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The Energies


The energies that I work with may be used for both healing purposes and for personal development purposes.  This page gives some information about some of the energies which I can channel. Channelling is the practice of drawing specific energies into my personal energy field with intention. Such energies may be drawn in through any chakra and then subsequently passed out again through any chakra to another person.  I also work with crystals and bring their energy into healing situations.


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- None of the energies referred to on this page have been subject to scientific research or measurement in a way that substantiates my descriptions. The human energy field has not been confirmed through such research and measurement.

-  My commentary is based upon personal observations and experiences.

-  If visitors to this page feel that they would like the experience of receiving some of these energies, could they please note that these energies are not presented as an alternative to seeking treatment from a medically qualified person and should be considered as complementary to treatment from a medically qualified person. Visitors should seek consultations with and treatments from medically qualified persons as appropriate.

-  There is general consideration within the healing energies sector that energies such as those that I work with help to relieve the symptoms of emotional and mental stress and I would concur with that. Dealing with the causes of emotional and mental stress, however, can often need the client to take some action to address the sources of stress in their lives and to learn how to deal with stressful situations in a different way.

-  It is unlawful in England for anybody to claim to be able to heal physical conditions if they do not hold the appropriate medical qualifications. I do not hold such medical qualifications. It is my personal belief that the energies that I work with can influence physical health in some but not all circumstances. I never present the energies below as being able to effect physical healing. However, I am always happy to give energy session to people suffering from physical conditions on the basis of let us see what happens and that no outcome is guaranteed or that there might not be a lot of benefit resulting.              







Reiki is a name, which now has increasing recognition in mainstream Western society, and which most people associate with energy healing. Meaning ‘life force energy’ in Japanese, it is used both as a generic name for all energy healing, and for a specific healing energy that is based in the element of Earth. I use the term Reiki only in relation to the specific Earth element based energy. The lineages of the Reiki practiced in the West start with a Japanese healer, Mikao Usui, who around 1922 had a major psychic experience whilst meditating on one of the hills overlooking Kyoto, the spiritual and former government capital of Japan. He had been trying to find ways of healing people, and the psychic experience on Kurama-Yama gave him access to the Reiki energy. He went on to open a Reiki clinic in Tokyo, and trained a number of people in Reiki. After his death, one of his students, Chujiro Hayashi trained an Hawaiian lady, Hawayo Takata,  whom Chujiro had healed from serious illness with Reiki, to carry on the lineage after her return to Hawaii. Most, but not all, Western Reiki lineages come from Hawayo Takata, mine subsequently coming through William Rand in the U.S.A. (website http://www.reiki.org) who has incorporated Tibetan healing symbols into Reiki.

      The element of Earth is connected with materiality and physicality, and I feel that Reiki healing works from the physical body outwards to our non-physical energy bodies. Reiki is not a fast working energy but works at a deep level. Frequent and regular Reiki treatments are extremely good for going deep into our physical bodies and for bringing deeply hidden issues up to the surface.    

      I prefer to teach Reiki to students before attuning them to other energies. Although Reiki is the lowest frequency of all the healing energies that I work with, even so it raises the frequency of the energy field of a person channelling its highest frequency to around 16 times that of an average person. This is quite a step up in energy frequency and I feel that it is important that students have integrated Reiki before moving on to much higher frequency energies, particularly as the Earth element aspect of Reiki helps to ground it into our physical and energy bodies and into the central energy channel in the heart centre, thereby acting as a platform on which the other energies can sit.  

      There is great confusion in healing circles about what Reiki is. The literal translation of Reiki from Japanese to English is ‘universal life force energy’. Because of this, many Reiki people think that they are channelling all the life force energy that is around us when they channel Reiki. This is not correct. They are instead channelling a component part of the life force energy around us – a healing energy based in the Element of Earth and called Reiki. In order that my students can gain some practical appreciation of the confusion, I attune students in my Reiki course not just to Reiki but also to what is called the Living Light energy. The Living Light energy is the closest energy that I know to the life force energy all around, but is not completely the same thing. It is an energy that comes from the Dimension of Unity and has balanced Elemental and Polarity energies. By attuning my students to the Living Light energy, if they are sensitive enough to feel the difference between it and Reiki, their understanding of Reiki will be ahead of most other Reiki Masters.

      My standard Reiki course has no links with any religion or with the Higher Beings connected with any religion which means that anybody can take it, irrespective of their religious path if they have one. Some Reiki Masters, however, have a great interest in the spiritual background behind the use of Reiki in the time of Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui had exposure and connections to both Buddhist and Shinto spiritual traditions. So, for those students who are interested, I will be offering supplementary Reiki courses in due course that will link to the Asian spiritual roots of Reiki and I give brief details below. These courses will involve attunement to the energy of the Buddhist and Shinto Higher Beings so that the student can channel their energies direct during the channelling of Reiki. Some of these supplementary courses might also be of interest to those Reiki Masters who follow the Buddhist path.






Amaterasu Reiki

Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun in the Ancient Japanese tradition. She is the principle deity in the Shinto spiritual path. In the Japanese creation myths, it was the energy of Amaterasu shining on our planet that allowed life as we know it to flourish. She sent an aspect of herself Ninigi no Mikoto to our world, the great grandson of whom became the first Japanese Emperor Jimmu. Amaterasu represents the feminine aspect of the energy from the consciousness of the Sun. She is the Queen of all the forces of nature and her festival day is 17th July. She is also honoured on winter solstice day, 21st December, which is the start of the new solar year. The rising sun on the flag of Japan is the emblem of Amaterasu, and Japanese people who follow the Shinto spiritual path often make prayers to her at the beginning of each day.






Medicine Buddha Reiki

The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha of Healing. Historically, it has been believed to be helpful to meditate on his image and to chant his mantra with the desire to alleviate suffering and attain enlightenment. Tibetan medical doctors often meditate upon the Medicine Buddha and chant his mantra OM BEKANDZE BEKANDZE MAHA BEKANDZE RANDZE SAMUNGATE SOHA before they start work. Mikao Usui meditated on the sutra (book) of the Medicine Buddha as he tried to rediscover the original healing practices of the Medicine Buddha. The Medicine Buddha is an enlightened Being who has unbiased compassion for all living beings. He protects living beings from physical and mental illnesses and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three negativities - attachment, hatred, and ignorance - which are sources of sickness and danger. His teachings may be used for self-development purposes which contribute to personal mental and emotional healing. He is also the Buddha Doctor” whose energy together with that of his mantras and symbols may be brought into the Reiki healing situation. The Dalai Lama has said that if a person recites the mantra of the Medicine Buddha each day, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will always pay attention to the person and guide the person and will help to clear the person’s negative behavioural patterns. 






Green Tara Reiki

In Tibet, Goddess Green Tara is honoured as the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and as the female patron deity or Bodhisattva of Tibet. She is regarded as having been instrumental in the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet and in one of her incarnations is said to have been the wife of the early Tibetan Emperor Songtsen Gampo. Her mantra is the famous Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha which may be used to call upon her for assistance. She is usually depicted with a lotus held in her left hand. Green Tara is known as the Saviouress and is said to protect human beings as they cross the sea of existence. She has strong compassion for human beings with a particular concern to help women.  The invocation of Green Tara in Reiki work enables her wisdom and compassion to flow through to all aspects of the person receiving her energy.









Chenrezig Reiki

Chenrezig is honoured as the male patron deity or Bodhisattva of Tibet, and his meditations are practiced in the main Tibetan Buddhist lineages. He is regarded to have incarnated many times in Tibet, with lifetimes including that of the respected early Tibetan Emperor Songtsen Gampo and also of some of the Dalai Lamas. The famous Potola Palace in Lhasa was built over the hillside cave in which Songtsen Gampo meditated. In Tibet, Chenrezig is honoured as the embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas and as the Bodhisattva of Compassion. As a Bodhisattva, Chenrezig has vowed to remain connected to our planet to give help to any person who calls upon him. His prayer mantra is the famous Om Mani Padme Hum. The invocation of Chenrezig in Reiki work enables his energy of compassion to be experienced and brought into the healing experience. 








The Raku-Kei system was developed by Reiki Masters Iris Ishikura and Arthur Robertson. In essence, it involves initiation into the Antahkarana symbol within a Reiki energy stream. It is believed that Raku-kei was practiced secretly in Tibet for a long time. It is also known as ‘The Way of the Fire Dragon’, the Fire Dragon representing the personal kundalini energy coiled up at the bottom of the spine.

     The energy of the Antahkarana symbol is a harmonious balance of sound and colour vibrations. A Raku-Kei Master will pass this on when giving healing. 

      This is a good all round clearing energy, especially for getting kundalini energy moving. It is also suitable for people on a spiritual path who are working with kundalini, especially if they are actively working on this with a Kundalini Yoga Master.







Seichem is a healing energy composed of all the elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The Seichem energy has been brought into mainstream energy healing by the American Energy Master Kathleen Milner. She received a psychic visit by a Higher Being who had the appearance of the Indian guru, Sai Baba. It later transpired that this was Lord Buddha. Kathleen was initiated into this energy by Lord Buddha and then undertook further work with the energy and developed a teaching structure around it so that the full essence of Seichem could be worked with and passed on to students. This is a very good all round healing energy working on both physical and energy bodies all the way up to soul level. The Earth element constituent of this energy supports healing in the physical body in particular, whilst the other elemental constituents are particularly good at supporting healing in our energy bodies. Kathleen calls the Water element constituent of Seichem Sophi-El, and it helps to dissolve away or to lift emotional debris or stagnant emotional energy from a person’s energy field. She calls the Fire element constituent Sakara, and it helps to burn through stagnant energy. The Air element constituent AngelicLight assist with mental clearing. Overall, Seichem often feels like a lively bubbly energy when being received and can be felt running through the physical and energy bodies as a stream of energy. However, a person receiving a Seichem treatment might feel very cold if a lot of stagnant emotional energy is being lifted away by the Sophi-El , or might feel very hot if the Sakara is burning its way through something, or might feel something like a cool breeze if the AngelicLight is doing a lot of clearing. Additionally, the AngelicLight aspect is linked to the realms of the angels. An experienced Seichem Master will be able to raise his/her energy vibration rate and that of the energy field of somebody receiving Seichem healing to a level where the healing angels may be called in to assist with the healing. 

      One of the biggest healings that I have received personally was when somebody was practicing Seichem psychic surgery on me. I had felt that there was a lot of foggy energy around my throat and thymus area, and that it was connected to negative thoughts which people had directed at me during this lifetime. The intention of the healing session was to clear this energy. As soon as the healing session was properly underway, I felt all my energy bodies vibrating around me. I then went through a kind of regression from when I was just a baby to the present time, with everybody who had directed negative thoughts at me coming to mind one after the other. I had to work to release their energy from my energy field. As I was doing that, I felt my energy field being filled with clean healing energy to replace the negative energy that had been released. So I know from personal experience that Seichem is a very powerful healing energy.






Violet Fire  

This energy is also known as the Healing Energy of St.Germain and the Angels of the Violet Fire. There are seven primary energies leading to the Creation of our solar system, the seventh being the energy which allows the Divine Spirit to descend into physical matter. The Violet Flame is a sub-energy of the seventh energy, and is a Fire element based energy. Whilst being good for deep clearing and healing, it is also good for instantly transmuting emotional and mental stress from shocks or traumas such as those caused by the sudden death of a loved one. It is the fastest working of all the energies that I work with, although it can leave shock or trauma sufferers feeling very sad for several days following treatment. I have used this energy for myself when experiencing a big emotional shock, and was very impressed with the way that it helped me. This energy is often taught by others as part of a Seichem course, but because I feel that it is such an important energy I teach it separately in its own right. It was channelled to Guy Ballard in 1930 in the U.S.A. on Mount Shasta, a sacred site. It was also channelled to Kathleen Milner whose lineage I am in for this energy. St.Germain is the Ascended Master who is custodian of this energy, and he and the Angels of the Violet Fire may be called upon to assist in a healing situation. It is a very good energy for students to use on themselves to clear their energy fields. The training for this energy includes a special healing ceremony to break the ties of negative energy between people who have experienced difficulties in their relationships and who wish to move forward in life more positively, either still together or separate from each other.







Sekhem is an energy that was practiced in Ancient Egypt in the healing temples of Goddess Sekhmet, the Goddess of Healing. She is usually depicted with the headdress of a lioness. Sekhmet was incarnate on this planet, living in Memphis in the Saqqara area as consort to Ptah. Memphis was one of the main spiritual centres in Ancient Egypt. Sekhmet’s energy healers worked both beside the physicians and in their own right, and were generally regarded as the most skilled energy healers in Egypt, especially those at Memphis. All energy has its own sound and colour, albeit this being beyond normal human visual and audio perception, and the Sekhem energy used to change its frequency and its sound and colour according to the needs of the recipient. This is a high frequency energy that comes from the Sirius star system, thereby picking up the Siriun vibration, and is at a very high energy frequency. In terms of energetics, the Sirius star system stands in a parent relationship to our planet. This was recognised by the Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx and many of their temples to align with what is called the heliacal rising of Sirius – the day of the year when Sirius rises on the horizon immediately in time before the rising of the Sun and at the same spot on the horizon, with Sirius, our Sun and Planet Earth aligned in a straight line across space. The Ancient Egyptian priesthood would work with the combined energies of these bodies on that day. I teach Sekhem students how to work with Sekhem to perform the traditional purification ceremony for the world for the year ending on that day as part of the Festival of Sekhmet. I also attune them to the energy of Sirius so that they can channel the Siriun energy for this ceremony and to the energy of Sekhmet. A further connection with Sirius is that as we enter the western New Year at midnight on 31st December, Sirius is at the highest point in the night sky with the Sun directly opposite on the other side of our planet.  Some other higher frequency energies also come through with certain of the Sekhem healing symbols.

      In the present age the Sekhem energy started to be channelled again by the Australian Energy Master Helen Belot who is the Head of Lineage for this energy.  Helen taught originally three energies (Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem) together in a series of classes and has trained a number of Sekhem Masters. The system that I work with is as Helen was teaching in the 1990s.  

      I feel that this energy works from the soul level downwards into the physical body. It works to heal issues resulting from polarity imbalance and is also connected with the integration of the energies of the elements of Fire and Water. I am very connected to Sekhmet, and usually ask for her help in healing situations.  

      I introduce Sekhem students to Ancient Egyptian style techniques for personal development which can be used with the Sekhem energy and to the use of etheric crystal pyramids with Sekhem.







This healing energy is named after Saqqara in Egypt, and is another high frequency energy that reaches us through the Sirius star system, but from a higher level of consciousness than Sekhem. This energy is associated with Ra, the Solar Spirit, and is very connected with Sekhmet. The symbol, which I use for the Saqqara energy, is the solar disc, which is seen in Egyptian representations of Ra and above the head of Sekhmet in many representations of her. This energy along with others in Ancient Egypt was misused and manipulated by the priesthood there for their personal benefit, contributing to the spiritual decline of those times. In these days, however, it is a protected energy and cannot be misused again. It is an energy that is based in the elements of Fire and Air, and as such may be used particularly for healing at the soul level and in the energy bodies surrounding the physical body. For me, this energy has the feeling of Unity, coming from a dimension above the split into polarities, and acts as a gateway to the dimension of the Universal or Divine Consciousness.  I feel that it has similar characteristics to the Radiant White Ray of Ra which is the Ray of Omniscience or Unity. 

      This is a good energy to use with people who feel isolated in the world or who have been separated from those who were close to them. It is also good for those on their spiritual paths who are able to access higher levels of consciousness through meditation or other means.






The Light of Unity

The Light of Unity is an energy that has been channelled to Grahame Wyllie and Anna Cash in Scotland, by Imhotep (alternative name Nefertum). Imhotep, whose name means ‘in peace’ was the son of Sekhmet and lived at Memphis. He was regarded as a deity of healing and medicine in Ancient Egypt, being both a physician and an energy healer. His healing centre in Memphis was one of the most highly respected in Ancient Egypt. The Light of Unity energy is also called Ascension Reiki by Grahame and Anna. It is an energy that can be used in all healing situations for both the physical and energy bodies of a person and all the way up to soul level. It is called Ascension Reiki, however, because the healing system and the symbols within it trace the energy cycle of our fragmentation from the Universal or Divine Consciousness, our descent into physical matter, our experience of the separation from the Universal Consciousness that results from physical life, and our starting to work back towards integration with the Universal Consciousness, i.e. Ascension.  Working with this energy brings about the realisation that all levels of consciousness and life forms are deeply interconnected, and that separation is an internal illusion within ourselves. Consequently, the healing symbols used within this energy system assist with the reconnection to the consciousness of the stars and of the angelic realms and of the mineral kingdom, etc.. This energy system also helps to balance male and female energies, and to begin the process of raising one’s energy vibration to a higher level of consciousness. Whilst this is a good all round healing energy, it is particularly helpful to those who are on a spiritual journey, and have awareness sensitivity to the energies of healing symbols and are able to reach different states of consciousness through meditation. It also helps to assist in the recognition and honouring of a person’s shadow self, with the behavioural patterns and actions that a person might prefer to forget about or pretend are not there, but without which a person is not a whole complete being.

      The help given by Sekhmet and Imhotep enables ancient energy systems from the Memphis days to be brought into the mainstream of healing energetics today.       






Blue Star Celestial Energy 

Blue Star Celestial Energy is an energy that was channelled to the South African Energy Master John Williams in 1995. He subsequently initiated another Energy Master, Gary Jirauch, into Blue Star, after which they worked together to give structure to the system so that it could be taught to other people.  At present, there are a small number of Blue Star Celestial Energy Masters who are working on teaching this energy around the world so that its use can become more widespread. 

       The Blue Star Celestial Energy is an energy that comes through the Pleiades star system and was worked with in Ancient Egypt. The energies of the Ancient Egyptian mantras used in the Blue Star Celestial Energy system and the Blue Star energy itself enable a Blue Star Celestial Energy Master to connect with and to access the Universal or Divine Consciousness. When a person channels the Blue Star energy, the direct link with the Universal Consciousness is opened. In the healing situation, a Blue Star healer is able to bring energy from the Universal Consciousness to the client. In the personal development situation, a Blue Star healer is able to work psychically on his/herself from the level of the Universal Consciousness.

       The Blue Star Celestial Energy works in a balanced way through the energy and physical bodies. It contains the energy of all the elements and has both electrical and magnetic energy. It is a very well balanced energy therefore. It helps to support the electro/magnetic processes in the physical body, and to release emotional and mental stress.







Tibet is a country which has suffered greatly since it was invaded by China in 1949. It is currently subject to a form of ethnic cleansing in which it is being populated by ever increasing numbers of Chinese people who eventually will outnumber significantly the local indigenous Tibetan population. By this means, it will be easier for the Chinese authorities to continue their policy of eradicating Tibetan culture. Fortunately, out of such tragedy have come positive actions. Tibet had been one of the major centres of Buddhism and of metaphysical knowledge, and the fleeing of the Dalai Lama and the Buddhist Lamas to India where they have established communities at Dharamsala and elsewhere has enabled spiritual and metaphysical teachings from Tibet to filter out into the world community. This has included the Lama-Fera healing system which was released from the Tibetan Buddhist community in India to an Indian Energy Master in Delhi by a Tibetan Lama who practiced and taught it. The Lama-Fera system was brought subsequently to the United Kingdom by the Indian Energy Master Rajeev Wagle in September 2001.

       The Lama-Fera healing system is a very sacred system because it involves the healer connecting direct with Lord Buddha and channelling direct the healing energy of Lord Buddha. When he was physically incarnate on this planet, Lord Buddha was able to develop great healing skills following his extensive practice of meditation which enabled him to access the knowledge of the Universal Consciousness. Although he is no longer in physical incarnation, it is still possible to channel his healing energies. The repeating of special mantras helps to create sacred space for healing to take place in and to draw down the energies of Lord Buddha into the healing situation.






Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing ™ is a healing system that was developed by the American Energy Masters Kathryn Anderson and Gisele King. Kathryn and Gisele acted as channels through whom Goddess Kwan Yin worked to bring this healing system into the dimensions of our physical world. Although this healing system was first introduced to our planet in 1983, it was not until 1992 following intervention by Kwan Yin that the present structure for teaching it was fully developed, thereby enabling it to be taught around the world.  

        Kwan Yin is a Higher Being who is always present to help our planet and the life forms on it. She is the Bodhissatva of Compassion in the Buddhist tradition, vowing never to leave the dimensions of Planet Earth as long as there are still people here who pray for her help. Although she is most commonly known in the West in the Buddhist context, she is known also to other non-Buddhist cultures around the world.

       The Magnified Healing ™ system is linked to the energy vibration of the sacred colours which are connected with the birth of physical form and manifestation on this planet. Its energy is a good all round healing energy, and is said to be helpful for the nerve system.






The Lavender Flame

The Lavender Flame energy was channelled to the American Energy Master Suraya by Kwan Yin in 2001. Suraya made a vow to Kwan Yin that she would help to pass the energy on to other people and that she would not charge money for this. To respect that vow, I do not charge money to pass the attunements to the Lavender Flame and pass the attunements free of charge to people who have completed one of my other courses. Through the use of the mantra Namo Kwan Shi Yin P’u-Sa, Kwan Yin can be called in very strongly to a healing session where the Lavender Flame energy is being used. The Lavender Flame has the characteristic of transmuting negative and unwanted energy very fast and for bringing purification to a person. It has the initial feeling of being a gentle and nurturing energy, but in reality is very strong and does its work very effectively. It has a link energetically to the Violet Fire energy and works through the energy structures in our chakras. People with good self awareness can work with this energy effectively to break the karmic behavioural patterns they are holding that are not of love by working with the Lotus Jewel of Karmic Release in their heart chakras. People with good psychic ability can work with this energy to connect with the Higher Beings and to develop their third eye capabilities. Kwan Yin is assisted with this energy by Isariel and Suriel from the Angelic realms and they may be called in to participate in healing sessions. Kwan Yin has been with me since the very first day when I started working with the energies and I later received the attunement to her energy. It is a great blessing for me, therefore, to know Suraya and to have received the Lavender Flame energy from her as it helps to complete a personal connection with Kwan Yin for me.






Egyptian Cartouche

The word cartouche refers to the Ancient Egyptian oval or oblong figure in which was written the name of a royal person. Murry Hope has used this name to refer to a system of 25 energies that were worked with by the priesthood of Ancient Egypt and which she presents physically in the form of a pack of cards.  She has created the cards in accordance with designs and colours found in Egyptian temples and pyramids.

      Nine cards relate to archetypal energies associated with the main deities of Ancient Egypt,  four relate to the elements of earth, water, air and fire, and the remainder relate to other universal energies which are represented by cards such as the ankh, the pyramid, and the crook and flail. These energies were used in Egypt as a way to connect with the non physical dimensions, and subsequently to draw the energies down from there into the physical world. It is believed that many of these energies were used by the priesthood of the Atlantean  civilisation before the time of Ancient Egypt.  To be able to channel the energies represented by these cards, it is necessary to be attuned them by a Cartouche Master.

Murry Hope advises that these energies may be used for purposes of divination, although it should be noted that these are not Tarot energies. As I do not use these energies for divination, I am not able to teach that use for anybody whom I attune to the Cartouche.

      I use these energies for meditational, spiritual and personal development purposes, and to bring into healing situations as appropriate.  For example, attunement to the energy represented by the card of Goddess Nepthys opens the doorway to our psychic abilities which enable us to make the reconnection of our awareness between Heaven and Earth, abilities long since abandoned since the cultural shift in the West towards rational and logical reasoning, the Industrial and Technological Revolutions and the Age of Consumerism. The energy represented by the Earth element card may be called upon by people who are not very grounded in life, especially if they have no planets in the element of Earth in their horoscopes, to be able to achieve in physical life and to help them work with physical assets and possessions.  The energy represented by the card of Set enables a person to connect with his/her shadow side and to work on behavioural patterns there as appropriate. The Set card is linked to the Chaos Ray which may be invoked to breakdown or to shatter negative behavioural patterns which are difficult to shift in other ways. The energy represented by the Lotus card may be channelled to create a feeling of peace and tranquillity, and to assist with deep meditation.    

      Initiation to the Cartouche represent an opportunity for somebody who is on a sincere spiritual and personal development path and with a high level of personal integrity  and the ability to hold high frequency energies to progress to higher levels of  understanding and consciousness. These are not protected energies, and any misuse of these energies will return to the originator.  The energies of Ancient Egypt are very powerful and should be shown respect and should be used only with integrity of intention.             






The Initiations of Thoth

The Ancient Egyptian view of the Creation was that everything that we know has come from an incomprehensible Source - the cosmic sea of energy which they referred to as the Nun. The great mystery of life is how the forms of the cosmos were given birth from the Nun. 

      The Priesthood in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools were able to recognise the different levels of energy that have enabled energy from the Nun to step down in frequency to manifest as physical life as we know it on Planet Earth. From the unified energy of the Nun came the intention for the Creation, and then the split into polarities to facilitate the experience of not being complete. Beneath this is the energy of Unconditional Love, followed by the energy of Individuality leading into the various energies of physical life.  

      The Initiations of Thoth attune initiates into these different levels of energy and also to the energies of the Egyptian deities that are associated with these different levels.  As with the Egyptian Cartouche, these initiations represent an opportunity for somebody who is on a sincere spiritual and personal development path and with a high level of personal integrity and the ability to hold high frequency energies to progress to higher levels of consciousness.

     The energies are linked to the human chakra system and may be used for personal healing and the clearing of blocked personal energy. They may also be brought into situations where healing treatments are being given to other people.   

Amongst the deities linked to the Initiations are Goddess Isis, Osiris, Goddess Maat, Horus, Goddess Sekhmet, and Thoth. The system of initiations is named after Thoth whom the Egyptians revered as the Lord of Time and Keeper of the Akashic Records, the energetic history of the cosmos. Amongst the energies are the Ray of Love-Power which is linked to the element of fire, the Ray of Joy and Healing which is linked to the element of Water, the Ray of Divine Truth which is linked to the element of Air, and the Ray of Devotion to the Creator which is linked to the element of Water.

      There are twenty five separate energies in this system with a small amount of overlap with the energies of the Egyptian Cartouche system. 







The word ‘crystal’ comes from the Greek word ‘krystallos’ meaning frozen ‘light’. In the present day, ‘Light’ is a term that is used by spiritual people to refer to the universal life force energy. Crystal energy is an important part of the multi-dimensional web of energies in the cosmos, and is important in day to day life as well. It is estimated that around 65% to 75% of our planet’s crust beneath ground level is covered in crystals of various types, and the energy of these crystals is part of the energy field of the planet and of the energy fields of the life forms on this planet.  Also, human beings have crystals within their physical body, both in solid and in liquid crystalline forms. For example, our bones are based upon solid calcium phosphate crystalline growth and our blood contains crystalline based iron. Our urine contains ammonium cyanate in liquid crystalline form. Liquid crystalline quartz or silica is found throughout the human body in connective tissue, in the bodily organs, in the blood vessels and in the blood.

     Crystals have their own characteristic energies which may be introduced into the human energy field for healing purposes and which interact with the crystalline energy inside us. For example, the most abundant crystal in the crust of our planet is quartz, and it can be used to reconnect our energy fields to that of the planet. The molecules of clear quartz and other crystals in the quartz family form hexagonal structures. Hexagonal structure is the geometry of perfectly balanced energy in the cosmos, and can be used to rebalance the energy in a person’s energy and physical bodies.  Clear quartz contains the balanced energies of all the elements and perfect balance between male/female polarities. Clear quartz crystals used in healing therapy can provide support to the liquid crystalline quartz within the blood stream which has the role of receiving and amplifying the life force energy received through the chakras. Smoky quartz has the properties of dissolving and grounding blocked emotional energy. Citrine quartz dissipates negative energy, and rose quartz brings in a supportive nurturing energy. Carnelian quartz can bring in the energy of contentment and optimism whilst Amethyst quartz assists in reconnecting spiritually with the world around.

      It is quite fashionable these days to wear crystal based jewellery with the intention that the energy of the crystals will be beneficial to health. Unfortunately, crystal energy is essentially passive, so without an understanding of how to achieve the flow of energy through a crystal, the wearing of crystal jewellery is not always enough for the owner to benefit fully from its latent healing energy.

     As mentioned before, I usually work with crystals in healing sessions together with the healing energies that I channel. Usually I place crystals on the massage table around the physical body to create a crystal energy grid, and I then also place crystals on various parts of the body, especially in the chakras and on the meridians. The way that I work with crystals enables the healing energies that I channel to flow through the crystals and to combine with the healing energies of the crystals which then flow to the person receiving the healing treatment. This combination of channelled healing energies and crystals can create a very powerful healing environment.