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September 2007 Newsletter


Welcome to the September 2007 newsletter. 


I hope that everybody had a good summer and that the remainder of 2007 will see successful achievements in whatever we have all been working on this year. 


October is going to be another month for good events so hopefully there will be something of interest for many readers below.


Thank you.



30th September 2007.  






Singing Bowls and Gongs Concert

Inside Out Retreats will be organising a Healing Sounds Concert with singing bowls and gongs in Richmond on the evening of Friday 5th October between 19.00 and 21.30. The cost will be 20 UK Pounds. Details can be found by clicking here or by phoning 020-8332 6566.  If you cannot make this concert, you may register for e-mail newsletter updates from Inside Out and be notified of future concert dates.




Healing and Spirituality Conference 2007

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers is holding a one day conference on Saturday 6th October at The Friends’ Meeting House near Euston Station. The theme will be Healing and Spirituality in the 21st Century and there will be a number of well known presenters, some of whom have been helping to take our kind of healing over in to mainstream healthcare environments.      The cost will be 70 UK Pounds.  Click here to find out more.





CamExpo London 2007

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Expo 2007 will be taking place at the ExCeL Centre in Docklands on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October. This will be more of a trade fair for practitioners in complementary and alternative therapies than a consumer orientated weekend. However, for practitioners looking for some fresh ideas for their work, the combination of stalls, workshops and seminars could provide some good inspiration. Click here to visit the Expo website. 





SKHM Course in Cornwall

Georgy is running another of her SKHM courses in Cornwall from Friday 5th October to Sunday 7th October. Georgy is a very experienced healer and channeller so her courses are well recommended for anybody interested in learning about the SKHM approach to energy work. Please click here to find out more. If you do not receive a prompt e-mail reply, please give Georgy a phone call. She is in the process of setting up a new computer and there might be a delay in replying to e-mails.





Crystals Fair

The Autumn Crystals Fair at Kempton Park will be held over the weekend of 27th and 28th October. Further details can be found at http://www.rockngem.co.uk/index.asp.


Details on how to get to Kempton by road or train can be found at www.kempton.co.uk. Trains to Kempton Park from Central London run from Waterloo up to twice an hour.  If you use crystals in healing work and have never visited the fairs at Kempton before, a visit is well worth while.

Kempton Park Racecourse, Staines Road East (A308), Sunbury on Thames. 






Mind Body Soul Exhibition

The annual Mind Body Soul Exhibitions will be held at Olympia as usual over the weekend of 27th and 28th October. This weekend will be a consumer orientated event rather than a trade fair like the one at ExCeL. As well as the usual array of exhibitor therapy and product offerings, there will also be a good variety of workshops and seminars. Click here to visit the Exhibition website.  





Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon is the internationally known author who has published his channellings from the Hathors and who works in the field of sound healing.  His website can be found by clicking here. Tom is in Europe at the moment on tour and will be holding workshops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain.  If anybody might be interested in attending, the tour schedule and contact details taken from Tom’s website are as follows:


Berlin, Germany. 12th to 14th October
Contact: info@earth-oasis-travel.de


Bavaria, Germany. 19th to 21st October
Contact: office@satjanas.net


Salzburg, Austria. 26th to 28th October
Contact: burgi.sedlak@prana.at


Zurich, near airport, Switzerland. 2nd to 4th November
Contact: info@conradorg.ch


Budapest, Hungary. 11th November
Contact: namastewerlove@yahoo.com


Malaga, Spain. 24th and 25th November
Contact: katejb@terra.es or katejbiss@hotmail.com 





Images of the Divine

An art exhibition by the name of ‘Images of the Divine’ with many representations of religious and spiritual subjects will be held at Orleans House Gallery from 6th October to 18th November.  The press release which was sent to me is below in the blue.



News Release

Images of the Divine

Orleans House Gallery

6 October - 18 November 2007

Religious and spiritual subjects have been central to western and non-western art since art began. Although marginalised by many formal 20th century modernist movements, the depiction of the sacred in secular and non-secular art has endured.

This multi-faith open exhibition brings together a variety of contemporary UK-based artists who directly explore the religious and spiritual in their work.

Images of the Divine juxtaposes traditional works, such as Christian religious icons, carving and mosaic, alongside abstract and contemporary work in media as diverse as painting, drawing, prints, photography, book art, comics, sculpture, installation and animation.

Practitioners include established artists such as renowned comic artist Bryan Talbot, alongside emerging new talent including Steve Frisby, Mark Finch and Victoria Burgher. Work by artists under the broad umbrella term of ‘outsider’ artist are on display, including work by visionaries Donald Pass, Joseph Parker and James Lancaster and psychic art by Madge Gill and Ian Doherty.

Exhibition Curator Mark De Novellis states “This complex, moving exhibition showcases artists’ creative and innovative approaches to the spiritual and religious; its enduring contemporary relevance and also aims to celebrate diversity in a multi-faith society.”

Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ.
Admission: Free
Tel: 020 8831 6000
galleryinfo@richmond.gov.uk <mailto:galleryinfo@richmond.gov.uk>; www.richmond.gov.uk/exhibitions <http://www.richmond.gov.uk/exhibitions>

Notes for Editors: Press are invited to the Private View on Wednesday 10th October, 6.00-8.00pm at Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ.

Artists: Over 30 artists including: The Angelus Workshop, David Bowman, Victoria Burgher, Ian Doherty, Derek Dodds, Steve Frisby, Carré Cooper Locke, Mark Finch, Madge Gill, Christine Heath, James Lancaster, Jane Maskew, Alex Musson, Christine Pakenham, Joseph Parker, Donald Pass, Delva Simunovic, Bryan Talbot, Camilla Panufnik, Victoria Vinader, Peter Webb, Roy Wicks.


Mark De Novellis
Curator of Exhibitions and Collections
Education and Children's Services

Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham, TW1 3DJ

Tel: 020 8831 6490
Email: m.denovellis@richmond.gov.uk





Training Manual Updates

On the Training Manuals page, I have uploaded the following updated files from Chapter 3 of my manuals. Although I have not yet had time to set up a Members Section on this website where manuals can be loaded securely and not be accessible by the general public, I am going to make a start anyway by uploading files which do not contain confidential material. There has not been significant change to the narrative within these files but there has been a lot of change to the graphics and pictures. So that I do not break any copyright rules by publishing electronically on my website, the original graphics and pictures have been replaced by graphics and pictures from Wikipedia, 3D Science, and Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body for which the copyright has expired. The range of graphics and pictures has been expanded. The files have been uploaded as Word documents so that the original formatting and positioning of images is available. My broader intention is that manuals will be loaded to my website so that people in the teaching lines under me can have an online manual resource and can find updates to my manuals easily. It will also help me to have easy online access to my manuals if I am teaching away from home.     


File xxxxx.chapter03.02.aboutus.skel.musc.nerv.resp – file about the skeleton, muscle, nerve and respiratory systems in the physical body. The file size is approximately 10MB so will take a minute or two to open on fast internet connections. This file will take a very long time to open on slow internet connections.


File xxxxx.chapter03.02.aboutus.blood.heart.lymph.digest.urinar – file about the blood, lymph, digestive and urinary systems in the physical body. The file size is approximately 8MB so will take a minute or two to open on fast internet connections. This file will take a very long time to open on slow internet connections.


The original files in Chapter 3 did not contain much by way of reference to enzymes. This was partly because standard medical texts do not seem to pay a lot of attention to enzymes. Although they are important players within the functioning of the human body, enzyme intake in our daily food seems to be low due to them getting damaged by temperatures on the cooking process. I have produced some commentary on them therefore which may be found on the following file.


File xxxxx.chapter03.06.b.enzymes.





The Raw Food School

The implication of what has been written in the Enzymes file above is that we should take some time to think about how we can increase our intake of enzymes in our daily diets. The obvious solution is to consider the amount of uncooked food that we eat or the warming of food to a temperature below that at which enzymes are destroyed by heat. There are obvious dangers with bacteria, viruses and parasites in raw meat and unpasteurised dairy products. There can be related issues arising with eating raw vegetables.  However, people taking their daily diet seriously might be interested of the work of the Raw Food School. Although based here in London, classes can be organised anywhere in the country if enough students can be found.  I have posted a page on the website about the School which can be found by clicking here.   





External Training and Client Support

As advised previously, it is helpful for us to have awareness of what support services are out in the wider world which might be helpful for some of the conditions which clients come to us about. In particular, although we can do good healing on emotional and mental issues, sometimes deep rooted trauma can benefit from professional counsellors experienced in specific areas. Sometimes our clients need help with specific life skills. I have, therefore, been undertaking research and talking to people in two key areas of suffering and have posted up pages about them on this website. The first is about Anger Management and the page about that can be found by clicking here.  The second is about Sexual Abuse and the page about that can be found by clicking here.





Sekhem Trademarking

When I made application to oppose Helen Belot’s trademarking of the word Sekhem, I advised the EU that I wished also to oppose any application to trademark the logo. The EU advised that no application had been made. Before posting a page to this website summarising what had happened with the trademarking, I tried to check on the EU website for any trademarks owned by Helen in addition to the word Sekhem. It was not possible to interrogate the OAMI database online by trademark owner so I undertook the same search on the UK Patents Office website and found nothing. However, it has come to light that the logo has been trademarked in the EU. Details can be found by clicking here and searching for trademark approval  #002006773. I have made comment at the top of the original page on my website that the logo has been trademarked. For the time being, I will leave this update at the top of the page so that anybody who visits the page from time to time can see it clearly. My apologies for the error on this matter.


Whilst writing about the Sekhem trademarking, I sent a letter to the EU in May 2006 asking for confirmation that what I have advised about upper and lower case issues is correct. I sent a chase up letter in March of this year as I had not heard from them. I have not received a reply to this letter either. I will write again for a third and final time and let people affected by the trademarking know what the outcome is. 






I have posted up a page giving details of where I have bought the acupuncture dolls and the large meridian / acupuncture posters that I use. I bought them at a Central London branch of Everwell who operate a large chain of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics here in England. If anybody is interested in buying some, your local branch might either stock them or be able to order some for you.  I have found the large posters that I mounted on the hardboards invaluable when doing distance healing and crystal grids. You can go to the page buy clicking here.






October Newsletter
The next newsletter will be posted towards the end of October.