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Slide Shows


Over the years, I have been e-mailed many slide show presentations of aspects of our planet and the life forms on it.


These are so beautiful that I decided to post some of them up to my website.


It is likely that many of the photos have been taken by professional photographers. If posting these presentations creates any breach of copyright, I will take off my website if the copyright owner contacts me.


If you have been having s stressful day at work with difficult colleagues or customers or if you have been having a difficult day at home with the children or your husband or wife playing up, fifteen to twenty minutes spent watching these presentations on your computer screen without any other distractions should work as a kind of meditation and should help to calm your mind and emotions and help you to regain your own sense of personal space and balance.


These presentations will also be good for city people as a kind of healing to help regain the energetic connection with our planet. Here in the built up area of London most of us get really disconnected from the planet.  


The presentations will also be good for people here in London to lift our spirits as we go through the usual damp, cold and overcast winters that we get here.


These slide shows have been created using Microsoft Powerpoint software.


I have amended these shows so that each slide will present for somewhere between 9 and 12 seconds. Most of the presentations will last for several minutes so are best suited for viewers with fast internet connections. Even on fast internet connections it could take a minute or two for the presentations to download to your computer. It could then take another minute or so for your computer’s virus software to check for viruses.


These presentations will take a very long time to download using slow speed internet connections.


They are viewed best in full screen mode. You should be able to get full screen mode by right clicking on your mouse or through one of the view options on the tool bar at the top of your computer screen.


The presentations have been set up to ‘loop’. This means that when a presentation has finished, it will start again automatically and will continually replay itself until you decide to end it. Please press the escape key on your keyboard to close the presentations.    


Please click on the presentation names below to go the presentations.




A Bouquet of Quotes

This is a small presentation of scenes from around the world with some ‘thought of the day’ meditation type quotes.



A Bouquet of Quotes without Quotes

This is the same series of slides as above except that the quotes have been deleted and the slide show is of the scenes from the natural world only. 




This is a large presentation of scenes from Africa which shows the immense variety of life forms and physical features together with the influence of the human race.  




This is a large presentation of stunning scenes from the continent of Antarctica.



Aurora Borealis

The phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is caused by the emission of photons of light resulting from the collisions between the ions of the solar wind and atoms and molecules in the atmosphere. The photons of light create bands and curtains of light in the atmosphere, often following energy lines in the surface of the planet. These bands and curtains are constantly fluctuating and moving. This phenomenon occurs in the Arctic polar area but can also be seen at a distance from the north of Scotland. A similar phenomenon occurs also in the polar area of Antarctica.   



Australia’s Wave Clouds

This is a presentation of Australia’s famous wave clouds which can stretch for up to 1000 kilometres. If weather conditions are stable, these clouds form at the start of each new day in the Gulf of Carpentaria when moisture laden air masses of different temperatures meet.



Cactus in Bloom

This is a presentation of cacti in flower.




This is a small presentation of scenes of caves from around the world.




This is a presentation of slides showcasing 19 different areas of China. The areas represented are:


1.  The cliff road into Guoliang, Henan


2.  Bayanbulak prairie, Xinjiang


3.  Suchuan moso bamboo plantation, Chengdu 


4.  Kiukiang, Zhejiang


5.  Lanxi Zhuge Bagua Village, Zhejiang, constructed in the style of the Eight Diagrams military battle lineup devised by the politician and military strategist Zhu Geliang. Built as a village for his descendants to live in.  


6.  Jiangxi    


7.  The Jiulong (nine dragon) waterfall in Luoping


8.  Taoist Incense Burner Temple on the Yellow River in Shaanxi


9.  The Yellow River at Laoniuwan, Shanxi.


10. Swans at the nature reserve at Dalinuo'er Lake, Chifeng


11. Xinjiang standing grain wood     Wooden village, Xinjiang


12. Qianxinan Maling River Canyon, Guizhou


13 Aershan, Inner Mongolia


14. Zhejiang      


15. Memorial arches,  Anhui Tang


16. Mt. Sanqing, Jiangxi


17. Golden Beach, Changli, Hebei,                 


18. Red beach, Liaoning, Panjing. The plants living on these mudflats turn red during their growing season, giving the appearance of a red beach  


19. Inner Mongolia




This is a presentation of scenes from around the world with the emphasis on the different colours found in nature.



Iguazu Falls

This is a presentation of aerial scenes of the Iguazu Falls and the surrounding area. The Falls are a series of waterfalls found along the River Iguazu between the borders of Argentina and Brazil, close also to the border with Paraguay. Iguazu is a Guarani Indian word meaning ‘big water’.  There are 275 waterfalls along a 2.7km stretch of the river. The National Parks in both Argentina and Brazil through which the River Iguazu flows have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Iguazu Falls and the Iguazu National Parks are major tourist destinations.


In the early slides, the helicopter flies over the junction between the Parana and Iguazu rivers, over the Friendship Bridge linking Brazil and Paraguay near the city of Foz do Iguaçu, and the Itaipu Dam which was built to provide hydro-electric power.



Iguazu Falls without captions

This is the same series of slides as above except that the captions have been deleted and the slide show is of the scenes only. 




This is a small presentation of nature scenes with some ‘thought of the day’ meditation type quotes.



Life without Quotes

This is the same series of slides as above except that the quotes have been deleted and the slide show is of the scenes from the natural world only. 




This presentation contains many pictures of the Moon with different foreground and background subjects. It is possible that some of the pictures are not 100% genuine and have been modified with photo editing software. 



Nature Scenes 1

This is a presentation of scenes about the natural world.



Nature Scenes 2

This is a further presentation of scenes about the natural world.




Petra is the world famous ancient city in Jordan that was created by carving into rock. It was founded around the sixth century BC by the Nabataean people and is situated on the slope of Mount Hor in the large valley that runs from the Dead Sea down to the Gulf of Aqaba. The Nabataean people developed ways of capturing and storing the irregular and limited rainfall in the area, without which Petra could not have functioned as a centre of population.


Petra is located on many of the ancient trade routes to Gaza, Bosra, Damascus, Aqaba and to the Persian Gulf. The Nabataeans earned their great wealth by offering protection to the trade caravans passing through the area. In Kate Humble’s travel documentary on the BBC about the ancient frankincense trade routes in this part of the Middle East she advised that the Nabataeans made their fortune by offering protection for the frankincense trade caravans travelling north from the bottom of Arabia. Historians believe that Petra flourished up to around the third or fourth century AD when increases in sea borne trade and a local earthquake which damaged the water capture infrastructure triggered the start of its decline.


The Petra area is supposed to be where Moses struck the rock with his staff, from which water started to flow, and is the burial place of his brother Aaron.


Petra has been a World Heritage Site since 1985 and is the main tourist destination in Jordan.


The commentary that has been added to the presentation in is Lithuanian.    



Philosophy for old age

This slide show is a series of observations with humour about the western attitude to age from the American comedian George Carlin (12th May 1937 to 22nd June 2008) set against scenes from the natural world. The theme of the scenes is reflections (as in reflections in water) which is intended to be in empathy with our reflections upon ageing as we follow George’s observations.



Philosophy for old age without quotes

This is the same series of slides as above except that the observations have been deleted and the slide show is of the scenes from the natural world only. 



Puyehue Volcanic Eruption

This is a series of slides of the June 2011 Puyehue volcanic eruption in Chile. The photos were taken by Elsa Jock.



Scenes from around the World

This is a presentation of scenes from around the world.



Snow Scenes

This is a presentation of snow related scenes from around the world. 



The Simple Life

This is a presentation of slides of animals and scenes from around the world. 



Tibetan Landscape Scenes

This is a presentation of landscape scenes from around Tibet. 




This is a presentation from The One Style Tour company at http://travel.theonestyle.com/villa.asp. It shows scenes from the cruises offered by this company that take in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay off the northern coast of Vietnam which is famous for its 1600 or so limestone pillar islands and for its boat people who live their lives on their boats. The beautiful pictures show not just the Bay but also the world famous Sung Sat Cave, Ngoc Vung island beach and the Bai Chay resort area before hotel and restaurant scenes from Hanoi. The pdf flier for the cruise may be found by clicking here.  



45 Lessons in Life

This is a presentation of snow scenes together with some ‘thought of the day’ philosophical meditation type quotes.



45 Lessons in Life without Captions

This is the same series of slides as above except that the quotes have been deleted and the slide show is of the snow scenes only.