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Training Courses Directory


This website will is currently being restructured to increase the amount of information available. In due course, it will give full details of the various training courses that I offer. For the time being, however, this page lists summary information about training courses that I hold.


It also give details of courses being held by other healers whom I can recommend and also about external courses such as anatomy, first aid, counselling skills, etc., which some healers might find it useful to consider. Please click on the course title to read more.




Training in the Energies


I have developed course material for the following energies:

-    Reiki (Usui/Tibetan)    3 levels.

-    Raku-kei  -  1 level.

-    Seichem  -  3 levels.

-    Violet Fire  -  1 level.

-    Seichim  -  3 levels.

-    Sekhem  -  4 levels.

-    Blue Star Celestial Energy  -  2 levels.

-    Magnified Healing  -  1 level.

-    Lama-Fera  -  1 level.   Introduced in November 2007. Please click here for details.


Comprehensive training manuals will be issued for all training courses. These will show where I have augmented the teachings that I received from my original teachers.


All students who are completely new to energy healing will receive a very brief but intensive overview training about the physical body, the energy bodies, and their interaction before moving on to learning about specific energies. This will help new students to gain some appreciation of the effectiveness and appropriateness of energy healing for different health conditions. New students will also be taught how to channel the energy from the planet beneath our feet and from the universe above us before moving on to specific energies. This will help new students to develop awareness of the potential to channel energies outside of the attunement processes that I referred to in the section on this website about channelling. New students will also be taught about meditative practice to help to manage any negative energy that they might be putting into their energy fields themselves from their own thoughts and emotions, and also as a foundation stone for developing their inner psychic awareness for personal development purposes and for sensing energy imbalances within a client’s energy field. This kind of training is not always provided by other energy healing teachers.  The training material that supports this training is also given to all students who come to me who have already learned about different healing energies with other teachers and who wish to learn a new energy with me.  It is possible for students to use my training material when they go on to teach their own students.


Upon successful completion of any course, students will be able to pass on fully all the appropriate attunements to others.


All courses will be fully certificated. It will be necessary for students to undertake some homework for all the courses, and to undertake some practical case studies for courses in the healing energies.


Please click on the link below to find out more about SKHM training weekends in Cornwall with Georgy. Courses are held throughout the year near Mevagissey. Georgy is a very experienced energy healer and has trained directly with Kathleen Milner and Patrick Zeigler. She regularly receives channelled guidance on the energies.

SKHM, Cornwall





Membership of Healing Associations


When I first started working with healing energies, I felt that I would be joining a worldwide community of energy healers where there would be harmony between everybody and a commitment to sharing experiences and practices. Whilst many healers have a similar outlook, there is also a small number of healers who have their own personal inner issues still to work through and who are responsible for creating division and politics within the healing community. There is something not right when there is a need for healers to resort to legal action to resolve issues, or when they say that one energy is better than another, or when misteachings are given regarding the multiple channelling of energies. I have decided, therefore, to work by myself as an independent person and not to work formally with other people or associations, preferring in my own small way to lead by example of what the energies can achieve. One of the consequences of this is that I am not a member of any of the associations set up for individual healing energies. Prospective students are asked to note this, as it may not be possible for them to join certain individual healing energy associations following training with me.





Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy is to give a good introduction to the various energies so that my students then have a solid foundation on which to work with the energies themselves and on which to have their own personal experiences.   


It is also part of my teaching philosophy to make the healing energies available to anybody who will respect the energies and who shows some interest in helping other people or working on their own personal development with the energies. On the basis that the energies will help a person to move forward in life and in his/her own personal development, their life situation starting point is not important. Prospective students do not have to be particularly spiritual nor is it a requirement for them to want to work as a healer.

I prefer to teach on a one to one basis or in small groups of two or three students as I am then able to give more personal attention than in big groups.

It is possible to attune people to the healing energies over distance. A number of the energies that I work with are not widely practiced, and I feel that it is important that these become used more widely. Distance learning manuals (both paper versions and electronic versions) are available for all energies that I teach in classes, and coaching can take place through the use of e-mail and real time messenger applications. Distance learning can be particularly helpful for people living in communities where there is no general cultural acceptance of the concept of energy healing and where there will not be any teachers locally.  Distance learning material is available only in English.  Some of the people who have learned by distance from me live as far away as the west coast of North America and Japan, so the internet makes it possible for distance learning to take place anywhere in the world.





Making contact         


If you would like to find out more about training with me, please e-mail me at info@healingenergies-at-londonwest.com or telephone me on 020-8570 2671





External Training


This section gives details of courses and workshops provided by organisations other than myself which might be of interest to people learning to work with the energies and also for people who have sought healing support.

EXTR001     Accreditation and Awarding Bodies

This page gives information on the Accreditation and Awarding Bodies which set and uphold qualification standards within the English education system. 

Date of posting : 30th June 2007

EXTR002     Counselling Skills Training

This page gives some points to consider when choosing training in counselling skills together with details of some providers of training in the London area.

Date of posting : 31st March 2007

EXTR003     First Aid Training

This page gives information about finding first aid training courses.

Date of posting : 9th April 2007

EXTR004     Mary Ward Centre

This page gives information about day to day life skills workshops at the Mary Ward Centre in Central London which will be of benefit to people learning the healing energies for themselves and also for people who have found the need to seek healing support.

Date of posting : 30th June 2007

EXTR005     Anatomy and Physiology Courses

This page gives details of some distance learning courses in Anatomy and Physiology which might be of interest to some healers.

Date of posting : 30th June 2007

EXTR006     Nutrition Courses

This page gives details of some distance learning courses in Nutrition and its importance to human health which might be of interest to some healers

Date of posting : 30th June 2007

SUPSER001     Anger Management

This page gives details of the kinds of training workshops available for those seeking to help people who have difficulty controlling their anger.

Dated 29th September 2007

SUPSER002     Sexual Abuse

This page gives details of some organisations which provide training courses for those seeking to help victims of sexual abuse.

Dated 29th September 2007

EXTR100     Psychic Development Course

This page gives details of a psychic development course run previously by Gary Mannion. If you might be interested in taking this course with Gary, please click here to go to an information page on this website about Gary’s work and which gives his contact details.