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The Special Yoga Centre


We have a lot of special people in the world who are doing their bit to try to help other people. I am putting details of what they do into my Information Centre so that people visiting this website can read about them.  


Some of those people can be found at The Special Yoga Centre here in London. This page has been posted so that people can find out about what goes on at the Centre.


Further information can be found by following the link to the Centre’s website at the end of this page.






Jo Manuel

The Special Yoga Centre was founded by Jo Manuel. Jo is very committed to bringing yoga into peoples’ lives in a way that is meaningful and affordable. Her specialism in the yoga sector is helping children who are disabled or are with special needs embrace yoga and to benefit from it. The Special Yoga Centre is the UK home of The Yoga for the Special Child programme which supports children with a wide range of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism and Epilepsy, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and other physical and developmental difficulties.


Jo was trained in yoga for children with special needs by Sonia Sumar in the USA. Sonia is well known for the Yoga For The Special Child teaching programme that she developed and Jo is a Licensed Practitioner in the programme.


You can read about Sonia’s work by clicking here to go to her website.





The Centre

The Special Yoga Centre is based in a beautifully renovated building in London NW10. It has three large studios with good natural light and some therapy rooms. The building has full disabled access and facilities for disabled people.  


It offers high quality adults and children's classes, workshops and courses for beginners to experienced students alike. The Centre’s teachers come from all yoga traditions and are dedicated to giving each student a solid foundation from which to grow and to embrace the lifelong study of yoga.


At present it is helping over 250 children with special needs in a variety of yoga sessions including one to ones, small group classes and in community play schemes.


A recent addition to the yoga workshops offered is yoga for pregnant women which is intended to help women to have a less stressful time during pregnancy and to look after themselves and the baby inside. 


It is an important training centre and offers a range of training courses to train people to teach yoga to children including those with special needs and behavioural difficulties. Teachers come away from the Centre’s courses understanding how to evaluate and to build yoga programmes for children and how to work with specific syndromes and disorders amongst children. 


It also offers workshop classes in other disciplines such as Meditation, Kirtan, Sufi Rhythm of Life, Kung Fu and Capoeira.


A number of therapists in other disciplines operate from the centre including acupuncture, nutrition, relexology and shiatsu. 





A Charity

The Special Yoga Centre operates as a registered charity dedicated to making yoga available to everyone irrespective of age, disability, ethnic background, religion, or economic status. It does not charge high fees and tries to allow yoga to be affordable to people on low incomes.


As well as having the studios in NW10, it also operates outreach programmes whereby yoga is taught in places like schools, nurseries and children’s centres.


Like all successful charities, there is never enough money to fund all the projects that the Centre could get underway. The charity raises its funds from donations and sponsorship given by supporters, fund raising events, room hire and class fees. Anybody who pays class fees or hires a room will be making a financial contribution to the charity. If you know of any people local to the Centre who are thinking of learning yoga, please let them know about The Special Yoga Centre.






A video clip showing young people at the Centre can be found by going to the following page on YouTube:








In addition to holding classes, there is a regular programme of events at The Special Yoga Centre which are open to everybody, both regulars at the Centre and also new faces. These events include musical concerts, mantra chanting gatherings, dance parties and fund raising events. Please check the Centre’s website for details of forthcoming events.   





Contact Details

The contact details for the Centre are as follows.


The Special Yoga Centre

The Tay Building,
2a Wrentham Avenue
London NW10 3HA


Telephone :  0208-968 1900      


Website : www.specialyoga.org.uk

E-mail : info@specialyoga.org.uk


Please contact the friendly team at the Centre if you would like further information or to receive their regular e-mail newsletters giving details of events and classes.       













Date of posting : 30th November 2007