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The Raw Food School


Students who have learned any of the energies with me will have read the brief introduction in the Foundation Chapters about the acidity / alkaline balance within the body. They will also have read about the role of enzymes in the human physical body and how we need to ingest useful enzymes in our food. 


For those readers who have arrived at this page from internet search and who are not connected with me, the file about the acidity / alkaline balance within the body may be found by clicking here and the file about enzymes may be found by clicking here. Alternatively, please go to the All Manuals section in the Training Manuals section of the website (click on the header at the top of this page) where you can find the files.


As a generalisation, a high proportion of processed food in the diet often results in a slightly acidic condition within the body and a high proportion of cooked food often results in enzyme intake deficiency because temperatures in cooking processes destroy enzymes. Acidity and enzyme deficiency impair the correct functioning of the physical body and over time can be important contributory factors to poor physical health.


Additionally, cooking temperatures can damage other nutrients in our food such as vitamins. Water based methods of cooking can result in loss of water soluble nutrients during the cooking process.


One of the ways to tackle such issues is to consider the level of raw food in our diets. Increasing the amount of raw food that we eat can reduce acidity, can increase the level of enzyme intake and can increase the level of intake of other nutrients. Obviously, an understanding of the bacteria which cause illness that are present in raw meat, unpasteurised dairy products and in the soil needs to be taken into account before increasing the amount of certain raw foods in the diet.  


Readers who want to improve the intake of nutrients in their food might be interested in the work of The Raw Food School.






















The founders of the Raw Food School are Andrew Davis and Angela Miller, both food enthusiasts who have experienced the nutritional benefits of raw food themselves


The School was founded to introduce students to the benefits of raw food and to exciting ways of working with it to create delicious dishes in a friendly and fun environment. 


The School works only with uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains – virtually everything edible that grows from the earth that has not been cooked.


The School does not work with any foods that have been chemically processed or pasteurised or with meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.







The objective of the School’s classes is to introduce you to Raw and Living Food in a relaxed and friendly environment. The classes attract people from all works of life  -   people who are enthusiastic about learning how to begin incorporating Raw Foods into their everyday life, creating delicious gourmet raw recipes and discovering the amazing health benefits of Raw Foods.


The options are endless  -   Raw Food can be chopped, blended, pureed, juiced, dehydrated and combined into an infinite combination of mouth-watering recipes.


The intention is that you will come away from your class not only inspired and motivated, but with the knowledge to begin eating Raw Foods and the confidence to make delicious recipes for yourself and your friends.




















Class venues

The School is based here in London and holds regular classes in Chiswick, Richmond and Central London. Classes are also held in Glastonbury. The School can travel to your location elsewhere in the UK if there are enough students to attend classes.





Class enrolment

There are no experience or qualification requirements to attend classes. Classes are open to all who have a desire to learn about improving their diet.  A mix of people from different backgrounds helps with the exchange of ideas and experiences to make classes memorable occasions.





The classes

In their classes, Andrew and Angela cover:

-    Introductory talk about raw and living food diets

-    Their own raw food journey

-    Setting up a raw food kitchen

-    How to use the equipment needed for a raw food kitchen

-    Shopping for raw foods

-    Nut milks

-    Demonstration of recipes and tasting sessions

-    Growing your own vegetables and grains

-    The detoxification process

-    How to adjust your diet to meet your own needs

-    Developing your own 30 day raw food diet plan


Information packs covering all the course content are provided.





Benefits experienced by class participants

Students at the School have reported a range of health benefits since bringing raw food into their diets such as feeling more energetic, improvements in skin condition, weight loss, reduced mood swings, and better blood pressure.





For further information

Please click here to go to The Raw Food School’s website to find out more about the School, Raw Food and the current programme of classes.





Contact details


Website : www.therawfoodschool.com


E-mail : info@therawfoodschool.com


Telephone : 07986-458863 (UK)





Gourmet Raw

Apart from running The Raw Food School, Andrew and Angela are also connected with Gourmet Raw, a company which has been established to make raw food snacks. Please click here to go to another page on this website with information about Gourmet Raw.