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The Silent Circle Information and Research Facility



This is an information page about The Silent Circle Information and Research Facility which is based near Avebury.  It is the main information centre about crop circles in the UK.


This is one of a series of information pages on this website intended to let people know about places of energetic and metaphysical importance that they can visit in England.


The publishing of this information about Silent Circle does not imply endorsement by the owners of Silent Circle of other content on this website.  







I first met the owner of Silent Circle, Charles Mallett, when I went to the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group Annual Conference at Marlborough College in August 2007. Silent Circle were providing catering services to the Conference. The next month I visited the original Silent Circle Café near Avebury. The page on this website about my first crop circles experience which started with a visit to the Silent Circle Café may be found by clicking here.


Although The Silent Circle no longer operates the original Silent Circle Café, the Silent Circle physical presence continues to be located in Wiltshire, an area that experiences the highest concentrations of crop circles activity in the world. The Silent Circle also has its own website.


This page has been put on my website as one of a number of information pages about the Avebury area, details of which may be found in the Avebury and the Wiltshire Crop Circles section of the Information Centre. I would strongly recommend a visit to the Silent Circle Information Centre if you are thinking of having a day out in the Avebury area. Both adults and children will find plenty of interest at the Information Centre.





The Mission

The Mission of the Silent Circle Facility is to be the leading information centre in the UK about the crop circle phenomenon and about what is happening on the ground with crop circles each year in the South of England. 





The Season

The crop circle season is generally considered to be from May to September each year, this being the plant growing season in Wiltshire and the time when crop circles are easily visible in the fields. Crop circle activity does, however, also take place at other times of the year but is more difficult to identify visually when there is less plant growth on the land.





The Information Centre Location

Silent Circle is based in the South of England in Wiltshire. From 30th May 2011, Silent Circle will be operating its physical Information Centre at Yatesbury, Wiltshire, in what used to be the local school house and is now the Village Hall and Community Centre. The Community Centre is next to the Church. Yatesbury is approximately one mile north of the A4 near Cherhill and a few miles west of Avebury. This facility will operate from Monday to Saturday inclusive each week and will be closed on Sundays. Opening times will be from 9:30am to 6.00pm. The Information Centre will close in mid August for the winter. Prospective visitors for the autumn months are recommended to check the Silent Circle website to see if the Centre will be open when they are in the Avebury area.   





The Facilities

The following facilities are available at Yatesbury:

-     Up to date information about the latest crop circle appearances across the South of England. These tend to be concentrated in Wiltshire in the area around Avebury. The Information Centre will be able to show you exactly where the current year’s crop circles are located. 

-     Departure point for guided tours around the local crop circles.

-     A retail facility offering a wide range of crop circle related products including photography, maps, books and DVDs. It also offers a small selection of locally produced craft goods which have been inspired by the crop circle phenomenon.

-     A food services facility offering quality snacks and refreshments.

-     A permanent marquee alongside the main building which is used as a seated eating and drinking space but which may also be used by prior arrangement as a meeting area by people organising trips to the area.

-     Events such as talks and presentations about crop circle and other metaphysical phenomena.





Please note

Could readers who might be interested in visiting crop circles please note that crop circles usually appear on privately owned land and that it is necessary to obtain permission from the land owner before trying to view a crop circle. Local land owners tend not to appreciate people on their land without permission, particularly if they are farmers whose crops may be damaged when people trample through their fields. Consequently, it is much better to visit crop circles through an organised trip arranged by Silent Circle as the necessary visit permissions will have been obtained for you in advance by Silent Circle and the land owners will have confidence that any damage to crop will be kept to a minimum. 





The Website

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit The Silent Circle website at http://www.silentcircle.co.uk.


The website is regularly updated with information about crop circles, related topics and about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).


It is possible to sign up for Silent Circle newsletters from the website.