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The Linksclan International Healers Association


There are a lot of committed people doing good things in the healing sector. I am putting details of what they do into my Information Centre so that people visiting this website can read about them.  


This page is about The Linksclan International Healers Association which probably has the largest affiliate membership of all the healing associations in the world. It has been posted so that people can find out about the Association and join if they would like to.







There are many information and forum organisations on the internet which are available as resources for healers.  One of the best is Linksclan which is based here in England.


Anne Mackriell, the founder of Linksclan, received guidance to start a membership organisation for healers and launched The Linksclan International Healers Association in November 2002. The Linksclan has both individuals and healing organisations as members. There is currently an affiliated membership of over a million healers if all the individual members of the member healing organisations are counted in. The membership covers the complete range of healing modalities including Aromatherapy, Reiki, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Spiritual Healers and Churches, etc..


The Linksclan was established to provide a vehicle through which healers could come together to find and to share information, to read about the healing experiences of other people, to make new contacts, to have discussions with others, to be found when healing is needed and so on.


The way in which The Linksclan works is that members send to Linksclan the information that they wish to share or feel is important for other people to know about. Linksclan then sends out this information to the membership by way of regular e-mails which also include requests for prayers and distance healing to be sent to individual people around the world. In this way, the e-mail system is used as the equivalent of a bulletin board.   


The Linksclan website has a Forum section where it is possible to ask other members about healing related matters and to post information that would be helpful to others.  The Forum also offers an opportunity to make social contacts and new friends with kindred spirits.


Should there ever be a need for energy work at a planetary level, The Linksclan membership is now so large that it should be able to raise an enormous amount of spiritual energy if needed.  





Mission Statement


Anne posted the following commentary on the Linksclan website when she started Linksclan.


‘When I was first asked to establish The Linksclan I did not visualise the truly international flavour and sphere of contact it would develop.

The original concept was perceived for "The L.I.H.A." to act as a catalyst. A conduit through which members both individuals and groups could establish and develop mutually beneficial and supportive relationships. It was envisaged it would be a watershed to which all could come and seek additional support for those in need of healing and guidance.

It is the mission of the "The L.I.H.A." to encourage the membership to develop and strengthen the bonds of union and mutual development. Some may from time to time choose to plough their own furrow on their own – and we wish them well, but the doors of "The L.I.H.A." will always be open.

The international community of healers is a disparate one. In some countries well organised and focused, in some organisation is perhaps a little casual. This does not decry the amazing work they all do. Their dedication to the sick is legendary. Their dedication to the development of their communication skills with their guides and angels is without equal. Their dedication and allegiance to and recognition of the “One True God” (however we each name Him) is without question – and accepted.

It is the mission of "The L.I.H.A." to encourage the highest standards of integrity and professionalism

Whether you are in the UK, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Dubai, South Africa, Ireland or the other one hundred and twenty countries where members have contacts and influence – there is a need. The time is approaching when the need for the united and combined energies of "The L.I.H.A." will be crucial. "The L.I.H.A." has access to massive levels of spiritual energy and resources. It must be ready.

It is the mission of "The L.I.H.A" when that day arrives to have done everything possible to have developed a cohesive and unified international consortium of healers and to have undertaken with all due reverence the bidding of its spiritual guides and angels.’







Insurance at discounted rates is available for healers who are members of the Linksclan 





To join


Membership is open to all genuine healers working with any of the various methods of healing and is free (no charge).


If you would like to join, please write to Linksclan using the e-mail link below and ask to be put on its e-mail list.  Linksclan looks forward to hearing from you and to welcome you to The Linksclan.





Contact Details


The Linksclan contact details are as follows:


Website : http://thelinksclan.webs.com/


E-mail : alternativehealers@thelinksclaninternationalhealersassociation.net





Anne Mackriell


Sadly Anne is no longer with us as she passed away in May 2012.  All the years that I knew her, she suffered from health problems, in particular cancer.  More than once she was able to beat the cancer away which she put down to the power of prayer and healing from above.







Original date of posting : 24th December 2007


Updated : 21st August 2012