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Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group Conference 2012


This page has been set up to give details of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group Conference in July 2012 which will be held as in previous years at Marlborough College.


The speakers and presentations for the 2012 Conference are given below.


The dates for the 2012 Conference are 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th July 2012. It will be possible to buy tickets just for a particular day or for events across all four days.


There are usually a number of very good presentations from speakers about crop circles and related metaphysical matters and the WCCSG Conferences are always of a very high quality.  


If you have never been to a WCCSG Conference before but are interested to learn more about them, the programme for the 2008 Conference may be found by clicking here, the programme for the 2009 Conference may be found by clicking here, the programme for the 2010 Conference may be found by clicking here and the programme for the 2011 Conference may be found by clicking here.


Please note that this is an information page on the healingenergies-at-londonwest website and is not the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group website.




Contact details

The WCCSG contact details are as follows. Please visit the WCCSG website to learn more about the work of the Group.


Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group, PO Box 939, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 1XD

Tel. 01380-739966

Email: wccsg@btconnect.com

Web: www.wccsg.com





Friday 13th July

From 10.00 Helicopter flights organised by HeliAir over crop circles (15 minutes) from Alton Barnes (approx. 6 miles from Marlborough).

10.30 – 1.30   PETER KNIGHT – Dowsing Workshop in Avebury. Meeting near the Avebury Stone Circle (opposite the Henge Shop), those taking part on this workshop will be provided with dowsing rods and will have Peter’s guidance to discover the earth energies in the area. After a picnic lunch (not provided), you can join the afternoon tour with Robin Heath which should be booked separately.  This shorter 3 hours dowsing workshop is a change to the original schedule which outlined a full day's workshop with Maria Wheatley - Maria is no longer be availble, we apologise for any disappointment caused!


14.00 – 17.00   ROBIN HEATH - Half day tour of Avebury. Megalithic Author and well known speaker, Robin will now kindly lead this tour of the Avebury Stone Circle covering the geometry and astronomy in the stones.

19.30 – 22.00   PETER KNIGHT - Shamanic Drumming Evening at West Kennett Longbarrow. After taking the 1/2 mile walk to the Neolithic Longbarrow, once at the top, Peter will demonstrate the magical atmosphere of the five chamber barrow at dusk. Candles will be placed in the chambers while a drumming circle takes place before the setting sun.





Saturday 14th July

08.00 – 09.00   Ticket Sales Open
08.30 -  09.00   Coffee & Trade Stands Open
09.00 – 09.15   Welcome & Notices
09.15 – 09.30   Sound Meditation with Gongs

09.30 – 10.30   PETER KNIGHT. Peter lives in the area close to Avebury and the West Kennet Longbarrow and has been researching and connecting with this sacred landscape for many years. After leading tours on Friday 13th July, he will start the weekend’s presentations at Marlborough College linking this ancient landscape to the appearance of crop circles.

10.30 – 11.00   Break

11.00 – 12.00   LUCY PRINGLE. Lucy was a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies prior to the WCCSG forming. She is widely known, is an international authority on the subject and is the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. Her research alongside international scientists has included the physiological and psychological affects on visitors to crop circles, animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects.

12.00 – 14.00   Lunch (Lunchtime film will be presented in the Memorial Hall)

14.00 – 15.00   GUNTHER SCHERMANN. After studying mathematics and informatics at the Technical University of Vienna, Günther was interested in many topics beyond mainstream science. In 1996 he experienced his first crop circle, the famous Julia Set fractal spiral opposite Stonehenge, which influenced him so deeply that he has returned to England year after year. Since meeting Austrian crop circle researcher Jay Goldner, Günther has worked alongside him and together they founded the Austrian research team, the Phoenix Group.

15.00 – 15.30   Break

15.30 – 16.30   NICHOLAS MANN. Nicholas Mann is an internationally respected speaker and author who has spent a lifetime exploring the wisdom of the Ancient. He is the author of many books on Earth Mysteries, sacred geometry and prehistoric wisdom. In his latest work, ‘Avebury Cosmos’, he offers a compelling view into the world of the Neolithic monument-builders to produce a set of powerful insights into ancient cosmology with relevance for our time.

16.30 – 17.00   Break

17.00 – 18.00   JIM LYONS. Jim’s formal education was in Technology. He holds degrees in Physics and Engineering and his postgraduate work was in Aeronautics. As a member of the British Society of Dowsers, he has undertaken research into the Geo- and Bio- Physics of Earth Energies. His recent work concentrates on the unique science of crop circles and the strong links between science and spirituality.

18.00 – 18.30   Break

18.30 – 19.30   BERT JANSSEN. Bert is the founder of the ‘Crop Circles and More’ website. Since first encountering the phenomenon in 1994, the magic of crop circles has touched Bert on the deepest levels. From the very first moment onwards, he felt surrounded by riddles and has been attempting to solve them for 20 years. Recently Bert has published ‘Sophia’s Egg’, a fictional, mind bending, thought provoking spiritual thriller set in the powerful and magical landscape of Wiltshire.

19.30   Closing with Gongs


Sunday 15th July

08.15 – 09.00   Ticket Sales Open
08.30 -  09.00   Coffee & Trade Stands Open
09.00 – 09.15   Welcome & Notices
09.15 – 09.30   Sound Meditation with Gongs

09.30 – 10.30   JOHN DALTON. John has played music from an early age. After he took up the harp he discovered it to be an extremely versatile instrument, able to span enormous distances in time, culture and mood. John has played during the breaks at a number of our previous conferences and finally this year he takes centre stage with a presentation using the harp to demonstrate the links between music and nature.

10.30 – 11.00   Break

11.00 – 12.00   ANTHONY THORLEY. Anthony Thorley is a retired psychiatrist who has been researching landscape energies, myths and traditions for over thirty years. Together with his wife, he has founded Earth Sky Walk (www. earthskywalk.com). Anthony is now a Trustee of the WCCSG and has spoken at the Marlborough conference many times linking his knowledge of our ancient British ancestors and their sacred landscapes with the study of crop circles.

12.00 – 14.00   Lunch (Lunchtime film will be presented in the Memorial Hall)

14.00 – 15.00   EVA MARIE BREKKESTE. Eva-Marie is an author and the founder of the Norwegian Crop Circle Research Group. Her last book, “Crop Circles, History, Research and Theories” was published in English in 2011 and has rapidly become a seminal resource for those seeking a wider understanding of these mysterious circular events. Eva is a long-standing, highly respected member of the worldwide Circles Research Community and has worked to promote the mystery of Crop, Snow and Ice Circles throughout Norway and the wider Scandinavian communities.

15.00 – 15.30   Break

15.30 – 16.30   ROBIN HEATH. Robin is possibly the only full-time archaeoastronomer presently active in the UK. For fifteen years he was director of Megalithic Tours, taking groups to visit many of the major European sites. Prior to this Robin was a research scientist and academic lecturer, mainly in Electronics and Mathematics. In 1990 Robin made a humongous career change becoming an independent researcher specialising in the study of megalithic astronomy, geometry and metrology. He is both editor of and contributor to the www. skyandlandscape.com website.

16.30 – 17.00   Break

17.00 – 18.00   FRANCINE BLAKE. As the founder of the WCCSG and Editor of the Spiral Magazine, Francine has spent over 20 years bringing the Crop Circle phenomenon to a wider audience. She is now an internationally recognised speaker on the subject, specialising in their symbols and meaning. She has lectured in many countries including Canada, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, India and in Europe.

18.00 – 18.30   Break

18.30 – 19.30   Speaker’s Forum – a selection of the weekend’s speakers will take questions from the floor – hosted by Anthony Thorley.




Monday 16th July

10.00 - 16.00   Back by popular demand, we have arranged a COACH TOUR of local crop circles to bring the crop circle conference experience to an end! We hope to visit three circles (depending on distance) which will mean walking across uneven fields. We will stop for a picnic lunch (not provided). Please make sure you pack your own refreshments and have sensible clothing and shoes to make the most of this ‘day in the field’. The coach will pick up from and return to Marlborough College.

12.00 - 14.00   PETER KNIGHT - West Kennett Longbarrow Visit. After taking the 1/2 mile walk to the Neolithic Longbarrow, once at the top, Peter will cover the history of the five chamber barrow while exploring the views and the landscape in which it sits. The visit will end with a short drumming ceremony.


Date of posting : 25th May 2012