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Spectrum Wellbeing – Energy Products Online


Spectrum Wellbeing has been a supplier of healing and spiritual products for many years. I first knew the owner of the business, Martin, in 1997.


This page gives details of some of the products for sale in the online Spectrum Wellbeing Shop which I use in my training courses.


Spectrum Wellbeing offers a wide range of other products which make great presents for people.


Please use the headers in blue at the top of the page to go direct to the section that you need if you have come to this page to find anything in particular.





About Spectrum Wellbeing

The founders of Spectrum Wellbeing are energy healers. The retail operation was developed initially to carry a range of products that healers would find useful to buy.  The product range has evolved subsequently to include a wide range of items such as wooden Buddhas, wind chimes, rainsticks, incense, mood rings, Angel products, cards, ritual bells, essential oil burners, etc., and the business is now operated as an online Shop.  A number of Fairtrade items are included in the product range.


Items purchased can be posted or shipped all over the world.  As Spectrum Wellbeing is a family run business, friendly personal service is given. If you need information about any of the products for sale or need guidance on matters such as shipping, you are welcome to contact Spectrum Wellbeing by phone, fax or e-mail. 


Contact details are:



64 Eastcourt Avenue,




RG6 1HH,

United Kingdom.


Telephone and fax :  0118-926 8149    +44-118-926 8149


Website : http://www.spectrumwellbeing.co.uk

Email : contact@spectrumwellbeing.co.uk



Although not geared up to handle very large wholesale orders, Spectrum Wellbeing will fulfil smaller sized wholesale orders in addition to the standard retail offering in the Online Shop. Please enquire about wholesale purchases.


The Spectrum Wellbeing Online Shop accepts credit card payments on a secure server.







Spectrum Wellbeing carry a wide range of crystals including points, clusters, tumblestones, natural specimens and polished crystal shapes.


The owners of the business have many years’ experience of packing customers’ crystals so that they do not get damaged in the post. You can place your orders with confidence that they will reach you in good condition.  


I include some simple crystal healing in all of my teaching courses and I have found all of the techniques that I use to be helpful in the healing situation. If you need a set of clear quartz crystals to work with the antahkarana healing grids that we cover in the courses, Spectrum Wellbeing will be able to help you. If you also need some larger lumps of crystals to build the energy pyramids that I show you, you are welcome to make enquiries for anything that you would like but cannot find in the Online Shop.   


Spectrum Wellbeing will be able to help with the smaller singing crystals that I use for the meridian grids.





Crystal Pendants

I usually use crystal pendants to take readings of the energy fields of people I am working with. I find it quite helpful to obtain visible indications of what is going on in a person’s energy field to support any intuitive or psychic perceptions about the energy field. Sometimes, it is helpful for a person receiving a healing session to see what a crystal pendant is indicating about their energy field as it helps them to engage in the healing process.  


Pendants made from various crystals are included in the Spectrum Wellbeing product range. If you are looking for a pendant made from a particular crystal which you cannot see on the website, you are welcome to enquire about availability.    




Crystal Bowls

In all energy healing courses that I hold I give a brief demonstration of how crystal bowls may be brought into the healing environment.


Crystal bowls are made from highly purified quartz powder which is fused together into physical shape at high temperature.  There are different sorts of crystal bowls and they are made using different processes.


Each quartz bowl comes with a rubber ring. When a bowl is placed on its rubber ring, it is played by running a suede or wooden stick around the outside rim. The energy of the friction between the stick and the surface of the bowl is released from the bowl as sound.  


The quartz crystal in the bowls has balanced electrical and magnetic properties and balanced elemental properties of earth, air, fire and water. The quartz may be infused with any of the healing energies and symbols before being played. Different sizes of bowl create different musical pitches so it is possible to buy several bowls all with different musical pitches which will resonate with the differing energy frequencies of the various human chakras. When played, the bowls will release into the healing environment the energy of the quartz, any healing energies and symbols that have been infused into the bowls, and the musical pitch of the bowl. 


The bowls need to be treated gently to prevent them shattering. Provided that they are treated with respect, they should have a long life. 


The Spectrum Wellbeing website gives further information about the bowls.


Those people who go on to teach the energies and who have the space to keep a number of crystal bowls might like to buy a set.



Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted quartz crystal singing bowls are the most common type of crystal bowl and are so named because of their translucent rather than transparent appearance. This type of bowl was developed for growing quartz crystals to be made into silicon chips. Absolute purity and cleanliness are essential for this so the quartz powdered used for making these bowls is highly purified - only a few parts per million of impurities are allowable.

The bowls are made using a carbon mould. This is spun and a metal arm follows the shape of the mould a few millimetres from the inside surface. Quartz powder is poured in to the rotating mould. Electricity causes an arc to jump to the mould and the heat from this fuses together the particles of quartz to form the bowl. This is all done in an enclosed computer controlled machine. The crystal bowl is removed from the mould when it has cooled and the top rim is cut to height. Looking at frosted bowls you can see the graininess on the outside caused by the small pieces of quartz used in its construction. The inside of the bowl has a smoothed and polished appearance caused by the electric arc. Frosted bowls are in larger sizes from about 10 inches (30cm) upwards.

The bowls are generally played with a rubber ball stick and a ring is used to hold them steady as the base is rounded. The playing stick and ring can be seen in this photo. Please click here to read the usage guidelines for these bowls on the Spectrum website.



Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Clear quartz crystal singing bowls are made from pieces of clear quartz tubing. A length of tubing is cut and fitted on a lathe. As the lathe slowly turns burners heat the quartz so that the shape of the crystal singing bowl is formed. This is a highly skilled process. Clear bowls are played with a different kind of rubber ball stick shown in the photo which uses much harder rubber than for the frosted bowls. Like the frosted bowl it sits on a rubber ring (not illustrated) to keep it steady and to make it easier to play.




Quartz Crystal Practitioner Bowls

The photograph shows a Quartz Crystal Practitioner Bowl upside down. It is a clear singing bowl mounted on a tube handle. The handle is welded to the clear bowl. Other producers of practitioner bowls have had problems caused by a weakness where the heat used to weld the handle has set up a stress causing breakages to happen. Spectrum Wellbeing’s manufacturer has perfected this process and removes the stresses after the welding.

Practitioner bowls are played by holding the handle in one hand and using a hard rubber ball stick (illustrated in the clear bowl picture above) to produce the sound. Obviously no rubber ring is needed.








Singing Bowls

Spectrum Wellbeing stock a range of high quality metal Tibetan singing bowls as shown on the left which are produced in Nepal. When a playing stick is run along the outside rim of the bowl, the energy of the friction between the stick and the surface of the bowl is released from the bowl as sound. As with the crystal bowls, the singing bowls may be infused with any of the healing energies and symbols before being played. When played, the bowls will release into the healing environment any healing energies and symbols that have been infused into the bowls and the sound of the bowl. The Tibetan bowls supplied by Spectrum Wellbeing are hand beaten and produce more complex notes than hand made bowls. These bowls are sold be weight and a good selection of stock is usually carried.   



The small Japanese style Tibetan singing bowls shown on the right are also supplied. These are in the style of bowls used in some Japanese temples.  They are made in Nepal and are supplied in a box complete with a quilted mat for the bowl to stand on and a playing stick. They are available in two sizes. These produce a good clear sound and make nice gifts.


A playing stick is provided with each singing bowl purchased.  Playing sticks are also available for purchase separately.



The note and tone of some bowls may be changed by putting in a little water and then playing the bowl. Gently swirling the water around as the bowl is played produces interesting effects. It is best to use spring or bottled water when doing this.



The bowls may be held in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips when being played. Alternatively, Spectrum Wellbeing supply special Tibetan bowl cushions as shown in the photo. The cushions are made from brocade fabric in various sizes, colours and patterns. The bowls are placed in the indented centre which holds the bowl securely but does not inhibit the resonance when it is played. Not all suppliers of these bowls stock these cushions and they are not easy to find in the UK. They are very beautiful so also make good presents for people who have these singing bowls.






Gift Ideas

Spectrum Wellbeing also have a range of other products which are ideal for gifts. The selection below is just a small sample. There are products suitable for both adults and children.  If you are looking for a present with a difference, you will probably find it in the Online Shop. Bookmark the Shop also for those times when you are need some inspiration to find a present.



Turquoise Beads Necklace
Hanging turquoise beads on a copper

chain produced by an Indian Fair Trade

supplier, Tara Projects, based in New








Leaf Mood Pendant

This mood leaf changes colour according to your mood. It is on a choker  length black thong with a short section of metal chain and a catch at the back. The total length of the thong and chain is adjustable from 34 to 40cm (13 to 16 inches). Do not get wet.






Soapstone Carved Sitting Buddha 13cm

Soapstone Carved Sitting Buddha about 13cm (5 inches) high and weighing about 360g (13 oz). These are produced in India and as they are individually carved they can vary slightly in details of the design and colour of the stone.






Green Frog Wood Guiro
Handmade wooden Frog Guiro and playing stick. Made from one piece of wood. Approx 4" long and 2 " high. The stick can be slid into the mouth for storage. Running the stick up the frog's back produces realistic frog sounds. Ideal as a present with a difference for a child.







Pair of Wooden Hooting Owls

One large and one small handmade wooden Hooting Owl. The large owl is approx and 5" high and 3" across. The small owl is approx 3" high and 1 1/2" across. To make the owls hoot, blow into the slot on the top of the head. The smaller owl has a higher pitch. Both make an extremely realistic hooting sound.






Dichroic Glass Pendant

Dichroic glass is made with thin layers of metal oxides deposited on glass. This gives an effect of showing two colours simultaneously as some frequencies of light pass through and others are reflected. This effect changes as the piece is rotated or moved so makes beautiful jewellery. Sterling silver is used to make the attachment pieces for the pendants and all are supplied on 16 inch  sterling silver chains.  Unique pieces – each one is different






Carved Soap Stone Circular Box

Beautifully carved and polished circular box with a deeply and intricately carved lift off lid. The sides are also carved. The box weighs about 200g (7 oz) and is 75mm diameter x 35mm high (3 x 1.6 inches). As these boxes are made from natural soap stone the colours can vary slightly. Made in India.








Carved Stone Essential Oil Burner

Beautifully carved and polished soapstone essential oil burner. The large hole in the side allows a T light candle to be inserted. The sides of the burner are pierced . The top section lifts off and is lined with a brass bowl. This can be filled with water and a few drops of an essential oil. The heat from the candle evaporates the oil to add ambience to a room. Ideal for meditation and healing. Please note that as these are produced from a natural material colours can vary. About 3.5 inches (9cm) tall and weighing about

10oz (280g).




Line of 5 Carved Elephants

Five carved elephants mounted on a stone base. These are beautifully carved and polished in India from soapstone and are mounted on a polished soapstone base. They are about 7 inches (18cm) long and weigh about 9 oz (240g). Please note that as these are produced from a natural material colours can vary.







Soapstone Elephant Incense Ash Catcher

Soapstone ash catcher with a number of carved and polished elephants around a circular centre piece with four holes for holding incense sticks. The ash catcher is on a circular soapstone base standing on three small feet. As these are made from natural materials colours can vary. Diameter about 7.5cm (3 inches) and weight around 200g

(7 oz).












      Date of posting : 27th April 2007