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Reiki and Karuna with William Rand at Stonehenge and Glastonbury each Summer



This page has been posted to my website to let people know that William Rand usually comes to the UK each summer to teach Reiki and Karuna at Stonehenge and Glastonbury.


William is the well known founder of The International Center for Reiki Training based in the USA and is Head of Lineage for the trademarked Karuna Reiki system. William is one of the people within the Reiki community who has done most to facilitate the widespread teaching of Reiki around the world and his leadership has helped to change the world. My teacher for Reiki learned direct from William.

Williamís website is at www.reiki.org.


His Reiki lineage can be found at http://www.spiritualone.com/Download/Lineage.pdf.


There are some pages in the Reiki section of the Information Centre on this website that relate to William and Reiki.


It is always a good investment to learn the energies with the leading teachers. William is one such leading teacher.


If anybody might be interested in learning Reiki or Karuna with William here in England please go to the following page on his website for further information. http://www.reikiwebstore.com/ClassCalendar.cfm?CategoryID=15


Before signing up for one of Williamís classes, could visitors please read the articles on this website regarding voluntary regulation in the Reiki sector here in England. Please click here to go to them. It might be appropriate for you to check with one of the UK Reiki membership organisations that are developing a framework for voluntary regulation to ensure that they will accept you as a member if you train with William if this might be important for you in the future.