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Wiltshire Crop Circles Study Group


In her book Alchemy Of Nine Dimensions, the well known writer Barbara Hand Clow recalls the time when she was in Saqqara in Egypt to the south of the Great Pyramid. She had a vision of the time before the area was desert when it was under agricultural cultivation. She saw hieroglyphs being imprinted into the fields of wheat. When she discussed this vision with her teacher there who is a local Knowledge Keeper in the oral tradition, he confirmed that the hieroglyphs were given to the Ancient Egyptians in this way. They were a divine language given to help to accelerate the consciousness of the Egyptians. When Barbara recalled this at one of her Pleiadian Agenda Initiation workshops that I attended, the messages that were coming through to me was that there are very profound truths within this story.


Since those days, there have been ongoing incidences of such phenomena around the world. In recent times, there has been a particular concentration of such manifestation here in England in Wiltshire in the form of the crop circles.  Although general perception of the crop circles has been tarnished by publicity in the press about circles made by hoaxers, a lot of genuine crop circles have appeared over the years. Many of them are in the form of exquisite geometric patterns. They are often found in the Avebury area which acts as a conduit for the Galactic Consciousness to be received by Mother Earth.


The Wiltshire Crop Circles Study Group (WCCSG) is devoted to exploring the scientific, metaphysical and spiritual aspects of crop circles and to being a centre of record keeping for the crop circles in the South of England. The quality of the record keeping is extremely high. The Group members are active with regular meetings and workshops, overnight watches and each month ‘The Spiral’ magazine. They also hold an Annual Conference each year. Please click  here to visit the WCCSG website to find out more about the Group’s activities. There is an application form on the site which may be downloaded if you feel inspired to join the Group. I have posted the 2008 programme of events to my website which may be found by clicking here.


When I was at Barbara Hand Clow’s Workshop, the guidance from above was that I would find within some of the present day English crop circles various keys that would help to unlock the deeper information held within the Ancient Egyptian healing systems. It might be helpful, therefore, for other people involved with healing and spiritual development systems that were used in Ancient Egypt (and elsewhere) to keep themselves updated with everything that is happening with the crop circles here in England.   





Annual Conference

Below is a replication of the programme and publicity material for the 2007 Annual Conference which I attended in August 2007. I will keep this posted to my website as it gives a good indication of what the WCCSG Conferences are like. The 2007 Conference  was a very professionally organised and presented conference which I could recommend to anybody interested in crop circles and related subjects. The presenters were very knowledgeable and the presentations were of a high quality. A number of people had come some distance from overseas to attend.  Such Conferences are held each year and details will be posted to the WCCSG website.







The Group will be holding their 11th Annual Conference at Marlborough College over the weekend of Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and Monday 13th August.  The events of 11th and 12th August will be at Marlborough College and 13th August will be spent out in the fields. 


A number of well regarded speakers presented at the Conference as follows:


Francine Blake  -  The Metaphysical Aspect of Crop Circles


Nicholas Mann    Natural Temples – interaction between the natural landscape and humans


John Stuart Reid  -  Cymatics  - a demonstration of the power of sound to create form from formlessness using the Cymascope machine built to proportions of sacred geometry.


Silvie Franke  -  Exploring the origins of the nine resonant patterns in water.


Andy Thomas  -  The Power of Collective Thought  -  exploring the interaction between human thought and the physical world.


Carolin Comberti  -  Ancient Sites  -  research into the Earth Energy Grid, crop circles, sacred geometry, co-creation with the Nature and Devic Kingdoms, indigenous sacred ceremony, celebration of the Earth’s annual cycles and planetary sound healing.


Allan Brown  -  The Geometry of Crop Circles


Emma Orbach  -  Living in accordance with the Arcturian Sacred Triangle


Karen Alexander  -  Crop Circles, Agriculture and Alchemy


Jay Goldner  -   Ancient Egyptian Wisdom in Crop Circles 


Graham Hancock  -  The well known author of such books as The Sign and the Seal,  Finger Prints of the Gods, and Heaven’s Mirror.


The presentations at the Conference will be between 09.00 to 18.30 with ceremony in the evenings.


There will be a visit to a crop circle on the Monday. As an additional option, it will be possible to book a helicopter flight to look down on the Wiltshire landscape and the crop circles on the Monday.      


For those readers of this page who are not aware of it, The Mound within the grounds of Marlborough College is an ancient construction to mark the intersection of the Mary and Michael ley lines as they head east from their intersection at The Sanctuary in the Avebury complex. Marlborough College therefore is a very auspicious place in which to hold conference.     



































































































































































































































































Date of posting : 14th August 2007