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Sekhem – USA Trademarking


This page is for people using the word Sekhem in the United States of America. The date of posting was December 2006 with the last update in October 2010.  This website also has separate pages relating to the trademarking of Sekhem in the European Union, Australia and in Hong Kong.  Click here for the European Union page, click here for the Australia page and click here for the Hong Kong page.  





Background to this page


In November 2006, I posted to this website a page regarding the successful application by Helen Belôt to trademark the name SEKHEM within the European Union. Helen Belôt is the Australian Energy Master who works with the Sekhem energy. That page contained passing references to the trademarking of Sekhem in Australia, the USA and Hong Kong also. I subsequently received e-mails from healers in some of these countries asking for further information so thought it appropriate to post to this website trademarking details for those countries.  


It would be helpful if readers of this page could read also the legal concepts outlined in the Notice for the European Union trademarking in case any might be relevant in the USA. 


The purpose of all the postings to this website regarding the trademarking of Sekhem around the world is to provide information and to give people affected by the trademarking some idea of the questions which they should be asking rather than try to give definitive position statements. Please note that I am not a qualified legal practitioner and people affected by the various trademarks should seek the appropriate legal advice for their individual situations.





The United States Patent and Trademark Office


The United States Patent and Trademark Office is the name of the United States Government organisation that has responsibility for the administration of patents, trade marks and copyright protection. The home page for its website is at http://www.uspto.gov/# .


Approval for the following Sekhem trademark was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2003 and was withdrawn in 2010. The reproduction below is the copyright of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and is posted to this website in accordance with its reproduction permissions. The trademark itself is not posted to this page as it is not part of the reproduction permission but is the same trademark as the Australian trademark #746809. Please click here to see it on the Notice for the Australian trademark.  



Word Mark



The English translation of "SEKHEM" is "spiritual powers or authority".

Goods and Services

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: health care services, namely, medical clinics, naturopathy, chiropractic, massage, emergency medical assistance, pharmacy consulting, physiotherapy, rest homes, sanitariums, and wound healing services. FIRST USE: 19951005. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19951005

Mark Drawing Code


Design Search Code

01.15.08 - Drops (rain, tear, etc.); Raindrops; Teardrops
11.03.10 - Paper plates, full; Plates, dinnerware, full
24.17.12 - Infinity symbols
26.01.02 - Circles, plain single line; Plain single line circles
26.05.02 - Plain single line triangles; Triangles, plain single line

Serial Number


Filing Date

April 20, 1998

Current Filing Basis


Original Filing Basis


Published for Opposition

December 25, 2001

Registration Number


Registration Date

July 15, 2003



Attorney of Record


Priority Date

October 21, 1997



Description of Mark

The stippling in the drawing is a feature of the mark and does not indicate color.

Type of Mark




Live/Dead Indicator




Trademark 75470001 was for a composite trademark. In simple terms, this means that the combination of the word SEKHEM together with the image is what was trademarked. No trademarking approval for the word SEKHEM or for the logo by themselves was implied. The trademarking approval was only for what is shown above.


Trademark rights in respect of the above were withdrawn on 20th February 2010.  The USA Patent and Trademark Office website advises that the trademark rights were cancelled because Helen Belôt did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8 of the USA trademark regulations. Under these regulations, holders of trademark rights are required to submit a return within a given period advising of the uses to which the trademark rights are being put. Helen Belôt failed to submit the necessary return within the required timescale and her trademark rights were withdrawn. Under the USA trademark regulations it will not be possible for her to reapply for the trademark rights and she has lost them in the USA for all time.  


It would be advisable for anybody in the United States of America using the word Sekhem to check with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that there are no other Sekhem related trademarks in existence.


As advised above, it would be helpful if readers of this page could read also the legal concepts outlined in the Notice for the European Union trademarking in case any might be relevant in the USA.





My Sekhem Lineage in the USA


The withdrawal of Helen Belôt’s trademark rights mean that people in my Sekhem lineage in the USA do not face any potential trademark related challenges in respect of the use of the name Sekhem.


Could they please note, however, that I no longer recognise the Diane Shewmaker or Wendi Robinson teaching lines under myself as being in the Helen Belôt lineage. The teachings about Helen’s Sekhem energy have been changed by them in such a way as to fail to confirm the existence of Helen’s Sekhem as a distinct energy in its own right.


The Sekhem in Helen Belôt’s Sekhem is not the same as the Sekhem in Diane Shewmaker’s SSR system and is not the same as Patrick Zeigler’s SKHM which he now calls Sekhem.


If anybody has any issues arising regarding the lack of recognition of the Diane Shewmaker or Wendi Robinson teaching lines under myself as being in the Helen Belôt lineage, could they please make contact with me.


Thank you.







Original date of posting : 15th December 2006

Last updated : 22nd October 2011