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The Work of Tom Kenyon


Tom Kenyon is one of the world’s leading sound and spiritual healing teachers who weaves galactic energy resonances, channelled information from the Hathors and the essence of some of the spiritual traditions practiced here on Planet Earth into sound healing and spiritual development teachings.     


This website contains a number of reproductions of articles from Tom Kenyon’s website. Most of them are offline at present as this website is restructured and reformatted


This is a temporary holding page in place of the main introduction about Tom’s work. It will be replaced as soon as possible with the correct page.


Tom’s teaching schedule for 2010 may be found by clicking here. It includes two workshops in Europe – one in Austria and in one Switzerland.   


You may click below to go to the following pages about Tom’s work which are back online:


The Hathors – Introduction


The Hathors – The Holon of Balance and the Holon of Healing


The Hathors – Galactic Energy Pulses


The HathorsEcstacy and the Heart


The Hathors – The Planetary Creatrix





Please note that all articles about Tom Kenyon’s work have been reproduced on this website under the terms of reproduction given on Tom’s website at www.tomkenyon.com.


This is the healingenergies-at-londonwest website and is not Tom Kenyon’s website.


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