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 SKHM Workshops


SKHM is an energy training modality developed by Patrick Zeigler who is also the Head of Lineage for Seichim.


Most of us are accustomed to being taught a new energy in a very structured way and for it to be passed to us by our teacher. SKHM is taught in a different way and not in the style of a traditional attunement workshop. SKHM workshops create the environment in which energies flow in freely and can be received by the participants direct and not through the teacher. The energies raised in SKHM workshops facilitate healing amongst the participants. Sometimes participants receive spontaneous initiations into the energies. Some people have had significant experiences at these workshops.





What happens in an SKHM Workshop?


An SKHM workshop starts with a meditation to bring all the energies into our heart centres and opening our hearts.  The purpose of the meditation is to reconnect our hearts with the world all around and to enter into the ‘state of the heart’ –  a state of consciousness where a person is actively feeling the sensation of strong love for everything all around and of being reconnected to everything in the universe.


Once the energies are flowing, it is time for the work to start. These workshops can be used for a number of purposes. They are good if somebody needs to be healed of something. They are good for doing inner meditation and developing awareness. They are good for receiving initiations from Source and for receiving information psychically. They are good for entering different states of consciousness. What happens in these workshops can depend upon what energies the participants bring to the workshop and can be flexed according to the needs of the participants.


A state of ‘just being’ is often experienced for many days afterwards where the mind and emotions are completely still. After the workshop it feels as if the healing energies are flowing through you more strongly. Healers will find this when healing others.    


These workshops are different to workshops for specific energies like Reiki in that a specific energy is not being passed from teacher to student. The focus is much more upon members of a group working together and the structure for these workshops is much looser than for a traditional energy workshop. It is connecting directly with the energies of Heaven and Earth.





SKHM Workshops held by Georgy


SKHM Workshops are held in Cornwall on a regular basis throughout the year by Georgy.


Georgy’s workshops are usually held over a long weekend and with the following format.  Day 1 of the workshop is an intensive day bringing in and receiving the energies.   Day 2 is a processing day  away from the workshop, on the beach or at the "Lost Gardens of Heligan", or wherever participants feel they would like to be, so they can have their own space to work with the energies from the previous day and can start to integrate them. Day 3 is a day of working together back in the group. Any healing that is needed can take place during Day 3 and further profound work takes place. Georgy’s particular focus for her workshops is the receiving of initiations and the receiving of whatever each individual needs at the time for their highest good.


Georgy has trained in the healing energies with both Kathleen Milner (Head of the Tera-Mai ™ Lineage) and with Patrick Zeigler, and in the past has been involved with arranging for both Kathleen and Patrick to visit the UK.  She is an approved SKHM teacher.


Georgy currently receives channelled information on a regular basis from the Higher Beings and some of this is incorporated into her SKHM Workshops. She was shown more effective ways of working with the energy of the planet beneath us which she shows to participants in her workshops. She was also initiated into a silver and gold stranded vibration of the Seichem energy and she passes attunements to this energy in her SKHM weekends. 


If you might be interested in attending one of Georgy’s workshops, her contact details are:


E-mail:  healingsthatwork@tiscali.co.uk


    Telephone:  01726 – 844362