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Sexual Abuse


The sexual abuse of children and teenagers is one of the hidden secrets of many societies including the UK. The full extent of this abuse is not generally understood because it happens behind closed doors and because it is often not reported. Often the abuse is committed by somebody very close to a child such as an immediate family member or a close friend of the family. Whilst the child might not be able to conceptualise the impact of what is happening at the time, abuse has a number of facets such as breach of trust, invasion of personal space, loss of normal relationships with family members, fear, emotional withdrawal, etc., which can all be carried forward into adult life and which can affect adversely behavioural patterns there. The issues arising might not only be the physical act of abuse but might also be related to other family members who do not listen to the complaints of the child or who know about the abuse and allow it to continue.


This page has been put on my website as part of the information resource I am trying to build. There is a section for victims of sexual abuse and for those connected with them and another for energy healers who try to help them.






For victims

Energy healers have a role to play in supporting healing for victims of sexual abuse. If the victim is able to work through feelings and memories with the healer and has enough intention to work through the past into a brighter future, then the healer and the healing energies will be able to make a difference by taking away the pain of bad memories. Different healers have different sets of skills and healing experiences. Also, they work with different energies which have different characteristics. The healing experience will vary, therefore, between healers. For example, healers who are also trained in counselling will be able to bring good counselling support into the healing situation. Some healers might have received counselling training specifically designed for sexual abuse situations and will know the areas in which to try to help and to guide you. Other healers might be very psychic and be able to feel or to see where the energy of the events and memories are locked into the victimís energy field and physical body, and will know where to focus their healing attention. It would be advisable, therefore, for anybody who is a victim of sexual abuse and who is considering energy healing sessions as part of their healing process to phone around several healers to discuss their situation and to find out what different energy healers might be able to do to help before deciding who to visit. Any sexual abuse victim who is not sure what happens in an energy healing session will find out a bit more about this on this website by clicking on the Healing Sessions link on the link bar at the top of this page.


Whilst energy healers can generally facilitate good emotional and mental healing, victims of sexual abuse will have different ways of working through what has happened to them and will have a range of support needs. Below, therefore, are some good organisations which are not connected to energy healing who might be able to help as well. They all offer confidential services and contact details are given. Please note that telephone lines might not be manned for 24 hours a day or might be very busy so if you cannot get through the first time, please try again later in the day.




One in Four

It is estimated that around one in four children or teenagers in the UK experience sexual abuse, hence the name of this charity.One in Four is based in London but through a telephone support line is able to support victims throughout the UK. The charity is run by people who have been victims of sexual abuse themselves so they will have some idea of the situations that some of the people calling them will be in. They provide an advocacy service which means working through with the victim what sort of help the victim needs and then finding and arranging the services needed. They also provide counselling services to help victims work through how they feel and are behaving because of the abuse. These services are available for people who have suffered abuse in the past as well as young people suffering abuse now.†††


Website : http://www.oneinfour.org.uk

E-mail :admin@oneinfour.org.uk

Telephone : 020 8697 2112       

Address : 219 Bromley Road, Bellingham, London, SE6 2PG




National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC)

NAPAC is a small charity established to help people to take control of their recovery and healing from childhood abuse and provides information, contacts and publications so that victims know what resources are available to help them. NAPAC does not provide counselling services or direct support services itself but acts as an information centre.


Website : http://www.napac.org.uk

Support Line Telephone : 0800 085 3330




NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)

Any adults who might be concerned that a child is being abused may ring the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline Service on 0800-800 5000 for advice. People with hearing difficulties may use the textphone service on 0800 056 0566.

The Helpline Service is manned by trained child protection officers who will be able to talk you through the situation and work through with you how best to tackle the situation.

The NSPCC website is at http://www.nspcc.org.uk/default.html.

The e-mail helpline is at help@nspcc.org.uk

Obviously, the police should be contacted if a child is likely to be in immediate danger.





ChildLine is an NSPCC Service providing a free telephone helpline for children and young people who are experiencing problems in life including sexual abuse.The helpline is manned by staff with counselling training and who understand the issues of young people. Alternatively, Childline may be contacted by writing to them at a Freepost address which means no stamps required.††††


The Childline website is at http://www.childline.org.uk.


The helpline number is 0800 1111


The Freepost address is ChildLine, FREEPOST NATN1111, London E1 6BR.






For energy healers

If you find that you have a number of clients coming to you who have suffered sexual abuse and are seeking healing for this or if this is an area that you would like to specialise in, please be aware that clients might be suffering from a range of conditions that are very specific to this form of abuse. Usually energy healers are able to interact with clients because the clients have reasonable awareness of their emotional issues. If sexual abuse took place at a young age, however, a common response can be for the mind and emotions to block out memories and feelings about what took place. This means that in the present day a victim might not have full recall of what happened because deep trauma is being blocked out. Additionally, if sexual abuse took place within the family home, a victim might not have any experience or understanding of human behaviour outside of the home so will not be sure about what behaviour within the home is acceptable and what should not be taking place. Additionally, victimsmight not be able to recognise that aspects of their own behaviour such as feeling useless, feeling responsible for what happened, having low self esteem, unable to relate lovingly to people, etc., are in need of healing because they will have behaved like this for so long that they do not realise that there is any other way to be. It is helpful, therefore for healers to have some understanding of all the behavioural and healing issues that arise with people who have suffered sexual abuse so that they can be ahead of the client if there is a need to be.†††††


There is a wide range of publications about the effects of sexual abuse and the impact upon behavioural patterns, written both from a factual point of view and orientated towards therapists helping the emotional recovery of victims. Any energy healer dealing with sexual abuse clients might find it very helpful to do some browsing or to make enquiries at some of the large bookstores to find something relevant to their work.


Additionally, here in the London area, it is possible to attend courses developed for people involved in therapy work who have sexual abuse victims as clients. These are not formal counselling courses leading to professionally recognised qualifications but are affordable practical short courses and workshops which focus immediately on the key issues for victims.





CityLit is an Adult Education College based in Covent Garden. The College offers a course called Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.The home page of the CityLit website is at http://www.citylit.ac.uk/. You can find details of the course by typing Sexual Abuse into the search box.




The Skills Development Service

The Skills Development Service arrange a wide range of training courses around the country and from time to time hold courses calledSkills for Working with Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse.The website is at http://www.skillsdevelopment.co.uk with course details at http://www.skillsdevelopment.co.uk/seminars.php?courseid=40




Whilst energy healers should be able to deal with emotions and memories from an energy point of view, the healing and recovery process for victims who experienced severe trauma in their early years might need to be very wide and to include behavioural development in areas such as interpersonal skills, relationships skill, assertiveness skills, personal self esteem, etc.. It is helpful, therefore, for energy healers to have some awareness of where their contribution in helping a client has its limits and where the client needs to seek additional help from other appropriate professionals and to direct the client to them if appropriate.†††††






Posted 30th September 2007