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Site Map


This is the site map page for www.healingenergies-at-londonwest.com. 


The site is in the process of being restructured and reformatted, due to which around half of its content is offline at present.


It is likely to be early 2015 before all the work on the site is completed, at which time this page will be updated to provide a directory of every page on the site. Until that time, could visitors please read the general overview of the site given below.


If visitors come across any links between pages or within pages that do not appear to work, it would be appreciated if you could let me know.


It is possible that you might not be able to view this site with its correct formatting if your computer is working with certain browser packages or operating system platforms such as Ubuntu, Linux and older versions of Opera. If you have problems viewing this website, please try to view through an Internet Express, Firefox or Chrome browser if possible and on a Microsoft Windows operating system platform.   


Thank you.








This website has been structured to have eight main sections. Navigation around the site is achieved by returning to the top of each page and clicking on the various headers. The ‘This site’ headers take visitors to the initial pages of the main sections of the website.  The ‘This page’ headers either take visitors to different sections of the page being visited or give some general comment about the page below.


About Us   This section gives an overview of our energy fields.


Treatments   This section gives details of what happens during an energy treatment session and how to make a booking.


The Energies   This section gives details of some of the energies that I work with.


Training Courses  This section gives details of training in the energies which are available from myself. It is also being developed to include details of training courses offered by other healers which are not available from myself and also to include details of personal development and life skills workshops offered by other organisations which may be helpful to both students and clients.


Training Manuals  This section is being developed to give details of the contents of my training manuals together with a password controlled Members’ Area for people who have trained with me or are in the various teaching lines downwards from myself. The Members Area will give access to my online training manuals. Any updates to files in my training manuals which do not contain sensitive information will be posted in the public area of this section.


Information Centre  This section is being developed to give a lot of information on various healing, spiritual and metaphysical subjects. It will also contain Information and Guidance Notices for people who have learned energies with me and for people further down the teaching lines from myself.


Newsletters  My monthly newsletters are posted to this section.


Members  This was the Members Area with controlled access to training manuals that was closed following the revelations about British and American internet hacking and spying.


Events  Forthcoming events are listed on the home page and also in the Training Courses and Information Centre sections as appropriate.  







Date of posting : 22nd June 2013