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 Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group  -  Conference 2008


The Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group Annual Conference 2008 will be held at Marlborough College on 9th and 10th August. There will be helicopter rides above crop circle formations on Monday 11th and maybe some field visits to crop circles. Details are given below.


Please click here to visit the WCCSG website to learn more about WCCSG.


Please click here to read the page on this website about Hamish Miller who will be one of the speakers at the Conference.


Overnight accommodation may be booked at the Silent Circle Information and Research Facility at the White Horse Inn at Compton Bassett a few miles away. Please click here to go to the SCIRC website. 


This page is one of several pages posted to this website about the Avebury area and the Wiltshire Crop Circles. Please go to the Information Centre to find the other pages.































        Date of posting : 22nd April 2008