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William Rand: Reiki and World Peace




William Rand is the well known founder of The International Center for Reiki Training based in the USA and is Head of Lineage for the trademarked Karuna Reiki system. William is one of the people within the Reiki community who has done most to facilitate the widespread teaching of Reiki around the world and his leadership has helped to change the world. My teacher for Reiki learned direct from William.


My Reiki course refers to Williamís work to support world peace. This page has been posted to my website so that people who have learned other energies from me can also read about this work.







Reiki and World Peace


William conceived of the idea of creating a planetary crystal Peace Grid in 1997. The aim was to work with intention and Reiki through our planetís energy circuitry to create the right energy environment for peace to flourish on the planet. This work was intended to connect the core values of goodness that lie within the heart of religions around the world so that people from them could all come together and participate in the project.


To date, William has placed four crystal grids at key locations on the planet. A crystal grid was placed at the North Pole in May 1997. In December 1999, William set off for the South Pole to place another grid there. A third grid was placed in the old centre of Jerusalem in October 2004. A fourth grid is located at The International Center for Reiki Training in Southfield, Michigan. The regular transmission of Reiki by distance to these grids keeps them charged and activated with the energy of peace.††††


You can read about Williamís World Peace story and how to join in this project by clicking here to go to a reproduction of an article that appeared in the Winter 2004 edition of his Reiki News Magazine. The article is in pdf format. It contains a lot of pictures so will take a long time to load if you are on a slow internet connection.


If anybody who holds regular Reiki share style meetings or does regular distance healings would like to join in this work, copies of the photos of the grids that have been placed at the North and South Poles may be printed off from the downloads section of Williamís website. The file containing them is also in pdf format. You can go to them direct by clicking here.





Contact Details

The home page for Williamís website is at www.reiki.org.


William usually visits England once a year and holds Reiki initiations at sacred places such as Glastonbury and Stonehenge. His website gives details of his forward teaching schedule.†††





Opening the pdf files

If you are unable to open the pdf files from Williamís website on your computer, it might be because you do not have the correct software to open them. This software may be obtained by way of free download from http://www.adobe.com/. The software that you will need to download is Acrobat Reader. This software was developed by the Adobe software house and the name of the software is trademarked.







Date of posting : 18th September 2008