations of Sekhem as being a complete energy system with everything that is inherent and implied within that description. Other representations indicate that Sekhem has a completeness that other healing energy systems do not have.I do not know what comprehensive experience of other energy healing systems the people who have been making such statements have but I do not feel that these statements give a correct picture. Lots of healers are doing good healing using a wide range of healing modalities and including other channelled energies. I know from my own experience that healing can take place simply by channelling the energy from Mother Earth beneath and from the Universe above and passing on to a client without the need for the healer to have gone through any kind of attunement process. We all know as well that in some emotional and behavioural situations active involvement from the client is needed before anything can happen. If we make representations that we cannot achieve with clients or students or which are wrong, our credibility is damaged. I would ask, therefore, if all members of the lineage could choose the words that they use when talking about Sekhemcarefully. It is helpful sometimes to try to put ourselves in the shoes of prospective clients or students listening to our words and to consider how the receiver will interpret our words.††††


Some members in Helenís lineage elsewhere seem to give the impression that the higher the frequency of energy that they can channel, the more suitable it is for healing purposes. They say that Sekhem is the highest frequency energy being worked with on the planet at the present time and that there is no longer any need to work with longer with the lower frequency Reiki energy. The truth about energy healing is that different health situations need different frequencies and different qualities of energy to heal them. The skill of the healer lies in deciding whether to work with generic energies such as from Mother Earth or the Universe or whether to work with specific energies. The former are more likely to have the frequencies and qualities needed for healing but the strength of these can be dissipated to some extent by everything else that is being channelled. The latter can be more effective if the correct energy is chosen by the healer because the dissipation effect is reduced.It is not a badge of honour to give the impression that the higher the frequency of energy a healer can channel, the better the healing ability of the energy. Nor is it correct to indicate that one healing energy is better than another healing energy. I would ask if members in the lineage beneath me could please refrain from such representation. This kind of approach is the one certain way to damage the credibility of the work that we do.

†††††† †††††††




Higher Beings


In Helenís system, she teaches that the Sekhem energy is associated with Sekhmet and that the Seichim energy is associated with Kwan Yin.


On his website, Patrick advises that there were no Higher Beings involved when he had his experience in the Great Pyramid.


As far as I can be certain, Helen is correct when she says that Sekhmet was working proactively for the Sekhem energy to be used in the public domain again on this planet. Sekhmet was involved with bringing back this energy. This energy was worked with under direction from Sekhmet in earlier times.


The situation is not the same for Kwan Yin. I have asked many times about her connection with Seichim. Here the situation seems to be that she does not have a specific connection with Seichim in the sense of trying to bring it back into the public domain. The situation seems to be much more that when she has been connected with people she has either supported them with whatever they were working with or has found what would be suitable for them individually to work with which has included Seichim.††††


Perhaps members of the lineage might care to focus some of their time on the same questions when they have the time.


If you do feel a connection to these Higher Beings, they will help you to pass the attunements and will help with healing sessions. If you do not feel a connection, your intention and quality of preparation should be sufficient to pass the attunements well and to undertake healing without them.††





The Stars


People work with different mind sets when working with the energies. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For those people who prefer to work in a more generic way with energy, it is not too important about the routes that energies take to reach us. For other people, this is quite important.


Helen teaches that the Sekhem energy comes from the Sirius stars. As far as I can be certain this is correct.


Neither Patrick nor Helen gave any such guidance about Seichim. I am able to channel a lot of energies and have felt a common vibration between the Seichim and other energies. That common link is a Pleaidean vibration which is referred to in my manual. For a matter of record, I need to make it clear that this particular commentary has come from myself and not from Patrick or Helen. I have asked repeatedly for confirmation of the Seichim link to the Pleiades when passing attunements or in a similar energy state and have always received the confirmation. Kwan Yin carries the Pleaidean vibration and has always been with me in my energy work from the day I first received a Reiki attunement. She has repeatedly confirmed the link.


When I was developing my Blue Star manual, I was guided to go to the Egyptian Cartouche energies. I was shown how there was a hidden dimension to some of the energies of the Cartouche. These were star energies. My feeling is that one of the many directions in which our understanding of Helenís energies can follow in the future lies with the star energies and that Seichim and Sekhem are pieces in a much wider picture of star energies that some of the AncientEgyptians were working with. That however is work for the future.


For the present day, I would ask please that the lineage follow Helenís guidance on the Sirius connection with Sekhem. If you wish to refer to what I have said about Seichim and the Pleiades, it would be helpful to point that this came from me and is not part of the original teachings from Helen. You do not have to make reference to the Pleiades.





Distance attunements


I understand that comment has been made from within Helenís lineage about the appropriateness of passing attunements by distance, the view being that good attunements cannot be passed this way. My view on this is that it is not always possible to be present physically with somebody who needs to receive the energy. Also, the way that I pass attunements is to send the attunements to any aspect of the person in any time, place or dimension where it is appropriate to be received and to ask the Higher Beings working with me to be with the other aspects of the person elsewhere and to help with the attunement process there. Physical presence is not possible with all of this anyway.


I have had the experience of sending attunements over distance to people and they have worked.


I have had the experience of receiving attunements by distance. Some have worked, some have not. The ones that did not work came from people who I do not think prepared properly or did not put enough effort or intention into the job in hand or did not have the sensitivity to discern between the different energies they could channel. The issues there were probably more to do with the person passing the attunements rather than whether they were in person or by distance.


My guidance on distance attunements is that the best attunements will work when a proxy energy environment or energy bank has been created properly, when the healer has taken time to build up within himself / herself the maximum amount of the energy to be passed on as possible, where the healer has taken proper time and steps to connect to the person at the receiving end, and where the healer has built up as much intention as possible.If this is all done, then there should be no reason why a successful attunement cannot be passed over distance.††




My teaching structure


The teaching structure that I have developed for Helenís system is largely an extension of a traditional format except that it has a lot more detail. I have made my manuals very detailed for a number of reasons. Firstly, my intention is that if regulation comes to the energy healing sector in the UK and people who have learned with me are required to explain how they learned their trade, the manuals that they present from me will be of good standard and acceptable to the regulators. Secondly, it is often the case that students do not always practice immediately what they learn in class and their memory becomes a bit hazy about what they have learned when they come to practice it several months on. The detail in the manuals gives them the necessary instruction if they have forgotten. Thirdly, the manuals are written for distance learning where I am not talking or showing things to people face to face. There has to be adequate detail for this kind of learning.


The detail in the manuals is intended to be my way of focussing attention in the learning situation so that through me the student can get enough of an introduction to the energies and to develop sufficient relationship with the energies that they no longer have any need for me and so that the energies can take over as the true teachers. The structure is a tool and not an end in itself. In some other energy lineages, the teachings are very prescriptive and people are told what they can or cannot do with the energies. This is not my approach. It should not be construed that this is my approach because my manuals are very detailed. Once students in the lineage have worked through any manual content that has come from me, they are free to develop their own ways of working with the energies and if possible it would be helpful to share these with people so that we can all have a few more tools to work with. †††††





The website


I do not know how many people are in the lineage beneath me or where they are in the world. However, I hope that I will be able to reach some of the people through this posting.All are welcome to make contact with me. Also, if anybody has any experiences or comments about working with Helenís system that they would like to share with people, I would be happy to post them to this website. The Google search system seems to like websites which have a high information content and this website already comes up high in some of the search result rankings. The more information we can get on to the website, the more it will feature higher in the search engine results and the more we can reach out to people and share what we have.†††





Thank you.



24th November 2006